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Shipping Our Ducks and Geese


Purchaser is responsible for any and ALL shipping expenses.

All our shipments are shipped through the United States Postal Service (USPS) as it is the only carrier available that will accept live animals. To learn more about the shipping crisis click here.

Typically, we used to deliver your birds to our local Post Office on Monday afternoon just before the "hot truck" runs them to the airport, usually in Memphis. They are then flown to your nearest major airport on Monday night or Tuesday morning. They are then trucked to your Post Office for arrival by Tuesday or Wednesday morning.

**New** EXPRESS MAIL shipping regulations require all shipments to be marked 2nd day guaranteed delivery. The post office will no longer guarantee delivery within less time, although they can be delivered within that time. Apparently they were having to pay out too many claims-Not for lost birds but for them arriving "late".

**Also, it is no longer as simple as dropping off a shipment at the post office. Now the birds must be packaged for shipment and carried to the post office first thing in the morning to be weighed and "checked in", then they contact the air lines to try to reserve a direct flight out. This usually takes 15 minutes-2 hours for us at the post office. If they can get a flight they are "officially" accepted, if not, they deny the shipment & return the birds to us. We then take the birds home, release them and try again the next day or next week.

As one can see, it is not easy nor cut and dried anymore. It is a lot of time and expense on our part & we will be rethinking our shipping methods and policies.

Please be aware that everyone's shipping priviledges are at stake! From the little 4-H children all the way to commercial hatcheries & grocery stores, not to mention all us hobbyists in between. If we do not take action we will forever lose our priviledges. Contact your local representatives and have your voice heard. To learn more please visit birdshippers of America. click here.

If one has any questions regarding shipping please phone us to discusss details.

Unless you request us to ship day-olds by Express Mail, we cannot track your shipment after it has been mailed. This is not usually a concern, however, as very few problems occur while your birds are in the hands of the Postal Service.

We suggest that you pick up your birds at the Post Office rather than have them delivered to your door. This saves your birds from having to ride your mail route, thus shortening their trip. The Post Office will phone you upon arrival at the phone numbers you provided us to be placed on the shipping label. We strongly suggest you phone your local Post Office in advance to learn their exact procedures and tell them you are expecting a shipment.

Upon arriving at the post office to pick up your poultry. Be Sure to CHECK them in front of the postal employees, in case of any problems. Count all LIVE babies to determine if you experienced any financial loss. DO NOT count any deceased ones, as we include a few extra day-olds, free of charge, to offset any possible losses during transit.

Our minimum of eight goslings or fifteen ducklings is to ensure they can keep themselves warm & secure during shipping. We cannot ship fewer than this amount. No food or water is provided in the box, as they absorb their yolk immediately before hatching and this provides them the moisture and energy they need for up to 72 hours.

If shipping via Air Freight, The Airport is 2 .5- 3 hours away, One way. Plus, we have to be there hours ahead of flight time & even after the flight leaves, due to 9-1-1 stricter regulations. Hence, we charge a handling fee of $50.00 to help cover part of our gas expenses and time, as it is an "all day affair" to go to the airport.

Health Certificates generally range from $10-$35 for each rabbit, bird or etc, depending on the vet. Carriers range in prices, depending on size.

Payments will be accepted in the following forms: cash, money orders, or cashier’s checks from within the United States. Personal or business checks will NOT be accepted.

If, at ANY time, Purchaser cancels the sale and shipping, purchaser will only receive the shipping charges back, minus the veterinary certificate fees and any shipping charges to have the carriers, water and feed bowls, and etc. returned.

If Purchaser chooses not to have the supplies sent back to them, those supplies and monies will be forfeited by purchaser and considered a donation to Dogwood Acres.

We are no longer offering shipping out of the country. Also, any special permits, health certificates and/or "leg work" done to schedule a shipment will be paid in advance and are non-refundable should the purchaser cancel an order.



To learn more about USPS shipping regulations click here.

To learn about interstate movement of animals click here.

To learn more about NPIP click here.


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