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This book contains excerpts from various chapters of The Book Of Divinity. The complete volumes of these writings are available only in the handwritten, handmade Book versions.


1: There shall be the Acts, which on Order from God define your expansion or annihilation of this realm. 1:2 They shall be related to forces, of which you must conquer as Humankind. 1:3 For they are aspects that influence your existence, and for this realm they are not universal, yet part of a Universal Community.

1:4 God which is, does not dominate these forces, for at certain levels or Order, varied, predefined, intelligent species must overcome or be manipulated and consumed by these forces. 1:5 Being not a God of forces, it is so a character of this realm of existence that the intelligent life created on Order of God shall either dominate these forces, or be dominated by.

1:6 The Acts shall be physical and natural, as well as of Humankind. 1:7 I shall relate certain Acts in word, those which take place other than, as to natural or those which you as a species must conceive of and take part thereof, are your choice. 1:8 I do not, nor cannot make changes, and to a degree there is no need to try. 1:9 I shall make all aware, it is for you to affect changes.

1:12 In Creation there are many realms, many dictations of uses as to parts thereof and such aspects and the influences therefrom. 1:13 Parts of any realm may be the forces thereof, being physical as well as psychological once Intelligent Entities come to survive in any flux. 1:14 A realm may be visible yet cannot be reached, for Creation is seamless with interlocking areas defined by certain aspects of the resulting uses, or influences, of energy present. 1:15 These energies are aspects of the Almighty, who has given such to help foster creation and define a particular realm in existence.

1:16 Yet in these realms there are forces, and realization of such forces does not require interaction of Intelligent Entities. 1:17 Once this has been affected though, the Entities themselves must come to control, or be dominated by these forces.

1:20 So to know such forces, is of the Humankind character; which traits are dictated by the Doctrine that this species bear to the forces of positive and negative aspects, the resulting properties thereof, polar as well as combining, to factor the existence of the entity.

2:3 To come unto this realm energies conform to properties of this realm, and the aspects there of, otherwise the energy is lawless and may influence in a negative or entirely destructive manner. 2:4 When a physical entity does conceive and come unto the Spirit, only then may the aspects and influences of this realm be non-affective at varied levels of existence. 2:5 The Spirit may be delivered in the flesh only after the controlling entity over the flesh has realization of the spirit, as is seen in those who are of The Kingdom.

2:7 During this time, as I live, and forever more, you shall come to know the difference of what is of this world and the forces thereof, and that which is of the Spirit Of God.

3:2 The priests of men, they shall worship as a religion which shall not know Me, and if they think they do, they believe themselves righteous, and no need of that which I bring.

3:3 At such times those which make claimeth say of this Spirit which became as man at a certain time of the Winter, he is ours and we are his! 3:4 So they celebrate with much wine, food and gifts. 3:5 They shall steal even more ancient festivals of the Earth, and call them their own. 3:6 This shall be their influence and an aspect of the fallacy of their religions.

3:13 Not in addition though through The Word one who wishes to know may find if they seek a third, given even herein. 3:14 By all accounts, the number of this month shall equal the Number of My Name; even then giving relevance to the number three.

3:16 This is the Time Of Essence. 3:17 This is of the Way of the Angel.

3:21 This is the understanding and gift I bring; This is Divinity.

4:4 Such is a Spiritual quality of Humankind's character properties, and those who are of true intelligence embrace the spiritual ways. 4:5 Those less know only things of this Earth and the forces of this realm, including those rudimentary conceptions of the mind.

4:6 Know then, never let animalistic conceptions rule your environment, your way, nor your law. 4:7 Do so, and you bear down to the lord of forces, which is the dark angel, and that which is his. 4:8 animalistic properties are his dominion.

4:9 The aspect of the Kingdom Of God is knowledge, it's influence is to rationalize truth, not speculate
meaning, mislead to destruction, nor create bondage. 4:10 Knowledge has eventual dominion over all properties of this realm.

4:11 To extend its influence nonpartisan, a true aspect of the Kingdom
Of God is that its actual Natural State cannot be regulated, nor for means of
entity recognition, registered with the political states of Humankind.

4:12 For those states need the rule of enforcement and the means to characterize.
4:13 Only through finance and use do they prevail. 4:14 As the influence of the Kingdom
Of God allows such entities procurement over the Gifts Of God; I
shall judge such states as to their use of these Gifts; yea even the Gift Of Life,
and the forms it takes. 4:15 Such as their proclaimed use of the Persons of
the Kingdom, and their own influence upon its Soul.

4:16 For the Kingdom Of God extends its true Priests;
to the benefit of this Realm; who shall relate through Knowledge
the extension of this Order. 4:17 Domination as to this shall not be
to the machinations of political, nor religious, forces of humankind.
4:18 Lest it seals its own judgement, rebuking the Gifts Of God; stating it shall
even have control over domination of the elements and Angels, and attempt
to make itself and its own priests, kings, followers and servants; an image of God.

4:19 Woe to those of foolish trait. 4:20 Their aspects shall be called slavery; their influence shall be to even
cause many to steal the Gifts Of God, denying them to others except for financial gain,
even when such should be free. 4:21 These aspects and influences I shall seek to find during my time.

5: In this realm of existence, the elements are to the knowledge as to the truth, their influence are both physical and spiritual.

5:4 Though many somewhat understand the Hierarchies, the aspects of Angels, perhaps even have felt such power, or attempted to use, many of these shield their groups from these things in truth, because they wish to reveal not that they are in league with the lesser angels, which exchange energy with practitioners of these crafts, most often by powerful deceptions. 5:5 Such control Divinity has the power to dispel.

5:6 Some too, are taught wrong concerning the entities of the Hierarchy. 5:7 Therefore, do not condemn any league, simply pray unto God for all. 5:8 Grace always for all Life; Never worship deities, idols, systems or states. 5:9 Insomuch do not seek to be any lesser than one of millions of the Armies of Heaven, which are granted its Supreme Order, for it has many patriarchs. 5:10 Not all have personas a weaker mind shall recognize. 5:11 Furthermore in no way except for the righteous shall any names be regarded, those without shall become of numbers, which is all that the dark may use, for there the names mean nothing.

5:16 To this the dark is enraged, for its control over order of flesh lessens, and its spirit becomes less evenmore. 5:17 It shall use the Beast, but it is known now, and My Seal is upon it. 5:17 It shall attempt force against us, but over its spirit ours shall remain strong. 5:18 Once its entity is exposed, it shall not have dominion. 5:19 This is by the Doctrine. 5:20 This is by Divinity.

6: To begin to understand any entity, force, or even a concept, you must come to know the traits which stem from a given aspect, singular or multiple, and the influence thereof. 6:2 Such are the Character Traits of the Humankind entity;

6:3 Of the Naturalistic is the physical composition, for it is of the forces of this realm.

6:4 Of the Spiritualistic are the aspects of conference with greater entities; using the power of the Living God which is Creation, or even the destructive dark side which is eventual devastation if given dominion.

6:5 Of the Humanistic are the peculiar traits attributed to this species for which these Words are written, which species is influenced by other traits or deeply formed aspects and the influences thereof. 6:6 It is highly impacted by the animalistic influences and their basic elemental qualities.

6:7 Of the Realistic are the natural and produced traits of a particular realm and such influence upon other traits or the influence thereof.

6:8 God has given through the Word that there shall be aspects of Intelligent Order, that is the actual and potential level of experience given to different forms of creation, and the influence such fulfilled potential has upon the Realms Of Creation in which the Order partakes.

6:9 Then there are the aspects of traits, which are the basic and advanced factoring concerning elemental sciences and the combined interaction of such, giving various influences.

6:10 Such character traits determine the level of involvement, control and contribution to the bearing forces, which are the forces of physical creation and destruction, the parts thereof, of any particular realm, which are varied and some the same, which parts make up these forces in different realms.

6:11 To Humankind, these are the angels of the natural state; those which bring life, and those of the angel of death. 6:12 The angel of death is a factor in the spiritual forces which influence mankind, it is an aspect of the Humankind creation. 6:14 Only through the power of the Holy Spirit does any human being have complete power over the angel of death. 6:15 This is an Aspect of the Natural State.

6:16 Here upon this planet, the power of the angel of death exists in violence and force. 6:17 It is the god of forces. 6:18 For life within this realm, it is the determining force. 6:19 Towards everlasting Life its control of force is not sacred.

6:20 This force, which can take of life hereof, is not of God, yet it determines the level of existence physically any entity may be entitled, for any length of time. 6:21 To not have your destiny determined by the supreme forces of this realm, or any force, is to become Spiritually of the Order Of Heaven, which is above and beyond any forces.

6:24 To give into lesser forces is to give into the dark. 6:25 Physically, to some degree, in this realm Humankind ultimately is determined to interact with this lord of force.

7: The aspects of many varied forces are naturally occurring flux, either creative or destructive, and to certain degrees thereof, given to be governed by actions of intelligent entities, lesser than God.

7:2 As to the knowledge and sciences given unto Humankind to dominion over forces which result hereof this Earth, know that you are to either use such to fulfill your destiny, either expansion within the Universal Community, or failure and your ultimate destruction.

7:3 Therefore, do not let that which you know as God become to your understanding as a lord of force. 7:4 For this lord of force manipulates and controls, and does not nurture and give. 7:5 Rather by decree it applies whatever method to gain Order, and control over energies which are aspects of such Order. 7:6 Do not let the angel of death be your god.

7:7 Look throughout and within yourself, you shall understand Humankind can either be above a lord of forces, even should an understanding be necessary, or allow forces to be its lord, and its god. 7:8 Forces granted by the Doctrine Of Creation that are for Humankind to understand the aspects of, to overcome, such as violence and death, among many others, are ruled by the dark, which is the lord, even with qualities as a god, over forces.

7:9 For the Omnipotent Aspect of the Living God does not revel in death, but in life and love, not in violence and destruction, but in compassion and understanding. 7:10 Divinity is an Aspect which is Spiritual, and forces shall not come to dominate this, lest the physical entity which does allow shall be consumed of its own destructive methods, to achieve the Balance.

8: Anyone who worships Humankind and its physical influence and power, worships the dark. 8:2 So too do those who worship any creation, decree or method of the Humankind Order, when it places itself above the Process of the Order Of Divinity, whose Lord is Christ, which is of the Spirit Of God everlasting.

8:3 So here is the influence of emotions, said to be a force; yet it is moreso a science of chemical actions and reactions. 8:4 Change the chemical factoring and you can affect the emotional. 8:5 This is a science given unto Humankind, it is not of God. 8:6 Yet to deny the emotional influence, to affect it negatively, is surely of the dark. 8:7 When such happens, Humankind has given it's power over such to forces of the dark.

8:8 Dictated by the Doctrine Of Creation, the influences of a god of forces are as such; judgement by force to dominate and control when there is no need but for the need of power. 8:9 To use undue force to regulate and enforce drafted doctrine, stipulation, and even of law, despite the realization and clear determination through Knowledge that use of such forces are more negative than positive. 8:10 And the use of forces to hold mandatory or absolute power.

8:11 For Divinity has no need to result to such forces, nor those who must use such forces, to maintain the truth, and the Process of the Order. 8:12 It is given to those forces that they destroy themselves, for it is their character.

8:13 So the Doctrine determines a God otherwise rules by the Spirit, and does not enforce it's will otherwise, even though it is indefinite in its power. 8:14 The Living God does by knowledge.

9: All spiritual forces of this realm are under the control of My Order, as are such angels, even the god of forces, being the dark angel and his angel of death. 9:2 It is he I shall call to harvest should I judge this Earth and those upon it, to be his.

9:3 Since all initial Creation of this realm has been created by Order Of God, dominion over certain influence, hence aspects of force, are given unto lesser entities to determine survival and extension of existence. 9:4 Should any entity attempt to use forces to manipulate the spirit, or defy God, they become slaves of these forces and their authority.

9:5 They are said to be ruled by the dark.


1:3 Upon this planet in a system of planets of the state of humankind shall We come. 1:4 As the most powerful thunderstorm, praising the God Of Creation; angels of this realm are We, and of humankind itself. 1:5 In this time We shall be of this Earth, and by its means hunt those to test of The Law, and The Way. 1:6 We are the Armies Of Heaven, keepers of the forces that made this Earth.

1:7 It shall be this Earth, that reflects those things humankind has desired against itself; the corruption of the natural state for triumph of wealth and policy above sustainment of its own species. 1:8 Such an Earth will reflect the indignity of self-serving justice to disrupt that which is the most pristine and direct; survival and advancement of one's kind, the sharing of the Gifts Of The Earth, the sustainment of the family, over the greeds of power. 1:9 This will be the Earth in the last days before the Tribulation.

1:18 As its angel of death and its means lesson; the dark angel is so unrested.

1:19 For it cannot defeat even the powers of Man, and its spirit is made therefore less than.

2:2 For I know, the age of the species I came to know and relish here on this Earth, with me, thereafter Time has come, and a new one does exist. 2:3 Thereof will be parts that become different during My time here, and many more thereafter; may this time be long in coming, this I am tasked to determine.

2:4 I shall witness those actions of others, many in great power, some against me, still others to whom I am unknown, yet these actions will be all over the world. 2:5 These actions I judge, should they be the beginning of the time of Tribulation.

2:6 Should I see those who proclaim league with God, taking blood for their own greed and purpose to enslave, then I know they lie. 2:7 If they do this, and do not repent, they seal their fate.

2:8 So then shall the Beast come through water, attacking with forces that are his. 2:9 The world shall marvel at this greatness, many hiding in fear, others wanting for violence. 2:10 Those thus far removed from my presence, still I shall witness it all.

2:11 First it will be allowed to show, and the years between shall equal the number of my name. 2:12 Then, three shall come with the powers of the natural state, spinning counter clockwise, from the seas and oceans. 2:13 At this time it will be fully realized, the state of humankind will have continued against me. 2:14 As the three come, one after the other, should these men and women of their beloved state continue their madness, it shall be I, not they, who shall ultimately enforce The Law.

2:15 This time the forward of the month, the addition of the numbers within the number of the days,
and the numbers of the year within the millennium added together are the number of My Name;
individually they represent each a part of my Spiritual Character. 2:16 It has been known, for since the time of the ancients,
when I am to be here. 2:17 So it is known. 2:18 So Be It.

3: During this time, the bear and dragon from the east do rise, and the eagle in the west watches and worries for it is weak; and because it has aligned itself as a nation under God, it is there where I shall judge first. 3:2 It believes itself righteous and the bearer of justice, so the pressure on it shall be great to prove itself to Me.

3:3 Twice I allow it to fail, the third it shall feel the wrath of the storm if it wishes pursuit of its own greatness in defiance of The Word. 3:4 The bear believes itself to be above the Choirs Of Heaven, yet its time does come. 3:5 The dragon knows Me well, for it has done battle with Me before, and it watches silently, waiting for its chance.

3:6 Then even to the name of the state of which I come, then from those regions nearby, the bear does strike, believing itself mighty and it does forsake the virtue of peace. 3:7 Yet in War all fail who align themselves against the Armies Of Heaven. 3:8 For against antichrist we together are an Angel Of War.

3:9 And in the great heart of the eagle I shall tremble the Earth. 3:10 For should it fall to its illusions of character, and continue to enslave my people by equating itself as a factor in survival by requiring a personal price before the basic needs of survival of the individual and the family are met, its heart shall explode.

3:11 From within the brimstone shall rain down, turning the cities and fields to ash. 3:12 Clouds shall darken
the skies so the Sun cannot be seen; and its gas shall be a deadly poison.

3:13 Still before this time, I shall offer My Gifts to her, to see if she is respectful and honorable; or determine
if she has lost her way. 3:14 Her body may be restored to great might and beauty, yet her fate otherwise will be
to fall under the wind, rain, and fire.

3:15 So shall she believe she sings with the voices of angels and tremble the Earth with such? 3:16 Shall she believe, as do others in league with The Beast, that they control the Orders Of Sound with their cheap doctrinations? 3:17 We shall see, and their actions will not be unknown, and in this Book, be duly noted.

3:18 I shall see, do they make as the sun within the upper regions of the sky? 3:19 Producing holes in their protective layers, and what they believe as a great science shall mislead them in that it is primitive, not of the earth, and cannot repair, only destroy should they turn from me during my time, and seek to rule The Word and the world with an iron first and unrelenting will.

3:20 During my time the dragon will poison the world as it seeks fortune. 3:21 Itself shall not be able over time to even feed its people. 3:22 It is the people themselves who come to take the dragon to ensure freedom from antichrist. 3:23 They will have grown tired of air so thick with poison one cannot even see nor breathe, and tired of the lies of their leaders, who shall sneer at God, and call it make believe.

3:24 The bear she sits in her frozen north, her people wise in their time. 3:25 As goes the dragon, so do the people of the bear, who are with Me, seize her mind and heart, and The Word is known there, coming forth, as will the grains and medicines from the Earth. 3:26 Finding even in that, the power within the physique, to undo death.

3:27 There in the lands below, once under the power of the bear, that ancient place where horsemen and warrior once converged, there arises one who shall seek to join forces with the tiger against the bear. 3:28 He shall lend his ear to antichrist and the winds he brings reek of death. 3:29 Yet in time he and his come to know My Word, and his heart shall be changed; for his lands will be but one of the places from where we send forth machines to rule the Heavens.

3:30 For the mother of him shall come in the last generation which cannot reckon The Beast; and that which she began for him so he shall increase. 3:31 In his time I shall have already judged the nation states, and the Earth begins to call in payment for all her riches that have been stolen.

3:32 Then we have primed the great furnace which sits below by opening the earth under the seas to give it steam. 3:33 For those whom are evil which strike against The Word. 3:34 The dark angel believes it may then deliver in the disguise of false religion through it's false prophets, many whom are of the world; those which sing of the end times. 3:35 The dark knows natural forces are set to align destruction it believes it shall rule.

3:36 Not death though, but only the Living God knows how it shall be, these decisions as to end this time. 3:37 No man knows, neither do angels. 3:38 The dark knows it may fight My brethren, yet the pleasure in it shall be taken from him; His torment becomes forever.

3:30 This alone angers the antichrist to the end. 3:31 For in this time when the tiger rises antichrist uses The Beast to present its seals as shields to me; pertaining righteousness and judgement, when all it shall truly have is the ideas and powers known to man. 3:32 In this day as it challenges me, it will knowingly use men who unknowingly cling to elder mythology, and to whom justice means to punish, instead of how it truthfully nurtures. 3:33 antichrist causes these to mistakenly believe they do hold forth, understand and control, the Great Seals.

3:34 The antichrist shall proclaim it is in fact the bearer of the Great Seal Of God, when in truth all it shall have will be seals made by men. 3:35 Yet it shall manipulate these causing tension, robust with deception, and much foolishment to cause fear and discord.

4: More in number shall follow the false ones than Divinity for some time, for they shall not realize the reflection they see, mistaking it for themselves or that of the Lord. 4:2 Some shall even conspire against Divinity, and work in conjunction with evil-doers who wish to proclaim themselves of a great Almighty God, or to defy the existence of any God, even if only to exercise their Authority. 4:3 When this time comes, they shall be shown they are wrong in their judgements, very foolish, then the Great Tribulation does begin.

4:4 This shall be when I unleash The Word against antichrist in view of The Beast, even though this one shall bear the word to discredit me, for some time there shall be a discreet war, then the dark shall make its greatest mistakes.

4:7 The dark angel fears this time, for it too shall lose all power over Humankind, for a very long time to come, even forever, though the measuring of time within such space shall become different as is known now. 4:8 Many with lesser minds shall not understand. 4:9 As a desperate ploy, evil sends violence, which begins violence.

4:10 Then nation shall rise against nation, the sky will blaze with fire, the thirst for blood shall not be quenched, My Word to them shall mean nothing. 4:11 This shall be the time when trivial judgement is deemed important, and people are enslaved for crimes without victims, and ways without meanings. 4:12 Many innocents will be put to death, as the spirit of antichrist shall reign by deception.

4:13 Wealth and Power will seek victory in violence, yet their ways will not be sustainable, as terror shall scar the land and waste the people. 4:14 Then at that time, I shall call the darkness out, for then I call all seals, and all orders.

4:15 Then nations shall be judged, first those who have beseeched me through what they believe secret means; then those from the east who worship The Beast and who bring destructive fire from the sky in the name of death.

4:16 Unto the states which come against me, I shall take their precious waters. 4:17 I shall insist on justice and make it plain for all to see. 4:18 Should they fail, the waters will not return as before and their great nations be smashed and in ruin.

4:19 When this time comes, before the nations come to ruin, these things shall come to be;

5: Those who steal from My People and send Me none for council, they bring about means to control the winds and rains, they shall poison the people and the Earth itself. 5:2 Their reasons are hidden from the people, even denied. 5:3 In closed chambers they say they heal the Earth, knowing though to attempt this is to risk plague and pestilence. 5:4 Their ultimate goal is not just to save, for moreso it is to save themselves, and then even more for sake of control.

5:5 They will attempt to control your waters, make your air as an inflicting poison; they will control your skies, and the rains thereof. 5:6 They shall poison you and laugh as they deny that they would do anything except nurture and protect you. 5:7 The dark lords look on, and smile.

5:8 They will keep you from knowing the truth and those who are foolish shall cheer them on or claim no worry. 5:9 Those of The Beast will take, and take, and require from those under the mark to obey them, saying ask no questions or face severe consequences.

5:10 There will be special purchases required for programs which feed their brethren with riches and power. 5:11 They shall say these requirements are for health, and to help you, and that all must take part in these programs or face the wrath of enforcers. 5:12 Who are those which are keepers of the slaves, and who say work shall make you free, and make you rich? 5:13 Most shall obey out of fear, and a misguided reality which gives to character of nations.

5:14 They shall make places for dissenters, and strike fear of those places in the hearts of those weak or without knowledge. 5:15 In the end, those who are not to be led to slaughter will come for them, and take them.

5:16 When it is that time, the sun shall be hidden at will by machines in the skies, and the fig tree shall not know when to bear her ripened fruit, and the people shall be deaf, dumb and blind, and know no better. 5:17 Even those who know will refuse to hear. 5:18 Many shall be as fools, openly worshipping those who do such, who are of The Beast; those shall be known as the greatest enablers of criminals.

5:19 They greet you with the devil's cross, as the angels of death shall descend from the skies. 5:20 They poison everything, plants, animals and the Earth, and tell the people it is something which it is not, and that they see not what they see. 5:21 Their lies shall bring about the beginning of their end.

5:22 So in madness The Beast shall ask for tithes of which are not its own, and force its way through words that are written but are not of The Word. 5:23 It shall ask of the poor to pay beyond and above any means, to honor its seal, and worship its way. 5:24 While the rich and wealthy meet only a percentage, that above is theirs for free.

5:25 Strange men and women who worship none but themselves and their images of power shall seek for a long time to prosecute those who have done no wrong. 5:26 Only that they will have spoken openly against The Beast's wasteful pillage and corruption. 5:27 Those which pursue will speak of madness and sorcery, of insanity, of criminality, concerning those they wish to imprison. 5:28 Yet the greatest criminals will be themselves and the states and systems they serve. 5:29 The witch hunt will be long, bearing no fruit except in the minds of those who are not right with God. 5:29 Though they believe themselves to be god-like.

5:30 All that they will uncover will be a pittance, misinformed numbers on papers, a mirror to the people they wish to control. 5:31 While their own waste is many times greater. 5:32 Still they ask for more, holding their weapons against the body of the people, ready to use them at will. 5:33 As Free People and their families are brought to ruin, The Beast is very pleased with itself. 5:34 Those which do its work, believe themselves a righteous servant, honorable and deserving of fulfilling enrichment, protection, having animalistic power to rule. 5:35 The people they shall hold as slaves, so that they shall be forced to make the merest of reports or face condemnation and prosecutions. 5:36 The Beast shall say this is for the greater good of all, and many shall worship the images put forth by these states, and these systems, and this Beast.

5:37 This Beast shall say; you shall use my numbers or not have the right to travel, earn, nor own. 5:38 It shall become angry when any insist they are sovereign, and bring about great wrath upon them. 5:39 The false religions shall rally behind The Beast and enforce its means and methods, even saying their books do so require.

5:40 Such false prophets will be given the opportunity to turn from The Beast, yet they shall ignore me, even working with The Beast to bring ill will to My People. 5:41 Their names shall be known to all, shown that they have denied The Word.

5:42 Many, the enforcers and heroes of negative overbearing states and systems, will proclaim perversion as righteous, yet their ways and means they will not be able to hide from the people. 5:43 Even after a long time such they have fully denied was being done, or even exists, in Spirit I shall cause their deceptions to become known. 5:44 Then it becomes plain for all to see. 5:45 Not only do I see this as a person, this takes place across the entire world.

5:46 For pictures and words they do see and hear, and wish to know nothing of what is wrong. 5:47 Their diversions will focus on the weakness of an animal, their hearts as fire to the darkness they serve, their minds not their own but all together combined to focus the persona of The Beast in flesh. 5:48 They think they know the strength of angels, believe they have control over the mysteries of the ancients. 5:49 Yet only through The Way, will what they do ever be made right.

5:50 Then, for those who worship the Beast who believe the gifts of the Earth are theirs to plunder, gain wealth and power; I shall cause the Earth to retain her gifts and withhold them from those who use such gifts for violence and the spreading of false prophecy. 5:51 Their great wisdom of science cannot stop the Earth from swallowing up her gifts.

5:52 Many of these nations shall not know me, yet I shall know them well. 5:53 The economies of the world which they foolishly believe the Gifts Of The Earth are theirs to control the ebb and flow of these economic systems, shall fail. 5:54 The Angel Of War shall finish their heathen states.

6: In this time, so shall it be known of the dark star, which does come to disrupt your time, of which I have spoken. 6:2 Such will not be readily understood, yet over a short period its meanings, its ways, and relevance as to that which I have brought forth in Word before, shall become entirely clear.

6:3 The name of this star, as first known to Humankind; and ones to be like it, is the subtraction of the numbers of it's name, which when done shall be an equal part of the Number of My Name.

6:4 Through the power of The Great Seals parts of this star shall come. 6:5 There is one Great Seal which when engaged determines when this star does appear. 6:6 Engineered into this Seal is the time as to what occurs before, during and after, the engagement of this Seal.

6:7 So to this, such Seal I do control, and the means thereof; those who are with the Lord shall know this, while those who choose the ways and means of the forces of this earth shall seek to rule that which they can, by threats, violence and forces. 6:8 So then for periods dictated by the Laws Of God, shall such be brought against them.

6:9 As One, I shall bring to them The Word. 6:10 So they seek to dominate such as men, wanting not themselves to be obeying of The Law, only creating it, and using it for their own purposes and means of dominion, sanctimony, and power. 6:11 For then they will align themselves with The Beast, and in their hearts and ways, declare war against My brethren, those who are of the Armies Of Heaven.

6:12 The outcome of this shall remain true to The Word.

6:13 The Kingdom Of God shall reign. 6:14 Praise God.

7: This is how you shall come to know the time of the Tribulation; Justice shall be bought and sold; The killer shall be free and the innocent to bear guilt; Small men shall make themselves up in merit and an image of power, and to those whom they reign over with threat of violence and death they shall be brutal, attempting to disrupt the family by means of their greed and power.

7:1 The same shall steal the Gifts Of The Earth through decree by those in power; they will allow false religions to prosper and be free, while prosecuting the honest in character whom are truly of Our Lord. 7:2 Some of them will even say god is a lie and enforce such doctrine; they shall withhold from some the natural medicines of the earth We did create for the benefit of all, and collect fees from others whom they allow to break their own laws; all so that The Beast they worship and hold above all, may become strong and prosper. 7:3 They steal the holy lands and desecrate the sacred gardens, offering no quarter for that which they take by force.

7:4 These I deliver, those who are dictators and to those they dictate. 7:5 In judgement I shall know and call their names.

7:9 It may be known even as worship to a state, even the natural state, for in the end through The Beast these forces are made to be worshipped, with systems having no value above themselves. 7:10 In the end they shall openly and endlessly proclaim their value to and above God and Humankind, the ultimate blasphemy.

7:11 Even I shall seek Justice, from those Names I call. 7:12 Should I find only corruption and greed,
sin and nonrepentance, their answer to judgement shall be clear to Me.

7:13 In that time, even as the Word Of God does make clear, that to which I gave dominion unto the dark, under my seal, shall once again arise; for the seal shall be loosened, and the time for judgement is nigh.

7:14 Then for a period, as the Word Of God does declare; Hell shall be raised.

7:15 Entire systems will be given unto the fame and fortune of those who seek its power. 7:16 I shall engage these systems, one by one they will prove by me, whether they give dominion unto the dark, or dominion unto God. 7:17 I come to judge this, even to them unknowingly, when I am of this Earth.

7:18 They who are with The Beast shall proudly prosecute the poor. 7:19 Saying they have not worked for their measure, and not proven through their law that they have paid what is due. 7:20 Though this shall be incorrect, they care not what is right, rather that they are obeyed by command, mandate, and statute.

8: Before this time, the dark engages the full cloak of deception. 8:2 Virtually examining to be that which it is not, and through reverse inception, bring forward the illusion it is the opposite of its true self.

8:3 As Intelligence is unto these Orders, so the entities thereof convert certain forces to claim use of the character traits of these energies. 8:4 Particularly animalistic and humanistic through worship of these forces, which are even unto themselves inconclusive. 8:5 For such forces span many realms and have much influence, yet are only a portion of larger sets of forces.

8:6 Should Humankind give lord unto these forces, it has evoked the species desecration. 8:7 This I shall see of, and this I shall judge.

8:17 So as it stole the Seal of Our Order, an offering of identity I do give. 8:18 It has been made lesser by the new Name and new Seal, of Divinity, to that such a seal is of the Earth, and to the souls of the stars I give it, properly. 8:19 It shall be known as it is connected, during my time here on this Earth, surreptitiously, to that which is elemental to it's survival.

8:20 This seal which was lowered, and done in disgrace, to its highest virtue I raise, even if it is of things of this Earth and of the star system in which it resides. 8:21 This shall be true throughout entire Creation wherever the energies of stars come to influence.

8:23 All who wish to know shall plainly see; one has been removed from the original seal. 8:24 Yet still it will remain in effect the same, although missing one point, which is the darkness of death. 8:25 Even though as this is written it still remains, time has come that My People begin to overcome. 8:26 After my time, even during, this shall come to be. 8:27 Look upon the rise of the biological machines, biomachina, of which as my final gift I am tasked to give and allow the formulations to become of Humankind.

8:28 My Seal shall stand as the Order of Dominion of the seals of this Earth and the souls of the stars. 8:29 There you shall find the original seal of My Order, which has been blasphemed and disgraced by the dark.

8:30 I take back that which the dark seeks to steal, and give it unto the Living God as is my duty.

8:31 Other seals and those opposite, I give unto the dark. 8:32 This is done.

8:33 So in such a time those who witness deliverance of Divinity, without the forces of the dark shall know, the Power of the Love Of Christ, has come.

8:34 My Name shall be known and My body shall not even be the same, for I shall be one with God, through the Holy Spirit.

8:35 Those who know Me, this in flesh they do witness. 8:36 Once again though old, in spirit I shall be young again.

9: Now in this time, as written in The Word, the knowledge and gifts of Divinity do arise. 9:2 The tests of hereafter are complete for this period; yet shall come again when things are ready, and during my time, does this new era, begin.

9:3 Then after this time again, evil shall be released. 9:4 For some time madness shall be paramount, and inflict great men and women of fame. 9:5 Their ability to control through written words will again bring domination of natural things of this Realm, of the Earth and away from it. 9:6 Those Gifts of this Star System, of which My Seals do represent, they give to others and themselves, to steal from My People.

9:7 However, this is not linear time as understood. 9:8 Rather this time may be exactly like that before, or different, but the same. 9:9 Those who are of intelligence shall understand. 9:10 My Word will not be unknown to those who will make themselves Masters.

9:14 In my time I shall be in more than one of these nations and some shall claim righteousness. 9:15 By me it shall be known if their glory is to themselves, or if they humble their great images and by me they prove they have dignity and respect.

9:16 I shall stand up and be in full view of these nations. 9:17 In that time there will be viewing of the god of forces, and so many will fall in his league for vengeance, they will want of pain and terror. 9:18 So they shall lash as their worldly means of fortune are stilled, yet their tongues and means against me shall not be.

10:9 So as it shall be in these times to come; as it is during my time.

10:10 After my time, the false prophets shall begin to fail. 10:11 Their masses for their religions increasingly wither. 10:12 Those wanting to have a picture of what they believe come to life watch as their picture goes dark. 10:13 No longer much more than fabled mysteries. 10:14 There again the dark finds seed, in the dying breath of falsified religions.

10:17 These of authority, will have denied to gather tithes honorably; instead they shall do so in support of the needs of their systems, which determine required participation, far above the fair and even; yet to feed a Beast. 10:18 Working as one with he who seeks control of inanimate systems, which itself shall be a perceived determiner of destiny, again they shall mandate obedience.

10:19 His forces shall proclaim righteousness, and the strange god which they serve shall be of forces, of this earth, of that which My Seal is over. 10:20 They shall be of this Beast and worship it to an end. 10:21 The kings of the earth shall enlighten and enrich these individuals and through their systems the revenues they take of Humankind exceed need and only serve to feed their greed.

10:22 Know this, My Order and those of it shall not lay down with The Beast. 10:23 Beyond compromise those who partake of the mark fear The Beast, for it is their master, even to the end of violence and force. 10:24 These who give themselves unto The Beast shall conspire with it for they wish to be filled with the richness and power they enjoy when in control of those they force to worship its name and image.

10:25 In his lust of this madness, when the dark watches, not knowingly I watch and know him; his mischief does not hide from me, for even he shall know when I come demanding justice in judgement.

10:26 Those who follow the dark, even unknowingly believe this time will never come; for they are taken with that which the dark controls, and its declaration of wisdom. 10:27 Even though it is said and known to be so, in his time he shall proclaim The Word of foolishment and give power unto the beast to speak his way in forced disregard, and dominion by empowering such in the judgements of humankind.

10:28 To do this, he shall use the word, the truth of their beliefs not openly spoken, for their use of the word in an underlying manner wields power, and such is their damnation. 10:29 Many that be of him shall so be of she, and some shall be of both, and care for God they have not.

10:30 So they shall come to me with pentagrams, proclaiming power, and worshipping force. 10:31 So I shall seek those which grant them power, to learn of their control, and I shall see they proclaim little, in order that their way be obeyed. 10:32 They lie to me as cowards, and increase their works against me.

10:33 In the end it will be for all to see. 10:34 Then it is time.

11: To this he who is the eighth possesses a mighty craft; he shall magnify his craft, claiming allegiance with a "true" Christ, a "righteous" savior, which does not recognize nor did create this Book Of Divinity. 11:2 He shall grow exceedingly strong, rich, and powerful. 11:3 He shall conspire with those of the church of men, and seek to control the faithful through flattery, telling them they are wonderful and the chosen, though many who know Me will not be fooled. 11:4 Yet for some time, this deceiver shall prevail.

11:5 So then does antichrist induce conflict through means of illusion. 11:6 Many still shall want of death and destruction, and the fulfillments of prophecy. 11:7 antichrist shall proclaim religion, his right he shall claim it grants, and many shall be blind to its ways.

11:8 It will attempt to retain the strength of the wind, fire and rain. 11:9 Yet I have taken such from them, those seals are of My Order. 11:10 Even so be it on this earth it proclaims such in the name of the Lord, those things shall not be theirs.

11:11 This has been before, and again but still unlike the former. 11:12 During which in a time many seek justification for their gains, and will want of war, yet it shall be inconclusive. 11:13 In abuse of power, the eighth will seek to claim and divide for its purpose, declaring that all Creation, in regards to its god, belongs to The Beast and those who attend its need; for they shall proclaim a kingdom even once again, as they have before, proclaiming the word of god grants them right.

11:14 They blasphemy My Name.

11:15 These things they do by policy and in the righteousness of their own names, but not by the Laws Of God, nor truly in His Name. 11:16 Still, in this time they extend a grip, for those who are careless, shall in their hearts worship them, their means, their Beast. 11:17 Because its provisions shall not seem bad, they will at this time be forced to become so, for many are blind.

11:18 In this day, they will proclaim Divinity foolishment. 11:19 The Word they shall try to add to with their own chapters, full of blasphemy against My covenant. 11:20 This time of which I speak, even now has been set, during the time in which those to judge shall be purified and made white. 11:21 Still, wickedness shall be strong in many of their hearts, and they shall hate Divinity, for it will expose them, and that which they do serve.

11:22 Those of the Beast, which shall be different and even more clever than those before, will say do not let this mockery, this Divinity, spoil that which we have made, which is real, not a foolish belief of men ill in mind and weak in flesh.

11:23 To that end they will not be able to decipher their own foolish beliefs, and the Word Of God as it was meant, for the good of the Species, shall come to be known.

11:24 What those who worship the Beast shall know, shall be a hell greater than that ever on the earth. 11:25 They made if for themselves, and it is their end of days. 11:26 This time shall be when ignorance, pride and gain stand strong, and the means of salvation from the cosmic realm, that of the dark star, have been squandered with wars and misleading systems of states of men throughout this Earth.

11:27 So they shall feel the cosmic wind, and the breath of stars. 11:28 Storms shall arise which have never been known before. 11:29 Mountains become tombs for those who seek shelter within, shaken to pieces, crumbling into the ground. 11:30 Their machines they set to sustain their species, though if without grace these machines fail. 11:31 They stir those under their will with songs and visions of national pride. 11:32 My Nation arises, and leaves those of the dark states behind to face their end.

11:33 As the cosmic storms burn the atmospheres away, for their time of judgement has come, they have no need of The Word in their small minds. 11:34 To those who have no want of any greater intelligence than what they decide, they watch in horror at the disappearing sky.

11:35 Strands like spider webs fall from the sky, burning skin and sickening minds. 11:36 As dealers in death remembered engage in war for what is left of this world they realize not that soon I come for them all. 11:37 To the end stealing Our resources and imposing payments for them to come from the people before they are allowed to make use of them, even to survive, laughing at the Judgement Of Nations as mere sick belief, failing to see they are the sickest of all. 11:38 Those who are with Me watch from afar, and pray for the souls left behind as the sun shines for them no more.

12: In this time too, those come by way of the star which is as a diamond; during which times they do and shall worship The Beast; and that power which is of that star is mighty and immense. 12:2 Even then though, they shall not over come The Word Of God.

12:3 Then shall come two as one, for they are the prophets. 12:4 One shall have the ability to withhold the rains, to call upon the Angelic winds of the four corners of the Earth, and to speak The Word. 12:5 He speaks of the poisoned waters, prophesizing that it comes by that with a soul similar to a star, that such even comes from the land of the rising sun.

12:6 Of the second he be a bringer of blood and a priest of his craft. 12:7 His skin shall be luminous and he shall be a Master Of War. 12:8 His hair shall be dark and his people shall be stewards of the earth before me. 12:9 From his shall be her which shall be one with me. 12:10 The Holy Spirit is strong about him, and The Beast shall raise its terror against them both.

12:11 After their time, they are to become Princes Of Angelic Order, their eternal light as of flames of a candle before, of, and throughout, the Living God.

12:12 The nations of The Beast shall not like what they say nor the accusations they bring.

12:13 These nations shall say I am of the two, yet I am not, nor during my time shall I know any prophets. 12:14 Those who watch shall say otherwise and laugh at the folly of misguided men. 12:15 They know me not, even as they watch and believe they know all, they shall know nothing of any good, nor of any real use outside of causing pain and harm.

12:16 Of this Book they shall say it is a book of prophecy, though it is not. 12:17 Rather it is that which has been sealed until this time. 12:18 For I am no prophet, yet am The Spirit Of Prophecy. 12:19 This Spirit is not my flesh, access cannot be achieved through such, though the ignorant and unrighteous never understand this. 12:20 So great shall be their indictments and nonsense, so it begins their end.

12:21 For if then such systems of men have beseeched me without respect of The Word of which I bring, they shall not be granted the means of salvation any longer, and the dark angel shall rule their souls. 12:22 So the Seal shall be opened.

12:23 Then the prophets shall stand before the nations and proclaim the Gifts Of The Earth are not for wealth and control. 12:24 Yet those of dark order, and their courts the same shall say, "these are ours to do as we please, and you shall have no say, for it has been decided by this court, and by our law."

12:25 Nay say those of prophecy, and they shall raise My Word before The Beast, and before the entire world. 12:26 This shall anger the shallow men and women of The Beast, who shall say such is a declaration of aggression against them. 12:27 On a fountain of fire they shall send forth that which will take the prophets, and seal their fate.

12:28 A great cheer shall erupt from the masses, for they shall hate anything of The Word. 12:29 They believe such is fantasy in the minds of ill men and women, existing only thereof. 12:30 These masses shall celebrate in the streets and proclaim humanity great and in no need of imaginary lords nor gods. 12:31 For some time, they think they have overcome, yet what shall come, their mighty systems and states shall have absolutely no control, for they shall have given that over to The Beast, and We know, The Beast wants war.

13: In this time in the land of the Lion a great war does begin. 13:2 Armies stretch through the jungle and desert, and evil men come to rule the seas. 13:3 There where the Lion meets the Tiger and the Bear, armies of the world prepare and do battle.

13:4 In the island nations of the earth great tremors speak of the wrath of the earth and her seas; war there too rages as followers of the false prophets begin to fall. 13:5 In anger and violence they strike out, for their beliefs shall not have been justified.

13:6 Then, as God calls together His Angels, We come from the Heavens and do battle with the living hell. 13:7 Our Armies shall tame the destroyer, once and for all. 13:8 Humankind shall come to be of Angelic Order.

13:9 The homage of the dark angel, whose kingdom is hell, is to prepare a place where it shall be Master.

13:10 Thereafter, those who have been judged to be of the Order Of Heaven, only the knowledge of such a place be known, no effect shall ever again be of reason or need. 13:11 This is a particular time, when the body can be made and the mind preserved by the means of humankind, devoid of spiritual conception. 13:12 Yet even then the Spiritual will be needed and wanted, and this shall be for eternity. 13:13 Though my body, mind and Soul may be old then, my Spirit if forever young, shall be of Angels.

14: An Earth shall be there, and the things of these realms, for they too shall be enjoyed and partaken of. 14:2 That which was negative hereof, affect shall be over to make it a positive right to Dominion, by My Order.

14:3 Many things which have disappeared and thought lost, shall come to live again. 14:4 As do the Souls of My People, whose light shall be seen throughout the Nations Of Worlds. 14:5 Our Love is everlasting. 14:6 Our Kingdoms live forever.

14:7 What I shall see, am by force to give proxy, in part or full during my time on this Earth, influences the rendering of a reckoning; which is the time of the Seventh Seal. 14:8 My Lord shall be with Me, in Mind, Body and Soul.

14:9 For the Word Of God has spoken.



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