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Elli is the nurse in Mineral Clinic and also stays there though her grandmother, Ellen, and her brother, Stu, stays beside the Mayor. She is polite and kind and loves her work.



Inaccesible room: Upstairs (Only accesible when you get Elli to green heart and make friends with the Doctor. If you make friends with the doctor first, Elli's room is locked.)

Birthday: 16th Spring

Boyfriend: The Doctor

Favorite flowers: All

Loves: Flowers, children, strawberries

Likes: Drinks, blue grass, fish, honey

Hates: Any ores, bugs, snakes, lumber, wine, chicken feed, rubbish



What day What time Where
Mon-tues, thurs-sun Whole day Mineral Clinic
Wednesday 9.00am-1.00pm, 3.00pm-end of the day Ellen's house
Wednesday 1.00pm-3.00pm Supermarket



1.When you first meet her in the clinic, she will say you have a cut. When she asks you whether it hurts, say excruciating. Though she seems mad, later you will see that Stu has tripped and falled. He is standing in front on Ellen's house. Give him the plaster. When Elli asks you why you didn't use it, say because I got it from you. This will improve your ties with both Stu and Elli.

2.When Elli has a purple heart, go to the clinic. Elli will ask you whether you like your work. Say fun. (Don't know if it is rightm but she seems happy when I chose this)

3.When Elli has a purple heart going to be blue, she will come to your farm at 12.00pm sharp and bring you sandwiches for 3 days. Her sandwiches will be bad for the first 2 days. On the 3rd day, she will make a sandwich that tastes okay, and her heart color will go up to blue.

4.After marrying Elli, one day when you go out of your house, you will see Stu carrying a cricket. He asks you to pass it to Elli. When Elli sees the cricket, she freaks out.