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These are really ugly pictures of the girls. You can marry a girl when she has 5 hearts and above.


Eve is a lot like Karen from BTN, just that she is a lot nicer. She works in the bar that opens from night to morning.

Rating: 75/100 (bad example cos she drinks too much)


Maria is the one who always plays the old organ in the church. She is very devoted to God, and always asks you to visit the church. Her mother look better than her. She is the mayor's daughter.

Rating: 85/100


Ann is the daughter of the owner of the tool store owner. She is always asking you to test her new inventions, and they always fail.

Rating: 75/100


Nina is the daughter of the florist. She gets angry when you pick too many plants.

Rating: 99/100


Ellen is the nicest girl in SNES. She is kind and gentle and she loves animals. Her hair color is light brown, not dark brown. She is mostly seen outside the Livestock Shop.

Rating: 100/100


How to make a girl like you

- Talk to her whenever you have the chance, preferably festivals

- Give her her favourite things as much as possible

- In this game, there are no rivals, so good for you

- To find out how much she likes you, check the diary in her room

- Ask the fortune-teller about her

- Dance with her at all the possible festivals

- Know where she is during Starry Night

- When you are married, you don't have to give her stuff too often once in like 2 weeks. Just remember to be home after 3PM and before 6PM.

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