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Nina is a very nice girl. She lives in the Flower Shop. Her mother dates Ann's father. She loves flowers.

Likes: Flowers (mountain picked or bought)

Dislikes: Weeds, poisonous mushrooms

Perfume: All

Day to propose marriage: Sunday


Every day except weekends - Outside the Flower Shop

Saturday - In the cave

Sunday - Up on the mountains, close to the top

Tips to make her like you: Give her mountain-picked flowers when she is in the cave and on the mountain. When she is on the mountain, you can take your time to give her the stuff, cos she can't leave while you are still at the place. She might say it is late now, but ignore. When married, don't give her mountain-picked flowers.



When Nina has 5 hearts, Ann's father will come to the Ranch and tell you Nina is missing. Go to the cave with the hammer and give her the herb she asks for.