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New Jerusalem: Sacred Herb Gardens & Temple Mount

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The Sacred Herb Gardens & Temple Mount are located at the corner intersection of Highway 140 and Oak Grove Road in the State Of Georgia, inside the United States. When referring to modern New Jerusalem, this is primarily the designation know as the Temple Mount, or New Jerusalem Proper. New Jerusalem Major includes surrounding areas which boundaries are designated by certain headwaters of river systems (known as pearls). New Jerusalem Infini is a type of creation which will be created as years go by, described in Holy Scripture dimensionally. The Priests Of God will work with Humankind through the Science Of Divinity to create this entity.

On the above map, the area of New Jerusalem is respresented by plot numbers 24, 100, & 106; which also includes the numbered addresses 6410, 6412, 6422 on Hwy 140; the entrance to the Temple Mount is located off Oak Grove Road opposite the Oak Grove subdivision, is not in use today as a street mailing address.


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