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Sea Watch Tours
(established 1969, Canadian Coast Guard approved)

Our Goals

We believe customer satisfaction is everything! We are not satisfied unless you are. A high quality and informative tour is what you can expect when you "Step aboard the Sea Watcher". As always, our policy for whale watching tours is Whales Guaranteed or there is No Charge. That's right. We don't even accept your payment until we're on our way home and fully satisfied with your tour. If you are a bird watcher, well, what can we say! We delight in pointing out all the different species and identifying them for you. Our knowledge of the birds and whales in the area is vital to your enjoyment.

We aim to....

....provide educational and enjoyable tours through the use of knowledgeable guides, printed material and professional viewing of whales, birds and other sea life.

....make you, our customer, feel you have received personal and courteous service and your time with us has added to your vacation enjoyment.

....maintain an atmosphere of quality and professionalism coupled with environmental friendliness through the use of re-usable drinking mugs and conscientious collection of refuse.

....provide funds for continued research and protection of the marine environment through donations to the New Brunswick Conservation Council and by adhering to specific guidelines set out in the "Whale watching code of ethics".

For more information, contact us at;
Sea Watch Tours
P.O. Box 505, Seal Cove
Grand Manan, NB, Canada
E5G 4M5
Tel: 506-662-8552 * Fax: 506-662-1081
Toll-free: 1-877-662-8552
or E-mail us:

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