All About Benita!!!

Full Name: Benita Chao
Nickname(s): Bean, Butt Twin #1, and Chubby Chicken
How Long I've Known Them: Uuummm since September '00
Coolest Thing About Them: Hugs, Playland obsession, funniness, and cuteness
Possession Of Mine I'd Give Them: Pom poms, rings, glowsticks, and earrings
Thing I'd Do With Them: Go shopping @ Park Royal, go 2 Playland, or go back 2 White Spot 2 find Adam
Song I Dedicate 2 Them: The Whazzup Song!!!!
Movie I Dedicate 2 Them: The Animal

Inside Jokes/Memories - Adam, Playland, Marcel, Chubby Chicken, Claire's, glowsticks, Ashley Angel, Yogen Fruz, Bitch License, non stop hugging, gr. 8 and 9 French, making fun of Zac's hair, Hardy's, the park, pom poms, victory dance, Whazzup Song, Mountain Dew, me skipping Band, the hot chocolate @ Playland, White Spot @ Playland, Nick, Derek, yellow shirt guy, Alyssa on the swings, Rainbow, Pirate Ship, Coaster, cotton candy, me feeling sick, the stomach feeling, The Animal, badger milk, drawing rainbows on each other, belly button piercing, Tilt-A-Whirl, Hell's Gate, Toucan Toys, Ardene, "Take it out" I push it in, the Rainbow guy, the bumper cars, the gross looking white filled liquorice, tulips from Hardy's, the rain song with Nicky, Remembrance Day, school dances, Paul Walker, playing with her locker word magnets, filling each other in on Socials, doing the victory dance 2 the Whazzup song with our pom poms on her front lawn, pom pom fireworks