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Eve is the niece of the owner of the bar and the grand-daughter of the old man in the mountains. She is the easiest one to make her like you.

Likes: Berries, flowers, almost everything

Dislikes: Weeds, poisonous mushrooms, liliac perfume

Perfume: Rose

Day to propose marriage: Saturday


Bar - Every night except Sunday

Next to the Spa - Saturday, until night

Spa - Sunday, until night

Tips to make her like you: Give her gifts of flowers non-stop the whole night.(time doesn't go on after 6PM) When she has 5 hearts, stop. There will be an event and her heart will go up by 1. Continue the night after that.



When she has around 5 hearts, her grandfather will be stuck in the cave. Take your hammer and rescue him by smashing all the rocks in the way.