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Ann is a tomboy who is great at cooking. Her mother died. She is always fighting with her father as her father, Doug, wants her to get married quickly, but she is happy just the way she is. She seems shy at first but is actually very cherful.



Inaccesible room: The Locked Room at the corner of the Inn (make friends with Doug and make Ann green heart)

Birthday: 17th Summer

Boyfriend: Cliff

Favorite flowers: None

Loves: Spa-boiled eggs, most dishes, jewellery, sweets

Likes: Bread and many many more

Hates: Any ores, weeds, lumber, rubbish, the bottle you fished out of the sea containing the recipe for fries.



What day What time Where
Sunny Days 7.30am-10.00am Near the hot springs
Bad weathered days 7.30am-10.00am In her room
All the days 11.30-end of day Working in the Inn



1.When you first meet her in the Inn, her father calls you and asks you what you think of Ann. Say she is cute and the Duke will be happy.

2.When Ann has a purple heart, you will meet her outside the Inn. She just finished fighting with her father, who wants her to get married. Disagree with him and Ann will blush.

3. When you have at least 3 chickens m Ann will go to your farm and ask you to deliver 3 eggs a day to the Inn before 5pm. When you have delivered enough eggs, she will go to your farm and thank you with a homemade dish. Be sure not to forget to deliver the eggs.

4.If Ann likes you enough in the Summer, she will give you an invitation to her birthday party. Be sure to bring a gift. After the party, she will come out and thank you for coming.

5. After you marry Ann, go to Mother's Hill any sunny day at any time. She will be sleeping. You can chose to sleep next to her or to wake her up.