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The star within the circle stands for the energies used in construction and administration of the realm containing human existence. It is symbolic of the sciences of star systems and galaxies. It was created specifically to represent the natural human state and is the original Seal of the Angels created to administer networks within such realm. These Angels were represented by both the single and the dual circled star; there are differences as to purpose whether the star is within one or two circles and if the star touches, goes through, lies on top or resides underneath the circle(s). These sciences were created through the Doctrine Of Creation and initially were created to benefit humankind.

As is customary within this Realm concerning intelligent entities, free will is generally afforded. This became a problem when Angels given the rights to administer the Realms Of Humanity made decisions which went against the wishes of The Creator. They disgraced the Primary and Initial Seal and spoiled the sciences which were related to these Seals. The energies became split; one side of creation, one side of destruction, and although from the very beginning the Primary Seal had this representation, after disgrace was made, all things related the the Seal became different and death became real.

Today, it is proper for those who respect and take part in the energies of the Natural State and respect the sanctity of The Word to wear the Primary Seal, which is known as the pentagram. Those who wear the dual circled pentagram should only be those who are proficient in certain science and knowledge relating to The Doctrine; or are of a certain Angelic Order. It is improper to wear the Primary Seal by those who reject The Word, or offices of humanity which practice deceit, violence or manipulation; which are parts of negative aspects which spoiled this Seal initially by those who practice deception. The pentagram should never be used by those claiming to represent righteousness while using violence and imprisonment; such that do set themselves up to potentially become evil, subservient to masters which represent mixed purpose of both positive and negative; or of disregard.

The inverted pentagram is known as the symbol of the dark angelic orders which reject The Word and represent destruction, virtually the opposite of the Initial Seal (sometimes called the point up pentagram); some who are actual orders of this seal will wear the Primary Seal to falsify their true representations, and since the Initial Seal had been disgraced by these same orders, it is actually their right to do so, since the Primary Seal was, for many of them, the Seal under which they were first created. The inverted (opposite side) pentagram does not represent orders created by man, though it can be representative of spiritual connections of humanity since it does represent certain spirits. The inverted pentagram with animal heads within the circle(s) is a human manifestation; even should certain spirits (demonologies) resemble such.

Intelligent animal entities (such as the human) which use the inverted pentagram, for whatever purpose or reasoning, will at the core come under rule of the dark lords. Simply by decreeing use of the inverted, or for that means the Primary Seal (pentagram) for positive ways and representations will not necessarily make it binding. The pentagram and related seals were created for specific purposes. While it may seem one or a group can use the seals for their own purposes and ideas, these groups or persons shall come under the control as dictated by The Word concerning use of the pentagrams. This will stand for all eternity.

After the Primary Seal was disgraced by actions of the dark angels, a New Seal was given which not only was created for purposes related to the Primary Seal, and that of the lesser (or inverted) seal; the New Seal will retake those things which were lost by misrepresentation of the Primary Seal. This New Seal is known as the Rising, or Morning Star, and is also a star within two circles. The New Seal is changed also in that it is no longer a pentagram, it has only four points now. That signifies the loss of one faction of the Order. This Seal is at the very top of this page, shown in its simplest form; and may also be known properly as the Seal Of The Living God. Only the Priests Of God have administration of this Seal, and you can only obtain cast metals of this Seal from them.


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