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WinR is your Win Resource with a single page collection of links which save time by eliminating several clicks among a plethora of different sites benefiting the SlickDeals community (formerly the FatWallet! family.) The bulk of the station sweepstakes information is migrating to the wikia page, please contribute answers and entries there, collaboratively. It is once again assembled by a python3 program providing automaiton to the page construction - each station column '✔' is populated with the link to its trivia question or other point collection opportunity. Point redemption features have been abandoned to each station, and sweeps entry is best served on the Winlist wikia as well, allowing for collaborative contributions which are well ordered and color coded to trim your entry time.

10 minute challenge!

I don't gamble, I wager and win. I'll bet you can collect points in every bonus and trivia of these four stations in under a quarter hour! Just click each blue checkmark on the left (I use the mouse wheel click to open the new tab but stay on this page), the 'end' key to scroll to the bottom and then the submit button in each tab that pops up. Try THAT using only the station websites to enter! (of course, that assumes you have previously registered with KLOS, KOLA, KCAL and GO Country and KABC.) Then utilize the wiki to click each green and bold contest for your daily entry. Don't forget the red, white and yellow to visit at least once for your entries there. Your time is a handsome investment indeed for the price of 26 minutes, a task so simple it can even be accomplished while watching TV!

Ease of use.

I find best use is to keep the answer in my head by highlighting it with a selection mouse swipe as I centerclick the mouse wheel (to open the link in a new tab but stay on this page) on each of the five checkmarks of each row. Then CTRL-PageDown four times to scan across each of the newly opened site pages, pausing between to press the space bar until the 'submit' button is visible. A fifth press of CTRL-PageDown returns to this page and the sixth stops on the first new contest site where I then move my hand from the keyboard to the mouse and speed automation by again scanning with CTRL-PageDown clicking 'submit'. Again passing through this page and four more CTRL-PageDown to verify the Entry Received acceptance. When they are all complete I return to this page a right click its tab and select 'close other tabs' from the drop down menu. Some folks prefer to work vertically for each station, instead of horizontally for each identical category.

If you have trouble remembering where you last entered as I do (mostly due to interruptions) drag the mouse across the keyword or contest name to highlight it, and when complete move the highlight onto the next contest/trivia for a visual marker. I hope these usage tips speed your moments here.

I created this for myself with the goal of trimming steps and time of surfing the many entries each day individually on each radio station's website, to have as much relevant information as possible on one page, elegantly compressed. The table below is still rather raw, but I share it with you so as to not keep my advantage to myself, without sponsorship, fees or advertising - for your pleasure, increasing the value of your liesure time. The '⚰' [coffin, get it? ha, ha. moving on…] links are only placeholders of dead links - please pardon our pixie-dust, we're imagineering a fabulous new page.

Thanks for stopping by and please do me a favor? Enjoy good luck!

—(o=8> wiz.
=Entry page link, ⚰=inactive GET BONUS POINTS Trivia Questions
KLOS KOLA KCAL KABC Answer: Kids don't eat broccoli Question: What is the difference between boogers and broccoli?
Michael Bay Who directed the 2017 science-fiction action film, "Transformers: The Last Knight"?
Nathan Hill Who is the author of the 2016 published novel, "The Nix"?
Alan And Marilyn Bergman Who co-wrote the song "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" with Neil Diamond?
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy What game features Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross?
White Blood Cells What are leukocytes?
Maxime Comtois Who did the Ducks pick in the second round of the 2017 NHL Draft?
Jon Favreau Who played Happy Hogan in "Spider-Man: Homecoming"?
Nashville Which CMT series about country music stars premiered its sixth season in June 2017?
KOLA Listen and Win Cruise-A-Way Friday. Ends: 16:10 02/15
KOLA Listen and Win KOLA's Friday At Work Freebie | Jersey Mike's Month of Giving. Ends: 03/15/2019 4:10 PM PT
SMOOTH KOLA Bonus codes 03/17
STARBOARD KOLA Bonus codes 03/20
FACEBOOK KOLA facebook Bonus codes (page links facebook, resets Monday) 10/13
WELCOME KOLA welcome Bonus codes (page links facebook, resets Monday) 10/13
WEB KCAL 10,000 Daily Bonus bonus points
FREEWAY SERIES KCAL Bonus codes (e-mail - once each week) 03/14
4-20 Binge KCAL Bonus codes (e-mail - once each week) 03/21


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Garbage with an sneaky ultierior purpose

===[b][URL=""][/URL][/b] ends: [*][URL=""][/URL] [URL=""]rules[/URL] ends 02/? [*]Text [b]Texas[/b] to [b]64636[/b] Daily for chance to fly to Dallas, Texas for a 3-day weekend escape including music from artists like The Killers, Kid Rock, Sting, Little Big Town, The Avett Brothers, Alanis Morissette, and The B52’s, world-famous comedians like Dennis Miller, Brad Garrett, Whitney Cummings, and Jim Breuer, along with and culinary experiences, all under the roof of the famous Dallas AT&T Stadium May 10-12, 2019 [URL=""]KLOS[/URL] [URL=""]rules[/URL] ends 02:59 a.m. ET 3/11 [*][URL=""]KROQ Disneyland® Resort 4pack tickets[/URL] [*][URL=""]K Disneyland® Resort 4pack tickets[/URL] [*][URL=""]K Disneyland® Resort 4pack tickets[/URL] [table] [color="darkgreen"][b]Enter Daily[/b][/color] [color="Gold"][u]Thanks to Gracy[/u][/color] [LIST] [*][b][url][/url][/b] Various [*]Text [b]Lingling[/b] to [b]77000[/b] Daily for $100 - $1,000 American Express gift cards or Ling Ling free voucher. [URL="http:/"]rules[/URL] ends: 03/29 [*]Text [b]DUBLIN[/b] to [b]88500[/b] for [URL=""]Jameson St Patrick's Day Sweepstakes![/URL] for a chance to win a 4-day, 3-night trip for four to Dublin, including airfare, hotel accommodations, and a tour of the Jameson distillery age 21+ ends: 03/30[thanks binkie94] [*]Text [b]GETAWAY[/b] to [b]49375[/b] for [URL=""]enter here:[/URL] link to Atlantic City rental B&B age 21+ ends: 04/04 11:59:59 PM CT [/LIST][color="DarkRed"][b]Enter Once[/b][/color] [color="Gold"][u]Thanks to Gracy[/u][/color][LIST] [*]Text [b]KONATIX[/b] to [b]66555[/b] for Anaheim hockey tickets - Kona Honda Center Tix Sweeps. Must be 21+. [/LIST][/table]== WinR ============== Today's [URL=""]WinR list[/URL] is now ready for your time-saving leisure so you can maximize your entries on [URL=""][/URL] which enchants your lifestyle once more, providing codewords for [URL=""]KLOS[/URL], [URL=""]KOLA[/URL], [URL=""]KCAL[/URL] & [URL=""]KABC[/URL]. ANYONE may collaborate to edit the [URL=""]Wiki-WinList[/URL], where the up-to-the-minute dynamic exchange of codewords is always encouraged. Please post and update any and all codes and keywords there at [URL=""][/URL] . Three (3) "Yay!"s in advance bestowed upon all contributors. —(o=8>wiz. (#thekey:In order to pay my good fortune forward.) Blockbuster '''Dunkirk''' Christopher Nolan directed which 2017 World War II drama centered on an Allied troop evacuation?
Bookworm '''Sweetbitter''' What 2016 book is based in part on the author's experience as a waitress in New York City?
Classic Rock '''Sultans Of Swing''' Dire Straits had which of these hit singles in 1979?
Get Your Game On '''Overwatch''' What game is the character Tracer from?
Healthy Knowledge '''Blue''' If a person is "cyanotic", what color is he?
Sports Trivia '''San Jose Sharks''' Who lost in the 2016 Stanley Cup final?
Superhero Trivia '''Poison Ivy''' In the animated "Batman and Harley Quinn", who is one of the villains they fight against?
TV Trivia '''Whose Line Is It Anyway?''' The CW renewed which improv comedy show for a thirteenth season in May 2017?
\n Blockbuster Bookworm Classic Rock Get Your Game On Healthy Knowledge Sports Trivia Superhero Trivia TV Trivia Blockbuster Bookworm Classic Rock Get Your Game On Healthy Knowledge Sports Trivia Superhero Trivia TV Trivia Blockbuster Bookworm Classic Rock Get Your Game On Healthy Knowledge Sports Trivia Superhero Trivia TV Trivia <br />…
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