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Since Monday, March 3rd, 1996

This book contains excerpts from various chapters of The Book Of Divinity. The complete volumes of these writings are available only in the handwritten, handmade Book versions.


1: During the reign of the Beast, the systems of man shall be misaligned with the fortitude of his natural state; therein making the states created by man largely short term and destructive in the long run. 1:2 Instead of systems that support survival of the species, the state of man shall support systems which base strength on materialistic and humanistic aspects, not the spiritualistic nor natural.

1:13 A System Of The Beast will set up to require approval and payment for use of natural systems which it does not own. 1:14 Sometimes it shall attempt to claim ownership by relaying it's power over people of any nation and to lay claim to these Gifts Of The Earth, and thereof the natural state, for these people of those nations it shall rule wealth, privilege and desire over.

1:15 When the Beast is in power, you shall see this phenomenon worldwide.

1:16 Free People, who are with Me, have been granted heir to the Gifts Of The Earth, and the Natural State. 1:17 The Beast and its systems and states shall deny this in view of all, and seek to retain what it shall call its granted power of these Free Persons, by political, legal, or violent means.

2: Many followers of the negative systems and states shall be vibrant, healthy and strong. 2:2 They shall give excellent arguments and claim scripture against me, they will amass those under the mark of The Beast with disillusion and fear. 2:3 Many who wish not the systems and states as known to be charged for their destruction of the Earth shall fall in league with them, not knowing the Lord, or even caring, just for politics. 2:4 They shall waive the Seal of Humankind and attempt to discredit me. 2:5 They shall be full of accusations.

2:8 The systems of the Beast use un-natural marks to identify those within the state of the dark. 2:9 Un-natural numbers are not conceived in a natural manner, yet assigned by mathematical computations created by Humankind, or through creations of disregard. 2:10 Do not any longer accept this mark, you are free from its need, and even though the negative state claims you shall have the mark or you shall receive nothing and not even the right to flourish, say to them, I have no mark.

2:15 Should anyone need to separate those in the Kingdom even moreso, it shall relate to natural time as measured. 2:16 It shall not relate to numbered families or individuals given by any State, other than the Natural State.

2:20 The Beast shall mandate required payment for services it shall control and profit from; many of the products thereof shall be from those who profit from abuse of those products a System Of The Beast provides or requires. 2:21 As the skies are gray and lifeless, so the day this comes to be; Free People Of The Word shall resist tyranny yet The Beast shall require approval and conformity. 2:22 It shall build walls for the people and prepare ways to control, even through required seeing and hearing, then even directly into their minds. 2:23 When they flood the skies with poison they shall rain down the shimmer stone upon the people and seek to see and know, manipulate and control through its conductive ways.

2:24 That system, quiets the voice of truth for sake of the people not knowing how they are being used, so it does through air, vision, sound of any frequency and trick of trades. 2:25 It emanates from the master of disguise, trickery, and illusion. 2:26 It requires of you no approval yet is there for your need shall be its cried necessity. 2:27 Images of its power and where hencefrom they come will be engraven and displayed everywhere. 2:28 It's arsenal of death and delusion is second to none. 2:29 This is The Beast.

2:30 So it shall seek to control the winds and waters through it wonders of numbers; It too shall require all to be numbered, to be within its System, and their number be relative to their lives, and what they may do with their lives.

2:31 Humankind shall not be reduced to numbers, for numbers are lower form factoring related to many things not having a conscious, or intelligence. 2:32 As important as such things shall be, an intelligence hosting the Spirit of Life shall not be merely a number.

3: Within the Universal Community, or Creation, there are untold numbers of states, systems within and systems of states. 3:2 Different ones have different aspects, and varied influence. 3:3 Truth will show you that many states have no, or less, influence over other ones, because they do not relate except through an Almighty Creator, and such created all systems of states from the Word through the Doctrine.

3:6 Then comes a time, during my time, when Humankind shall be able to create a temporal state which manifests within the mind. 3:7 So as shall come biological machines, and means to create conscious outside of the mind and to control and extend such conscious through even variation of time. 3:8 This shall be during the reign of The Beast and it shall claim it created and controls these things, and shall use them as such. 3:9 These things originating with powers greater then The Beast, yet it shall say such is fantasy. 3:10 The people will marvel in awe at it's achievements.

3:12 I shall see it use Divine Science to enclose the winds and turn on and off other natural powers. 3:13 I shall see it plainly war on all with things others choose not to see. 3:14 Yet we all see it make red lightening in the red skies, and deadly fire it does create in the airs. 3:15 Many shall quiet in fear, and cower at its power.

3:22 Many though will marvel at those forces and powers, and knowing not anything except numbers, such states and those systems. 3:23 They shall claim such things as representative of reality, so that when they come as We do, it is dark, for it knows no light. 3:24 It exists for manipulation, control, and war. 3:25 It learns to feed upon the energy afforded it, and desires more. 3:26 This system human kind cannot control.

3:27 Yet that System can control the State and guide the system of any non-spirit being, and appeals to animals, who will war with one another to have more control. 3:28 When weak bodied animals attempt to cast away their eternal spirit, they have a strange existence of limitations. 3:29 This The Beast prefers, for then few who know of the Spirit can control all those who do not, and those who control do not even care. 3:30 For it is of disregard, and expulsion of energy for no reasons except to produce desired results from others who have not knowledge of The Spirit, nor the Natural State.

3:31 During My time, there shall be a choosing, and many of the People shall choose to be free. 3:32 There will be mass multitudes who shall worship The Beast and desire it's granted privilege, power and illusionary protections. 3:33 Many shall become ignorant fools in order that they may not know.

3:34 They even of great intelligence shall hear me and come to curiosity. 3:35 Yet they have blinded their eyes and cannot hear anymore, for they believe themselves to have the knowledge and powers of Gods, give them enough time and affordance; so they seek payment for their favors and the dark is more than willing to pay.

3:36 A time comes when during My time a Declaration Of Freedom comes calling. 3:38 Intelligence says it shall not sound, yet for those of higher state and system it shall be heard clearly. 3:39 Though it shall pass it is the ending and a beginning. 3:40 The ending of enslavement and ignorance and the very beginning of a New Time, and of The Way. 3:41 It shall truly be the time I begin to call.

4: The unintelligent the dark shall use The System Of The Beast on to retain control over all aspects of their lives. 4:2 To do this The Beast shall develop its systems to respond to the animal needs of the unintelligent. 4:3 It will have a harder time controlling with those somewhat of intelligence.

4:4 Then many of great mind shall lend creative way to increase and solidify the means of The Beast to retain and increase its power. 4:5 First the things they bring be of overt method, and of the law. 4:6 As they continue, they steal the Gifts Of The Earth, and manipulate and destroy at will.

4:7 This shall only go on for a short time. 4:8 Then States and Systems which shall be with Free People begin to emerge in strength, first in word, then in pure mass of power. 4:9 Then those who walk the earth shall be witness to the opening of a Great Seal.

5: When this time comes, an offer shall be made. 5:2 A state to create for Free People which aspires to great things of which benefit humankind. 5:3 So The Beast says what it provides will do. 5:4 Yet because it thrives on extended war and irrelevant chaos, that which it provides begins to fail. 5:5 This shall be during the third decade since this Word hath arisen.

5:6 No it shall say, amongst its many peers, we need not these things of freedom. 5:7 So it states of its desire for control. And those who feed its numbers, begin to come around. 5:8 Then quickly using exotics at its command, does begin war against those who stand for freedom. 5:9 Many this war they cannot see, yet it shall be felt by any who desire to know its need.

5:10 Therein the offer shall be the method of a state to ensure enough means to extend the humankind entity. 5:11 Through space and dimension. 5:12 There be ways there too of construction of systems which give promise and secure ways to give its gifts to all people. 5:13 The warriors of The Beast though shall covet these means, and while there is theatre for those under its mark, it does not build these things for the people.

5:14 Rather it retains these ways and means for its methods of war. 5:15 The System Of The Beast requires those under it's mark to pay for these methods, and does cloak these methods with utmost secrecy. 5:16 Yet it will not forgo this secrecy to produce an extended state of humanity, and to improve and balance its systems. 517 Rather it shall deny and never speak of the state to them which may truly set them free. 5:18 For the State Of Humanity under a System Of The Beast is satisfied in being told it is free, when even to begin with, it was not.

5:19 So it gives and maintains a system of commerce related to means of excitement and pleasure. 5:20 It shall use these to immerse its messages, even unknowingly, to those under its mark. 5:21 It shall claim to stand for free nations, yet do things which no free nation will claim. 5:22 Then with those things none will claim it will move to own all. 5:23 So does it through denial and deception, and those who readily receive its mark shall want of nothing more. 5:24 For them, there is pursuit of pleasure, payment for any and all, and sustainment of romantic ideas. 5:25 There though they lay, in the belly of The Beast.

5:26 People under its mark shall be weak, the warriors of the beast shall be strong. 5:27 Though its warriors fail as that they bring is no longer righteous and true, yet mere images of ideas. 5:28 Many fall under their own knife, some too fall in battle. 5:29 While this wages, the dark begins to behold each system. 5:30 In that time The Beast shall be entity as state.

5:31 While the unintelligent look elsewhere and are involved in their own pursuit of pleasures, the dark begins to overshadow their systems of good. 5:32 Many States of all forms join these processes, while My People, who are Free People, speak out about these abuses. 5:33 Many shall be struck deaf, and made dumb, and shall not know any difference. 5:34 They shall be as of sheep, being led to slaughter.

6: There they come as so small as even smaller than dust. 6:2 These shall be a lessor seal, and shall be of make and control of those who are with The Beast. 6:3 It does not ask if one wants these things. 6:4 They are in the air, earth and water. 6:5 They lend powers almost of magic, yet they exist, that does not. 6:6 Most shall be gullible and unaware of this mark, most shall not care.

6:10 Then is it said that these things are of want or need not, it forces all to receive it's mark.

7: At times though, the forces in league with the dark gain enough Order to attempt to conceive the light, many times claiming to be the light in order to do so. 7:2 All those who rebuke the numbered system of the dark shall know the light. 7:3 The dark needs no more intelligence nor energy for its purpose, and has only a limited amount to offer any living thing; it has been dedicated by God to certain physical and spiritual forces. 7:4 It has gained its Lord. 7:5 Give it rule not.

(c) 1990 for print, 1996 for Internet. This book contains only excerpts from The Book Of Divinity. The complete texts are only available in handwritten form.



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