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Making the main body


making the main body

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making the tail rotor

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@ The material that I use to make the main body of the helicopter would make you feel surprise. It is the circuit board ( after removing the copper layer ) that purchased from electronic shops. It is made of a kind of fiber which gives abnormal strength to it.

The circuit board is cut to the rectangular shape as above( 98mm*12mm). As you can see, there is a hole on it which is used to house the main shaft holding tube as below:

The main shaft holding tube is made from a white plastic tube (5.4mm*6.8mm) and two bearing (3*6) are installed at both ends of the tube. Of course, the ending of the tube are first enlarged in order to house the bearing firmly.

Up to now, the basic structure of the helicopter is completed. The next step is to install the gear as well as the motor. You can take a look at the specification first. The gear I used is from Tamiya gear set that I bought long long time ago. I drill some hole on the gear in order to make it lighter and have a better look..

Would you think it is just too simple? Well, it is really a very simple design as the tail rotor is powered by a separate motor. This eliminates the needs not to construct a complicated power transfer unit from the main motor to the tail. The tail boom is simply fixed on the main body by 2 screws together with some epoxy adhesive:

For the landing gear, 2mm carbon robs are used. Totally 4 holes are drilled on the main body ( each end 2 holes ).



All the robs are glued together by instant glue first  and then by epoxy adhesive.

The skid set is made from balsa. They are very light and can be shaped easily.




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