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These are the girls from HM:BTN. Popuri is the best.


Karen is the daughter of the Supermarket guy, Jeff.

Rating: 11/100 (drinks too much, and so rude)


Mary is the librarian, and she is shy and quiet.

Rating: 85/100


Ann is the daughter of the Innkeeper. She is tomboyish, but is very cheerful.

Rating: 80/100


Popuri is the cutest of all of the 5 girls. She is the daughter of Lillia, the Poultry Farm owner. She often argues with Rick, her brother.

Rating: 100/100


Elli is a nice girl. She is kind and gentle and she loves children. She works in the clinic.

Rating: 100/100

Heart Meter

Black - Strangers

Purple - Notices you

Blue - Friends

Green - Best friends

Yellow - Has a crush on you

Orange - Has a bigger crush on you

Red - Loves you! Marry her!


How to make a girl like you

- Talk to her whenever you have the chance, preferably festivals

- Give her her favourite things as much as possible

- To find out how much she likes you, check the heart in her text box

- Dance with her at all the possible festivals

- Be horrible to ber possible boyfriend



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