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Sea Watch Tours
(established 1969, Canadian Coast Guard approved)

Photo Gallery

Fin Whale - second largest mammal in the
world. They grow to 90 feet & can reach
speeds of 25 knots in a burst. Their
main food source is krill and herring.
Basking Shark - seen cruising at the
surface. These are filter feeding
sharks which can grow to 45 feet.
Occasionally they will be seen

Humpback Whale. This particular
whale's name is "Trunk". The underside
of his tail flukes are his identity
mark. According to information given
by the College of the Atlantic in Bar
Harbor, Maine, Trunk spent a couple of
winters near the Dominican Republic
Humpback Lunge Feeding. The whale
swims up through a school of herring with
its mouth open to engulf the fish. The
water is strained through baleen plates
leaving a sizeable lunch of mulched
herring to swallow. Seabirds and gulls
alike are nearby to scoop up leftovers

North Atlantic Right Whale. The white
patches are called callosities and are
used for identification purposes in
cataloguing Right whales. No two whales
have the same callosity pattern.
Greater Shearwater. One of thousands
to approach our boat for the herring we
offer. Knowledgeable guides will help
you identify the many species that visit
our boat for the free lunch.

Atlantic White-sided Dolphin - identified
by its highly arched dorsal fin and white
markings along the side. Grows to 10 ft
and can weigh over 500 lbs.
Atlantic puffin on Machias Seal Island.
Over 2000 puffins nest on the island
from April to August and live on the
water the remainder of the year.
(Photos - Peter Wilcox)

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