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=Entry page link, ⚰=inactive GET BONUS POINTS Trivia Questions
Category KABC KLOS KCAL KOLA Answer: Kids don't eat broccoli! Question: What is the difference between boogers and broccoli?
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CHRISTMAS KCAL 10,000 Daily Bonus bonus points
KCAL Bonus codes (e-mail - once each week) - 09/08
KOLA Listen and Win DISNEYLAND® Resort with Vic Slick.
KOLA Listen and Win KOLA's Friday at Work Freebie.
KOLA Listen and Win Nearly Impossible Question.
KOLA Listen and Win KOLA Summer Ticket Window | Six Flags Hurricane Harbor 05/21 KOLA Summer Ticket Window | Six Flags Hurricane Harbor End: 07/30/2021 5:00 PM PT.
KOLA Bonus codes 9/08
? KOLA Bonus codes 9/15
FACEBOOK KOLA facebook Bonus codes (page links facebook, reset Monday 1/18/21)
WELCOME KOLA welcome Bonus codes (page links facebook, resets Monday) 10/13




$2,500 King of the Grill ends: 04/18/2022 12:00 AM PT

  • KABC Games, contests, $2,500 King of the Grill
  • KLOS Games, contests, $2,500 King of the Grill.
  • KCAL Games, contests, $2,500 King of the Grill
  • KOLA Games, contests, $2,500 King of the Grill & All Aboard to Mexico! Ends: 03/27/2022 11:59 PM PT
  • KKGO Games, contests, $2,500 King of the Grill & Stagecoach 2022 & Secret Password = SHOVEL
  • CLUB B95 Games, contests, Trivia $2,500 King of the Grill
  • KIX 96 Games Contests Trivia $2,500 King of the Grill
  • NASH 94.7 Games Contests a Contests b, Trivia $2,500 King of the Grill
  • WROZ-FM 101.3 Games https://www.fun1013.com/current-contests-2/ FUN and Winning $2,500 King of the Grill

  • WORDHOARD cheat Internet Anagram Server — do you care to cheat at word hoard?

  • ABC7 ABC7 has your chance to win $500 to help pay your bills! Secret Code = announced 06:5?
  • ABC7 is giving away a four (4)-pack of Disneyland Resort 1-Day, 1-Park tickets! https://abc7.com/enter-for-your-chance-to-win-disneyland-resort-1-day-1-park-tickets/11889792/
  • --> ,
    Win Tickets to the Disneyland® Resort!
  • 99.1 KGGI,
  • 99.1 KGGI, text in listen weekdays on the :30's every hour 6am till 7pm for the keyword to text in to 57739
  • REAL 92.3
  • 100.7 BIG FM | KFBG ends June 17, 2022

  • 99.1 KGGI Weekend Giveaway: Win Tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • 99.1 KGGI Win Tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • link to here #iheart
    ❣iHeart Listen to Win $1,000
  •  07 WORK & TRABAJA
  •  08 PAY & PAGAR
  •  10 BANK & BANCO
  •  11 WIN & GANAR
  •  12 MONEY & DINERO
  •  3p GRAND & GRANDE
  •  5p WORK & TRABAJA
  •  6p PAY & PAGAR
  • iHeart iHeartRadio Contests & Promotions https://news.iheart.com/promotions/. [National]
    Listen To Win $1,000 https://news.iheart.com/promotions/listen-to-win-1000-1209302/ 6a-4p.
  • 600 KOGO Newsradio Newsradio 600 KOGO Contests & Promotions https://kogo.iheart.com/promotions/
    Listen To Win $1,000 https://kogo.iheart.com/promotions/listen-to-win-1-000-1212398/ 10a-4p.
  • Real 92.3 REAL 92.3 Contests & Promotions https://real923la.iheart.com/promotions/
    KRRL Enter for your chance to win Big Boy's Bankroll! https://ul.ink/15D7C-CKEP1A listen 7:25am, 8:25am, 9:25a & 3-5p for your name and city you have 20 mins to call 1-866-246-8923 for $1,000 Big Boy's Bankroll Check. ends Friday, May 27.
    Listen to Win $1000 Bankroll Bonus https://real923la.iheart.com/promotions/listen-to-win-1000-bankroll-bonus-1209302/ listen 6a, 11a & 6p for your name and city you have 20 mins to call 1-866-246-8923 for $1,000 Big Boy's Bankroll Check. ends Friday, May 27.
    Listen to Win $1000 Bankroll Bonus https://campaign.aptivada.com/contest/1216094?ref=ulink&app_type=contest&referrer_id=&share_type=
    Enter for a chance to rediscover nighttime spectaculars at the DISNEYLAND® Resort! https://ul.ink/1569C-CKEQ5P
  • Channel 933 Channel 933 Contests & Promotions https://channel933.iheart.com/promotions/
    Listen To Win $1,000 https://channel933.iheart.com/promotions/listen-to-win-1000-1209302/ 9a-5p.
  • STAR 94.1 STAR 94.1 Contests & Promotions https://star941fm.iheart.com/promotions/
    Listen To Win $1,000 https://star941fm.iheart.com/promotions/listen-to-win-1-000-1212134/ 9a-5p.
  • Jamn 957 Jamn 957 Contests & Promotions https://jamn957.iheart.com/promotions/
    Listen To Win $1,000 https://jamn957.iheart.com/promotions/listen-to-win-1000-1209302/ 9a-5p.
  • ALT 98.77 ALT 98.7 Contests & Promotions https://alt987fm.iheart.com/promotions/
    Listen To Win $1000 ALTernative Income https://alt987fm.iheart.com/promotions/listen-to-win-1000-alternative-income-1209302/ 9a-5p.
    Enter for a chance to rediscover nighttime spectaculars at the DISNEYLAND® Resort! https://ul.ink/15RTC-CKFGNP
  • 99.1 KKGI 99.1 KGGI Contests & Promotions https://991kggi.iheart.com/promotions/
    Listen to Win $1,000! https://991kggi.iheart.com/promotions/listen-to-win-1000-1209302/ 9a-5p.
    Win Tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain https://ul.ink/1552W-CJ3SET
  • 101.5 KGB 101.5 KGB Contests & Promotions https://101kgb.iheart.com/promotions/
    Listen To Win $1,000 https://101kgb.iheart.com/promotions/listen-to-win-1000-1209302/ 9a-5p.
  • KIIS FM KIIS FM Contests & Promotions https://kiisfm.iheart.com/promotions/
    Ryan Seacrest's $500 Spring Cash! https://ul.ink/14XGP-CH0JBY 5a-6p & 8p.
  • KOST KOST 103.5 Contests & Promotions https://kost1035.iheart.com/promotions/
    Listen to Win $1,000 Cash on KOST! https://kost1035.iheart.com/promotions/win-1000-cash-on-kost-1212402/?mid=840176&rid=31871533&sc=email&pname=newsletter&cid=kost-fm&keyid=Local%20iHeart%20Daily%20(AC)&campid=local_headline1_readmore 6a-5p.
  • 104.3 MYFM 104.3 MYFM Contests & Promotions https://1043myfm.iheart.com/promotions/
    Listen to Win $1,000 Easy Money! on 104.3 MYfm https://1043myfm.iheart.com/promotions/listen-to-win-1000-easy-money-1209302/ 6a-6p.
  • ROCK 105.3 Contests & Promotions https://rock1053.iheart.com/promotions/
    Rock the Bank Listen To Win $1,000 https://rock1053.iheart.com/promotions/listen-to-win-1000-1209302/ 9a-5p.
  • ❣iHeart Listen To Win $1000! rules

    Regarding Posting Format

    As you can see above, I will be posting topsy-turvy persistently with keys above the provider and context title.
    Easy to Use
    Don't be Confused
    I'll be posting keywords before hour and contest info last from now on. Once I post them here then I send to a text group. This layout allows the keywords to be pealed off like onion skin throughout the day and retain key contest data. Once on my phone I copy this, then paste it all on the contest page, strip away the bottom, post the keyword, paste the whole shebang back onto the message line, go back and delete the words just entered and go do something else. That leaves the next hours code words at the top of my draft so they are displayed when I scan the message box list. Then when the time is due I have this hours keywords in my head before I even load the conversation and when I do load I hold on the text for a moment until the editng sysmpols appear, select "highlight all", select the double sheet symbol "copy" , then either select "all" again and begin typing the keword my brain just burned or hold higlight down, highlight all but the top keyword, choose scissors and cut to clipboard the part toped by next hour and 'scissor' out leaving this hours text post keyword and send it. Paste before I leave to keep retain the trimmed keword lists as draft - similar to my first post of the day. Guru speak sounds hard or confusing but bry it, you may find that with practice, having the keywords "Fire Trucked" ready to go is of great convenience - backit in,restock, clean and take a nap. Or continue to drive backing out dirty. history/work-in-progress & SoCalphatWalet prep page




    Also see:
    Share with http://winlist.wiza.fun/ , easier to type than:

    Winlist Wikia - https://phone.wikia.com/wiki/Winlist hosted by Phone.wikia.com, also valid for all SMS and phone numbers.
    Southern CA Radio, Television, Broadcast and Cable - Promotions, Contests, Sweepstakes, Trivia & Codewords w/ Discussion on PhatWallet
    Daily Radio Trivia for Clear Channel on PhatWallet
    San Diego Radio & TV - Contests & Sweepstakes on PhatWallet
    ⚰ Boycott ⚰ SlickDeals - https://slickdeals.net/e/10595332-southern-ca-radio-television-promotions-contests-trivia-and-discussion?v=1&page=999#bottom for vindictive moderation which harms users with Draconian Orwellianism.


     ʘ CBS network ʘ
    Ͼ Audacy Radios Media Ͼ
    ̳Ԙ Entercom Radio ̳Ԙ
    iHeart network ❣

    Secrets of the Universe

    ?° (Pi_prime) stellar system

    I don't work for SlickDeals or PhatWallet
    I work for YOU! Our family of sweepstakes enthusiasts
    and ask nothing in return.
    What was SlickDeals Orwelian response to chew the hand that feeds them their highest quality thoughful content?
    Slick Deals Banned DisneyWizard and Erased the footprint.
    Boycott SlickDeals!


    By interfering with the pragmatism of my altruism SlickDeals has invited upon themselves a boycott by, in the name of "Self Promotion," destroying much beneficial information which I had written. They have obliterated many secrets of the universe, such as the mechanization behind the mathematical fairness of selecting sweepstakes winners by algorithm by simile utilizing a description of slot machine pulls - valuable insights now lost to the vapor of the bit-bucket and unrecoverable. Many hours of crafting prose wiped away because I included a link and a hashtag (I assume, for I was never told what constituted "self-promotion" nor how to fix it despite my pressing the SD moderators hard for those, to make the repair and all good.)

    My published views were a look at the mind inside "how can I achieve a more peaceful, stable calm state of mind and meditate upon how those thoughts become actions which make the world a better place" instead of being so selfish, and projecting that selfish mindset upon the intention of others, instead of reducing inequality. the myopia of SlickDeals micromanaging moderators, induced by their credo of greed, has grossly interfered with my better world for all. So, because of their attack upon my religion of altruism and compassion, I urge you to boycott SlickDeals. I'm not angry at them, I'm frustrated they go out of the way to un-help us. Double Plus Ungood.

    Purpose and legacy = As many of our former Fat Wallet (which closed) and SlickDeals (migrated to at my request) now PhatWallet(deficient substitute) family know, long ago, that because I had been completely overwhelmed by maintaining the contests and sweepstakes of each station, the majority of this page http://WinR.wiza.fun had been migrated to the https://phone.fandom.com/wiki/Winlist wiki. The move lightened my burden allowing anyone to keep the collection of keywords and contests instantly up to date. My convenient short link http://winlist.wiza.fun which once pointed to the fandom wiki, then had been pointing to the SlickDeals Community Wiki after I petitioned for its creation, where it acquired the attractive name of BONUS BONANZA-LAND! After which the main WinList page of fandom Phone.Wiki was downgraded as obsolete, while the phone number and SMS entries persisted in their own right. That turned out to be a gigantic exploratory mistake as we will see. The migration of BONUS BONAZA-LAND had come along easing our migration from FatWallet and given a flashy new title "Bonus Bonanza-Land!" to reflect its WinList wealth of links to broadcast sweepstakes, contests, key/codewords, and SMS Text = ͢»to win opportunities. What ghost town remains here on WinR is a mere skeleton which reflects that missing part of WinList which I maintain to provide what PhatWallet is insufficient to format, not being a true wiki, while reducing clutter there. The majority of hits this page gets are from it's author. Meh, such is the majority of Vanity-Self-Publishing. I did get a hit from the SlickDeals moderator who apparently didn't actually read it, or understand it, but merely at a short glance determined it was self promotion, in err and so banned me from posting. They erased all my comments and destroyed the by removing all my helpful construction such as the list of stations with their contest page links and call-in numbers. Refusing instead to make that upgrade to better formatting and true wiki in order to render this static daily record obsolete as well .What they should have done is hire me to do it. I dare SlickDeals to buy me out and bring along my followers to boot. I am deeply perturbed by their own greed and selfishness projection of what motivates themselves onto me, how dare you tell me what I think, or how to feel for that matter. They did not attend the philosophy classroom when the prof. claimed "There is no such thing as true altruism!" explaining that Mother Theresa behaved as she did, ultimately at root, driven by self-service. I don't think she was looking for praise or strokes, pride or satisfaction in a job well done. I'm certain making the world a better place is my motivation as well as my lifelong determination which, by it's nature, disproves the professors dissertation.
    "Or does it?" I can imagine his voice as he counters "That's altruism for the sake of altruism."
    Like the White Witches of Peru's Nazca Plain, I care for he world so much, but I can only contribute my small part. SNAFU - now agian am I completely overwhelmed. This is actually a cry for help. Please contribute updates to BONUS BONANZA-LAND, lighten my load, and increase your own likelyhood of winning by doing so. It's a win-win-win when you do.


    It is an opportunity for ANYONE to update prize opportunities. I'll still post the trivia and codes here as always for your rapid access convenience. BE AN EARLY ADOPTER! Did you know that you can increase your sweeps entries by two or three MAGNITUDES? Yes, that's tens to hundreds of bonus entries!!!

    More editors for a station mean the workload is easier for all. Be glorified in accolades as you edit. Then monitor the contest pages of that station, wipe off the wiki those sweeps which have ended, and post your BONUS ENTRIES link in your fresh entry, (that's the easy part.) With two browser windows open; your source radio sweeps site and the edit wiki page just add a new line with an asterisk in squarebrackets for the bullet point then drag the title of the contest next to it from the sweepstakes source, go back and get the link when you hover and right-click for the menu and select something like 'copy link location' then come back to the wiki edit and highlight the name of the sweepstake and click the 'link' icon which brings up an edit window that you [CTRL-P] paste the link there, click ok or press enter. It helps other editor to know when the sweeps is over so include "Ends:" date on the end. Publish and done! Or make many new lines before publishing. Use the 'Share' link provided after entering a contest if possible, to maximize your entries. If an end date is available, please hang that on the end to make housekeeping a breeze for other editors, (such as myself,) and if it's a concert the venue and concert date goes between them, to be most helpful. Often a half-hour for most stations devoted on a Sunday or Monday is enough to populate the whole list - and you get so much in return!

    This page - WinR — your Win Resource

    WinR is your Win Resource with a single page collection of links which save time by eliminating several clicks among a plethora of different sites benefiting the SlickDeals community (formerly the FatWallet! family.) It is once again assembled by a python3 program providing automation to the page construction - each station column '✔' is populated with the link to its trivia question or other point collection opportunity. Point redemption features have been abandoned to each station, The bulk of that station sweepstakes information had migrated to the wikia page http://phone.wikia.com/Winlist and was there until SlickDeals offered an abreviated wiki, please contribute answers and entries there, collaboratively. Sweeps entry is best served on the WinList wikia as well, allowing for collaborative contributions which are well ordered and color coded to trim your entry time.

    4 minute challenge!

    I don't gamble, I wager and win. I'll bet you can collect points in every bonus and trivia of these four stations in under a quarter hour! Just click each blue checkmark on the left (I use the mouse wheel click to open the new tab but stay on this page), the 'end' key to scroll to the bottom and then the submit button in each tab that pops up. Try THAT using only the station websites to enter! (of course, that assumes you have previously registered with KLOS, KOLA, KCAL and GO Country and KABC.) Then utilize the wiki to click each green and bold contest for your daily entry. Don't forget the red, white and yellow to visit at least once for your entries there. Your time is a handsome investment indeed for the price of 26 minutes, a task so simple it can even be accomplished while watching TV!

    Ease of use.

    I find best use is to keep the answer in my head by highlighting it with a selection mouse swipe as I centerclick the mouse wheel (to open the link in a new tab but stay on this page) on each of the five checkmarks of each row. Then CTRL-PageDown four times to scan across each of the newly opened site pages, pausing between to press the space bar until the 'submit' button is visible. A fifth press of CTRL-PageDown returns to this page and the sixth stops on the first new contest site where I then move my hand from the keyboard to the mouse and speed automation by again scanning with CTRL-PageDown clicking 'submit'. Again passing through this page and four more CTRL-PageDown to verify the Entry Received acceptance. When they are all complete I return to this page a right click its tab and select 'close other tabs' from the drop down menu. Some folks prefer to work vertically for each station, instead of horizontally for each identical category.

    If you have trouble remembering where you last entered as I do (mostly due to interruptions) drag the mouse across the keyword or contest name to highlight it, and when complete move the highlight onto the next contest/trivia for a visual marker. I hope these usage tips speed your moments here.

    I created this as a nifty local tool for my own use with the goal of trimming steps and time of surfing the many entries each day individually on each radio station's website, to have as much relevant information as possible on one page, elegantly compressed. The table below is still rather raw, but I share it with you so as to not keep my advantage to myself, without sponsorship, fees or advertising - for your pleasure, increasing the value of your leisure time. The '⚰' [coffin, get it? ha, ha. moving on…] links are only placeholders of dead links - please pardon our pixie-dust, we're imagineering a fabulous new page.


    Use these fresh updates to update the wiki daily.
    Place you cursor in the edit box, select all, copy, then paste into the wiki
    [CTRL-A], [CTRL-C], then [CTRL-P] in the wiki edit box.

    Bonus Bonanza-Land header = (will look like this:)

    Today's BONUS BONANZA-LAND ! Daily updates so far:

    Trivia Bonus Wikia Code header:

    Trivia Bonus data = Encoded as Wikia Code

    Bonus Trivia values/content

    Place your cursor into the box and press [CTRL-A] then [CRL-C] to select then copy all.
    Visit values/content and press [CTRL-A] then [CRL-P] to select then paste all, which updates the wiki when you PUBLISH.
    Each line of trivia answers begins with a space in order to present boxed when displayed by the wiki. Each keyword is bracketed by five apostrophes in order to present italic bold when displayed by the wiki.

    Ͼ Cash-a-Saurus content/values:

    Place your cursor into the box and press [CTRL-A] then [CRL-C] to select then copy all.
    Visit values/content and press [CTRL-A] then [CRL-P] to select then paste all, which updates the wiki when you PUBLISH.
    Each line of trivia answers begins with a space in order to present boxed when displayed by the wiki.
    Each keyw '''''''''' ord is bracketed by five apostrophes in order to present italic bold when displayed by the wiki.

    Listen To Win $1000! Wikia Code content/values:

    Place your cursor into the box and press [CTRL-A] then [CRL-C] to select then copy all.
    Visit values/content and press [CTRL-A] then [CRL-P] to select then paste all, which updates the wiki when you PUBLISH.
    Each line of trivia answers begins with a space in order to present boxed when displayed by the wiki.
    Each keyword is bracketed by five apostrophes in order to present italic bold when displayed by the wiki.

    are the character codes which your browser renders as:
    So, you like those nifty arrows?
    Learn more symbols (huge page, listing all symbols really) at http://list.wiza.fun/
    ——(o=8> wiz.

    Thanks for sharing, this info made possible by your co-operative contributions on the wiki and by your PhatWallet* comment contributions. YOU ARE REWARDED WITH THIS TO ENJOY:

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    How Many Squares?
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