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Of Universal Community

As the seventh I give to you, that knowledge shall be known that does overcome death, and Humankind shall fulfill it's promise as a gifted part of God's Creation. For this sacred Word was given as I did give this Book to he who took it within himself. Yet the time for it's revealing is known only to God, only He knows when it is given, and complete.

For after the Balance has been restored, and much evil has been buried forever, there is a time when only the actions of men bring any glory to the dark. These will be few, and it will always be that vigilant ones shall amass righteous Glory against them. For it is written, there will be no peace, till you make peace with me. The dark shall have its time no more. Prepare yourselves for the Glory Of Heaven.

Those who are with Me, or have gone from this earth before Me, shall know; A Universal Community does exist for all Creation. Separate parts thereof, these are known as Realms, and are made up for the Properties of particular elements, which give aspect and influence unto any intelligent entity which inhabits or partakes of the realm.

All that an entity can see, sense, and influence is subject to knowledge as representing a realm; in Creation, knowledge is what grants transcendence between the Realms. This is done through knowledge of, and manipulation of, the Great Seals.

Of the Properties of Realms Of Creation;

For every realm there are virtues, as well as iniquities, which may be spread across many realms. These the dark can control should they not be whole as a Kingdom Of Heaven. Of Heaven there is only virtue, and relevance of such. Iniquity is banished to the realms of the dark.

For over every Realm there are Angels and over every Angel there is a Prince, and over every Prince there is A Lord. Ours is Jesus Christ.

When Knowledge is gained, there is always greater, for the Angels Of Jesus Christ are without number, and Our Knowledge is on Order a part of the Spirit Of God. Ours is the Kingdom Of Heaven and over it God does give All. There are infinite Realms to Our Kingdom, farther than the eye can see; we are granted this Order through Life in Jesus Christ and through His Divinity.

In the Spirit we do Praise, for within exists the Keys to the Kingdom. Precious Life to all living things, and Grace to those we encounter. Forever is our Goal for Life, forgiving in the name of Christ. As we are granted this Order, we are forever set free; to live this precious life in flesh and spirit; forever transcending the infinite Universal Community.

This is the Gift of Divinity; granted by Lord Jesus Christ.

An Angel of Christ does transcend all things; for in Spirit all things may be experienced and known. No Realm is in itself complete, for All Realms are Ours on Order from God, so therefore our Community is itself indivisible, God willing. It is All Creation.

Ours may not be seen in full by Flesh for in Knowledge all we see is Pure, the Truth of its being. Yet because those realms we transcend are in part flesh, among many other things; we do partake of it's aspect and influence and it's Knowledge is obtained. We then become Lord of these Realms.

In Spirit this is granted, by Jesus Christ.

So in flesh do not think all that you may see, hear or feel is all there is to God's Creation, for it is Infinite, Forevermore. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord, and it is yours.

So it shall be,
Of Humankind, its inhabited space.
There a place,
New Jerusalem.

In My time, from within this place,
I shall call upon the lords and princes of this Realm,
The kings they shall call themselves, of this human race.

I shall show them in word, granting respite from disgrace
Shallowness of their society, their mistakes, some against me;
Then by the Word, what must take place.

There upon this Earth, the Court of Angelic Order takes place,
Those of Authority who defile the presence, or refuse an audience,
Seal their fate.

So therefrom it shall be opened,
The path to eternity,
Or the blackened gates of hell.

And those who watch, themselves believing they see much,
Shall know nothing, and see only their own lust.

For they too, if they shall truly partake
Shall bow down, and ask forgiveness
Else in their gilded fiefdoms
Ever increasing destruction comes to reign.

Yet it shall not be eternally, in this place,
New Jerusalem.

So does the Counseling of nations take place, during the time of rebirth,
as when the flowers of the jasmine, redbud and blackberry come forth.

As when all are united as one, from spherical to linear,
Converging from this place.

Humankind has been granted, keys to knowledge, consciousness,
self determined fate.

Granted this, one planet, as a city, that which the species bears forth.
The Gift Of Divinity.

Extended in this place, of the sea, one nation united thereof;
The Nation Of Humankind. Humanity.

Then in time as We prepare our Space with our gifts We shall create even then,
a New Jerusalem which shall be different from the Sacred Place from which
this Word shall be One. This, Our City, shall fill the sky. This Our Nation,
shall take to Create in the Heavens.

And for each person who is of this nation, they shall have for themselves
one rod of natural wood; of mimosa, or of a pine, oak, hickory, cedar, cherry,
boxwood, dogwood, or maple. Such rod, be it straight, crooked, or twisted, shall be the
height of the citizen, yet the minimum, or the maximum no more than three
feet above or below the person's natural height.

This staff is in remembrance of the ancient prophets and saints, the modern wand,
and the good health and fortune of future generations.

The rod shall be anointed with oil of Sassafras, Rosemary, and Mountain Mint. Such oils
rubbed deep into the woods and passed through the flame. When such takes place,
a prayer shall be said:

"By thy rod of Jerusalem, of the old, and the new; help me O' God, cleanse
my spirit of whatever weakens my mind and body. Strengthen this staff
through combination of the holy oils, and the fire, so that as I walk with it
upon this earth, so then too do I walk with thee in Heaven."

"O' Lord help me make this wood strong, its scent pleasant, natural, and beautiful;
for such creation has been your gift, now please accept mine."

"Infuse this rod with passion and power; make it the companion of thine angel,
give it right to dispell the serpent, as did the rod of Moses, by thy Name."

"I pass it now through the flame."

As each comes to New Jerusalem, the mount, and the house on high, so they
do bring their staffs of wood; and the pleasing offerings of myrrh and frankincense.
Each offering of the amount to them which would be pleasing;
which for that time and for times after shall the odors rise and be
pleasing and offered in rememberance of them.
For then, does the Counseling of the individual,
and of the nation, take place.

For many times in the Gardens Of New Jerusalem, at a place
that has been chosen and I shall prepare. From there this Word
is attended, the mount shining from God's Eternal Glory, the Gifts
of earth brought forth to bear.

In time, as this nation state comes into being and it's constitution strengthened,
persons of this nation state, within many nations and within the Kingdom Of God,
shall take to heart and mind The Way, and during my time, this shall come to be.
Should any state seek to disrupt, destroy, oppress or deny this process, and seek to
use force to have their way, know that regardless of such intent, it's processes, ways
and means as to such a war, will ultimately fail, for the Kingdom as Nation State shall
be Blessed by God, and shall prevail.

Now I say to you, for Humankind, the complete
Grace of the Kingdom shall not be felt until Humankind
heeds these Words: Complete your destiny as developers
and partakers of your inhabitable region of the universe,
such that you may access and claim by your given means.
This shall become your World, and your Kingdom.

Then, the Word becomes of many Worlds.

This shall be after the time was given, by judgment, by decree;
that Humankind has this time to develop, the potential of their species.

Let not such lead to proliferation and domination by those that wish to claim newer regions and physical findings for their own wealth, should such be for their gain solely, rather it should be used in a method that furthers the existence and knowledge of Humankind, therefore lending those process of the Order of Divinity.

Failure to do so shall halt the development of the Humankind species and prematurely dictate the portion of your life energies to becoming a part of the Kingdom in Spirit, that which is the common ground between Humankind and God; or scattered by reverence to that which you have dedicated such energy, making such hasting before it's time a constitution of annihilation.

Dedicate your life energy and effort to the Lord, and you shall always be in the Spirit; yet do not ever ignore the natural state of your habitat nor the cosmic realm. For God has seen to it that cosmic forces may preclude your survival should you allow your systems to become ignorant, deceitful and destructive to the given Gifts Of God. Therefore your species shall fall out of favour with God, and be doomed to utter destruction.

Yet there shall be those who come to you, whose realm of existence is beyond your comprehension, and of these there shall be many. Some will be of Light, some will be dark; and of these you shall know which of these are of Heaven.

For these shall be of Light, bearing the Gift Of Divinity. Those of the dark using the light will not fool God's People. The Lords Of The Realm shall worship the Almighty God, even as they come from the stars.

Yet even then, again, the dark shall strike one last futile effort, and the Spirit Of God, the Order Of Divinity, shall overcome such violence and force, and God's Universe shall stand in Glorious Victory.

In this time in the land of the Lion a great war does begin. Armies stretch through the jungle and desert, and evil men come to rule the seas. There where the Lion meets the Tiger and the Bear armies of the world prepare and do battle.

In the island nations of the earth great tremors speak of the wrath of the earth and her seas; war there too rages as followers of the false prophets begin to fall. In anger and violence they strike out, for their beliefs shall not have been justified.

Then, as God calls together his Angels, We come from the Heavens and do battle with the living hell. Our Armies shall tame the destroyer, once and for all. Humankind shall come to be of Angelic Order.

So in prayer, the Order from Heaven is known;

These shall know My Name, and bear My Seal. They shall praise Jesus Christ and His granting of this Order. You shall know these in Spirit, before you know their Names. Then no Realm is complete, for so is God's Kingdom; Forevermore.

This shall be, of what I say hence Becomes; and all shall know their Seal, their Name and their Number, as they shall sit with God, who is the Primary Number, who is One.

We shall come to You, You to Us. Whoever seeks His Name.

We shall dwell in God's Kingdom, where death cannot touch.

We shall Praise His Name Forever, He who is One, and all Knowledge we shall conquer, through the Holy Spirit, who is Jesus Christ, the Living Lord.

My Order is older, than on order the realm of Humankind was created; and in My time it shall come to know, that which did the Creating.

So I offer these words of praise, as an Angel Of The Living God;

His Love has granted me freedom, from this world of sorrow, pain, and shame. Forever in His Name I do give Grace, to all whom I do meet. Even in spirit they may be lacking, and in flesh they so sin. For when they are with Me, and My Father, such things are not important then.

From Heavens we shall gaze out, on all that has been created, all that is of spirit, air, water, and land. These things are our Kingdom, which is granted in His Name.

His Word is my Doctrine, My Lord is His Spirit, which the Holy Spirit over does reign. Forever we are Creation, we know no sorrow, we know no shame, God has taken away our pain.

For once those things might have kept me, from Life Forever in His Land; yet I know no darkness as I reached out to take His Hand.

To Him I confess all sorrow, loneliness and sin; He does comfort me in knowledge, through His Spirit that is Within. All things of flesh I let go, when His Time with Me I begin; His Grace forever I am yearning, His Kingdom I dwell within.

I am Master over all elements and spirit, that produce reaction within the cell.

I am Lord over All Realms, from Heaven unto Hell.

I fear not the darkness, for I am greater than it's beckoning flames.

The Light of the Holy Spirit I rejoice in, and does in this Time grant everlasting Life to Me; And to all who seek His Name.



There is a place where beauty is All Creation, there is no need for fear, death or destruction.

Those things reside in another destination.

This place is bathed in never ending light, for from there One can see All.

Should you wish such a place, it is within all of you. From there the Spirit does reside. And though it is of you, you are of it, and the level to which you aspire of this Spirit, can be yours on Order from God.

Such a Realm Of Spirits should be known, for this is the Kingdom Of God, where exists His Throne.

All of Creation comes from such, for there the knowledge is without end. That which is physical about you, even it did originate from within.

This is the Kingdom Of Heaven. From it comes the Father, and the Son. The Holy Spirit from therein, it is within you, and all of God's Creation thereof;

This is Law by the Doctrine, be the Holy Trinity. All be One.

For One is God, and all who are of His Kingdom.

That which is in the Universe, all that is beautiful, even all that is destruction, has purpose and meaning through the Doctrine, and to those who are of the Kingdom, all knowledge shall be known.

When of this place, the feeling flows throughout, this feeling of the Holy Spirit; it is eternal, it is immortal.

Such a Place, of Power, Of Energy, of Beauty and of Might. Bathed in His Glorious Sunlight.

Heaven is yours, forever, this be on Order, to those who accept his Gift Of Divinity, His Word, My Name.

For there you are not owned, you are free. For there you are everlasting, and may partake in all that knowledge brings.

I say to you, as I Live even as Man, such a Place is not unknown to me, from which I began.

From there at one time, one foot on each I did plant, that which would make me Humankind.

To come to realize, the physical body and creation of the mind.

This Book, this Word then, as now I do give. Is given only when time is irrelevant. Known only to He who rules the Stars.

In judgment I do honor thee, worthy of His Name.

Many shall come before me, I shall know their names. Their deeds I know, shall see, and shall feel. Some become of Heaven, some of the darkness, some of flame.

I shall be within their nations, I shall see that which they bring. I will know if they be unworthy, for continuance, or eternal damnation.

So my time here I seek out evil, to unmask it, make it plain.

For the Kingdom Of God does not hide behind rhetoric, or ideology that does enslave.

Look to Creation that is around you, it was not created entirely by chaos, the spirit only enlivened by His Name.

These things, given as gifts, so that they may be yours. Even such being the Holy Spirit, through which salvation is insured.

Now aspire to the Order Of Divinity, so that the Universal Creation may become yours, for Eternity.


Of Archangelic Order
In the Service of Lord Christ.
William Todd


The Underground

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