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Sea Watch Tours
(established 1969, Canadian Coast Guard approved)

Dates, Times & Rates

Puffins/Machias Seal Island

Tours to the island begin on Monday, June 12 and continue until Saturday, August 12, Monday through Saturday.

Departure times for this tour depend on the tide. Cancellations must be received 48 hours in advance of your scheduled tour. Approximate times may be given several days in advance, but are subject to change due to weather conditions.

View on Land: $ 65.00 per person
View from Dory: $ 45.00 per Adult

$ 35.00 per Youth 12-18

$ 25.00 per Child 6-11

$ 15.00 per Child 5 or under

Whale Watching/Pelagic Birding

These tours begin on Monday, July 10 and continue until Saturday, Sept. 30th. Departure times are 7:30am and 1:00pm unless special arrangements or the weather dictates otherwise. Every effort is made to ensure the promptness of your tour.

$ 45.00 per Adult
$ 35.00 per Youth 12-18
$ 25.00 per Child 6-11
$ 15.00 per Child 5 or under
( Discount rates available for non-profit organizations and large groups. )

Whales guaranteed or no charge!

All tour prices include tax and are in Canadian funds.

US funds and Day Adventure vouchers accepted.


A deposit of $10/person is required two weeks before your scheduled tour. This may be in the form of cheque or money order. If you prefer to use Visa or Mastercard, we will record your card number and you will not be charged any fee until the day of your tour. Deposits are fully refunded if sea conditions do not permit sailing and your tour must be cancelled.

If you must cancel your tour, you must notify us 48 hours before your scheduled tour to receive a deposit refund.

For more information, contact us at;
Sea Watch Tours
Box 505,
Grand Manan, N.B. Canada
Tel: 506-662-8552 - Fax: 506-662-1081
or E-mail us:

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