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2006 Price list


The children are offering hatching eggs in the folowing breeds & varieties, from their "exhibition" chickens.

BANTAM COHINS- Lovely little round birds. They appear plump, especially with their feathering. Cochins make wonderful natural incubators for all kinds of eggs, as we can atest to.

d' ANVERS- Adorable compact, plump bantams with full muffs. The children call these the "chickens with santa's whiskers".

JAPANESE- A True breed of bantams. Short legged, oriental, little bantams with gorgeous tails! Chabos make excellent pets & exhibition birds as they have charming personalities.

MILLIE FLUERS- As their name implies, "thousand flowers", millies are delightful GAILY colored birds. They certainly stand outas they are definitely "eye catching" and make wonderful conversation centerpieces.

OEGB's (Old English Game Bantams)- Beautiful birds with PROUD carriage. These tiny fellas are VERY sporty in appearance & carriage.

SILKIES- Are often referred to as the "furry" chickens. They make EXCELLENT pets & mothers. Many people, including ourselves, use silkies to hatch out their expensive eggs.

Silkies are available in the following colors: Black, Blue, Buff, Partridge, Splash, Red & White. They also have a few Grey & Peach but are not offering them at this time.

Childrens' show chickens
Breed Color Hatching eggs Hatching Dozen Day-old chicks
BANTAM COCHINS Black, Blue, Buff, Lemon Blue, Mottled & Splash $1.50 EACH $18.00 Dozen $3.00 Each
d'ANVERS Quail Belgian Bearded. $2.00 EACH $24.00 Dozen $4.00 Each
JAPANESE Black, Black Tailed White, Buff, & Grey. $2.50 EACH $30.00 Dozen $5.00 Each
MILLIE FLUERS Millies & Porcelains $2.50 EACH $30 Dozen

  • REDS:
    • Black Breasted Reds (BB Reds)
    • Black Tailed Buff
    • Crele
    • Ginger Red
    • Millie Fluer
  • BLUES-Blacks:
    • Birchen
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Lemon Blue
    • Self Blue
    • Silver Blue
    • Splash
    • Blue Golden
    • Fawn
    • Silver
    • Sport
$2.00 EACH $24.00 Dozen $4.00 Each
SILKIES Black, Blue, Buff, Partridge, Red, Splash & White $2.50 EACH $30 Dozen $5.00 Each


See more photos HERE

Eggs need to be purchased in at least half dozen quantities or multiples of 6. Eggs are gathered daily & will be 2-4 days old when shipped to ensure freshness.

Eggs are shipped PRIORITY MAIL with insurance & are to be picked up at the post office for verification. Shipping expenses are extra & it's about $7-$8 for the first dozen of eggs. Of course one can ship more than a dozen per box & that saves a lot of money in shipping costs. An additional dozen only costs about $1.50 more in shipping costs. We provide "extra" eggs in each shipment.

The minimum on day-old chicks, is 25 to ensure adequate warmth, security & etc. They are also shipped PRIORITY MAIL with insurance & are also to be picked up at the post office for verification. Shipping costs range from $8-$10 on 25 chicks depending on where you're located, weight & etc. We provide "extra" chicks in each shipment as well. Quantity is dependent on what variety & color one wishes. "Assortments" are quicker to fill & provide a "rainbow" of silkie colors & variety.

The children acquired their birds from some good national breeders. They are show stock, NOT commercial birds. Now this does not mean that all chicks from SHOW STOCK will be show birds. Only the "creme de la creme" make show quality status, at least in our opinion. Many people throw the term "show quality" around indiscriminately. As long as it has one beak, two feet & two wings it's show quality! :-) We do guarantee them to be purebred bantams.

Young adult pairs and proven breeders are occassionally available. Please PHONE for price quotes and availability.

All birds are NPIP approved and shipped with neccessary paperwork. We can ship anywhere in the U.S.

*All orders must be paid in full before orders will be shipped. We accept money order, cashiers check, and payments through paypal.

*We reserve the right to refuse any and all orders that we deem necessary.

*Orders are shipped United States Postal Service Priority Mail or Express Mail. Our shipping and handling price is for priority mail only. Please CONTACT us for Express Mail shipping charges.

*Egg orders are normally only shipped on Mondays or Tuesdays, to enable them to arrive before the weekend.

*We recomend that you pick your eggs up at the post office, in order to verify them. Please include your day-time & home phone numbers for the shipping label. This will allow the post office to call you upon arrival.

*Due to the uncertainty of production and limited breeding stock, we do not guarantee to have any particular breed available at any giving time. Unfortunately, we do NOT have any control over the weather nor the hens. :-) PLEASE contact us for availability BEFORE ordering.

*Due to circumstances beyond our control, the hens quit laying, go broody, skip a few days or there is a lack of eggs we will do our BEST to fill all orders in a fair and reasonable manner.

*Every attemp will be made to fill all orders. Should we not be able to fill an order, customer will be giving the opportunity to receive a full refund, full credit or partial refund or credit.

*Due to reasons beyond our control, during shipping and/or incubation, we are unable to guarantee the hatchability of our eggs. We do also set eggs from the same breeder flocks, thus to monitor fertility levels and raise out our own chickens.


*We have used a variety of packaging methods over the years. Thru trial and error, we have come up with a packaging system that has worked very well for us, as well as other reputable breeders.

*Study show that after 7 days hatchibility starts decreasing. With Priority Mail you should receive your eggs within 2 days. We DO NOT ship eggs older than 3 to 4 days. Once the eggs arrive at your end they need to be "settled" for 24 hours BEFORE placing them in the incubator.

*We Do Not wash hatching eggs. Washed hatching eggs do not have a good hatch rate. Some eggs may have a little blood, specks of feces, or appear dirty.

*Start your incubator 2 to 3 days before your eggs arrive. This will allow it to stabilize and allow you time to make adjustments.

*Temperature and humidity must be set according to species being incubated. Refer to your incubator manual for recommendations.

*Eggs should be turned at least 4 times a day.

*The stress of travel will cause some eggs not to develop or hatch. This does not mean that they are not fertile.

For more information, please visit our website's "technical center".




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