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DOGWOOD ACRES is a family owned and operated adventure, with each of us having our own farms but working together to improve our breeds. We have been raising quality poultry on our show/hobby farm since 1988. It started when we were looking for other species of animals to socialize with our show dogs. Our attitude is and has always been, It doesn't cost anymore to feed the best so that is what we acquired, show stock ducks, geese & chickens. From there we have grown by adding a few new breeds every year. Each year we try to pick out 4-5 new breeds that we wish to raise. We acquire at least 8 different bloodlines from various sources and then begin our breeding program from there. Only the best birds are used in our breeding program. We are active in & love public education of animals, their care, husbandry and occasionally even genetics.

We throughly enjoy the companionship of our "critters" and enjoy sharing knowledge and information with others. We pride ourselves on being a "full service" farm. We gladly answer questions and give suggestions before one acquires animals and we are there for any situation that might arise afterwards. Our biggest thrills are seeing childrens' faces light up at the sight, touch or sound of an animal. Many people aren't afforded the luxury of having a close proximity to animals. We'd love to be able to change that. Children, especially, that have been brought up around or been exposed to animals often turn out to be wonderful adults. As they have a grasp of the value of life, compassion,responsibility, dedication, pride, hard work and many other good values, that seem to be missing in these "technical days".

Besides being a huge enjoyment to ourselves, family & friends DOGWOOD ACRES also provides public education to both children and adults. It still amazes us how many people, even in the country, haven't had the experience of being "up close & personal" with animals. We have a travel trailer that we can load our critters into and go to schools, scout camps, parks & etc to show folks a variety of different animals. We try to give them a basic understanding of the different types, basic care, husbandry & sometimes even a genetics lesson.

We believe children, especially, that have been exposed to animals have a greater concern & appreciation for life. Caring for animals tends to bring out wonderful attributes such as:

Our birds are kept in several different types of pens, depending on their needs. In the breeding season we use "pedigree pens" to ensure our bloodlines and to keep "crossbreeding" from occurring. They range in size from 8' x 6' for a trio of calls, all the way up to 150' x 100' flight pens. We also have several birds that are kept in open pastures. Their sizes range from 3 acres to 27 acres. We find that several different breeds can get along quite happily as long as they have adequate space. We even keep breeder pairs of Egyptian geese in a "mixed collection". :-)

They all have access to fresh water at least daily, as clean water is very important in maintaining "happy" & healthy animals. Birds are feed an unmedicated layer pellet as a basic diet during the breeding season & a maintenance pellet plus a mixture of wheat, oats & corn in the "off" season. They also receive all sorts of treats ranging from veggies, fruits, breads, minnows & crickets.

Waterfowl are very hardy if their basic needs are met. There aren't many diseases that waterfowl are prone to and most seem to come about from unsanitary conditions. We would say that the most common form of illnesses that we've had folks call us about is botulism. It can be caused by eating contaminated or moldy feed or by drinking "putrid" water. Botulism organisms can multiply very quickly in stagnant water, especially under certain conditions. So it's in one's best interest to provide fresh water as often as possible.

Besides having over 100+ varieties of waterfowl on our show/hobby farms we also have a menagerie of other animals. They include horses, a couple flocks of Katadhin sheep, few Dorset sheep, half a dozen Border Collies, Labrador Retrievers, Schipperkees, Toy Rat Terriers & Akitas (all of whom are workers on the farms, as well as beloved companions). A variety of bantam chickens as well as some laying hens, a couple flocks of guineas, a handful of peacocks and an assortment of cats-many of whom were abandoned but we rescued. We also have a small "kennel" of petite show dogs (Chihuahuas & Pomeranians) that are infamous "lap dogs" but would like to be, an act like, herding dogs. As they love to get into the pastures to bark at and herd the sheep and waterfowl into the barns. Well, they've seen the "big dogs" do that, without the barking, so they seem to want to "pull their weight" also. It's really a site to see. Warning poultry, dogs, cats and all animals can be like potatoe chips...Just can't stop at one. :-) As one can see, we couldn't.

Besides the farms we have "regular occupations" and in our "spare" time we are active in our community through church, choir, school, PTO, Girl Scouts, Saddle club, DUCKS UNLIMITED & assisting friends and neighbors on their farms. We are also on a couple of volunteer fire departments and rescue squads. We are planning to & slowly accomplishing, going back to college to further our education in the medical field. We are members of APWS (American Pheasant & Waterfowl Society) and IWBA (International Waterfowl Breeders Association).


Adamsville, TN. 38310
Phone: 731-632-5080