All About Gavin!!!

Full Name: Gavin Wilkinson
Nickname(s): Gavvy Boy, Gavvy, Gav, and Butterfly Fairy
How Long I've Known Them: All my life...he's my cousin!
Coolest Thing About Them: He's my cousin!
Possession Of Mine I'd Give Them: My blue fluffy eye mask and Disney movies
Thing I'd Do With Them: Watch endless amounts of The Crocodile Hunter
Song I Dedicate 2 Them: Crocodile Hunter Theme Song
Movie I Dedicate 2 Them: Crocodile Hunter movie...4get what it's called...

Inside Jokes/Memories - Crocodile Hunter, Steve n Terry count, Steve and Terry Irwin dolls, Disneyland Apple Sours, throwing stones @ the shadow in the corner, posh English accent, high pitched bye, Robin Stress Toy, hating Robin, Disneyland, my Disney web site, sleeping with my blue fluffy eye mask on, putting white powder and straws on Tom while he's asleep, Butterfly Fairy, Heath Ledger, The Patriot, Me Myself & Irene, Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, making fun of Tom, Helen, me being a "free girl", "That's gorgeous!", Crocodile Hunter movie, me nearly breaking his glasses when we were playing soccer @ age 9, going down the stairs in sleeping bags @ age 9, being so excited when we first start talking 2 each other, saying bye, me sleeping through him leaving our house and being soooo upset it, Mountain Dew, laughing really hard, being odd, me watching him play on his Gameboy, him telling me about his "clan", evil snigger, 2 many emails, me spazzing when he doesn't send emails daily, me getting all sad cuz I haven't talked 2 him in soooo long, me plotting 2 go 2 England