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Ellen is the daughter of the drunkard and the person in the house next to the bar. She can mostly be found hanging around the Livestock Shop.

Likes: Eggs, milk, flowers

Dislikes: Weeds, poisonous mushrooms

Perfume: Rose

Day to propose marriage: Saturday


Everyday except for weekends - Outside the Animal Shop

Saturday - At the back of the Animal Shop

Sunday - In the church

Tips to make her like you: Give her plenty of eggs and milk and she will like you very quickly. She is the best one to marry as she is the best mother, unlike Ann or Eve. Maria is the next best.



When she has 5 hearts, she will come to the Ranch and tell you that P-Chan is lost, P-Chan is the small, blue bird, and is very difficult to find. Either ask the fortune-teller (if you want to be independent) of you find it on the fence surrounding the fisherman's tent.