*~My Homies~*

OK, yeah, I know what ur thinking. She gots friends? Yes. Yes I do. I have GREAT friends!!!! They r absolutely fabulous, wonderful, marvolous, fantastic, excellent, and cool. (Sorry, couldn't think of any more words guys....) They're just, wow. That's the word 2 describe them, wow. Hehehehe!!! Ur great guys!!! I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, if anyone decides they're gonna get smart and try 2 dis my homies. Oooooooooooo u suck. That's just the beginning. :) *evil laugh* Just don't dis 'em. U'll make Erin sad and she'll cry. :( Moving on, click on a name 2 get the full info on them. Don't email me asking what the hell some of the inside jokes mean cuz I ain't gonna explain. And no, I will not give u any of their email addresses unless I get their permission.

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