All About James!!!

Full Name: James Michael Anthony Craxton
Nickname(s): Shorty, JC, PR, Pocket Rocket, LL Cool J, and Mr. T
How Long I've Known Them: Remembrance Day '01
Coolest Thing About Them: Funniness, hyperness, making Science fun, the laugh, and the niceness
Possession Of Mine I'd Give Them: Mood ring, Shrek, and The Aristocats
Thing I'd Do With Them: Go 2 Disneyland, c one of Nat's dance shows again, or go on a Disney Cruise
Song I Dedicate 2 Them: Hampton the Hampster - Hampster Dance, Hot Butter - Popcorn, and anything from Shrek or Emperor's New Groove
Movie I Dedicate 2 Them: Shrek and The Emperor's New Groove

Inside Jokes/Memories - Science, English, cows, ppl not chewing properly, never doing homework, Friday 3 hr 40 min 2gether, so many hugs, me playing with his hair, The Signs, The Truth, the lesbians being everywhere, talking on the phone and MSN @ the same time, scheming 2 piss Ali off, Mello Yello, Remembrance Day, Xmas party, New Years Eve, ripping up Nat's pic of that Sugar Ray guy, the hyper scary laugh, Sour Patch Keys, colony of ants in the Mello Yello bottle, Big Turk, the funny caf ladies, the mood ring, the Science table turning the mood ring purple, me hugging my dresser cuz it was black and it turned green, my bday party, the pics with the ring and boa, smoking $20 bills, playing MASH with interesting results, making fun of Toft, him giving me pep talks, slut kid, track n field meet, corn chip boats, dancing kid, the guy asking us where the vending machines where, Nat's dance show, Snake, his cell, dissing Mark, being Imagineers 2gether, Wed mornings, empty bottles, the tennis ball, Chris Rosse finding the tennis ball, Hampster Dance, Popcorn, telepathy, our dance, mascara, hanging out after school, Starburst Sour Jellybeans, Skittles (the Bite Me, Guess Me and Win thing...Carissa just had 2 ruin it!), *pughug*, pizzazz, "I gotta get a picture of that!", the shades, "My hair smells good" "I know...I can smell it from here", me giving him tips 4 Nat, getting sentimental when I thought I was going 2 England, evil I's, writing notes, The Aristocats, Austin Powers 3, Emperor's New Groove, Little Mermaid, Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, hottie elf, hiding in the trees in the gallery, waiting 4 a table in the gallery, grass, sitting in the lush grass, playing strip poker but me playing 4 Nat, "Ur rite, this lip gloss DOES taste good", the Blue Raspberry Bubble Tape Pacman, Titania, "I'm the ass!", A Midsummer's Night Dream, Bottom, X-Men, interesting bday presents from me and Carissa, "That'sthedayI'mgettingmybracesoff!!!!", pig squeak toy, frog dissection, June 5, clear n weird retainers, eating grass, eating flowers, me attacking him 4 grass, Percy, Neville, hanging out on my front lawn 4 hrs, making him tell Ali y I didn't have 2 take classes, him getting pissed during my bad time, watching him play pool @ Nat's house, him never remembering the Hampster Dance, Pixy Stix, Pixy Stix copy cats that r impossible 2 get open, glowsticks, threatening 2 put glitter on him, "Yaaaahooooooo!", "Where r ur lips?", Remembrance Day, me frustrating him, him frustrating me, talking about Disneyland with Nat, him growing, writing notes on the field in front of Nat and Shanelle, Nat and Shanelle getting pissed @ me and James writing notes on the field, laughing 2 hard and 2 long, not being able 2 stop laughing in Science, sitting next 2 each other in Science, not doing work in Science, using Bob in every sentence in English, silly string during my party, neck exercises, flaring nostrils, me wanting 2 c what he'd look like with an earring, him being a bum, him falling over in rollerblades and saving the slurpee, me getting mad cuz he saw Lilo and Stitch without me, Slow Children @ Play, his stomach hurting when he's sitting down and laughing, me poking his stomach, fighting over whether cats or dogs r better, me letting him tell Ali about The Truth, "Wang!", Friday nites, Polaris, Big Dipper, wishing on satellites, The Book, Post It's, my black car, Neville being always so "excited" 2 c him, drawing lips, Blue Crush, late nite talks on MSN, the 5 hr convo, interesting Truth q's, MSN impatience, Dance PE, me never going home, my "good" pic, playing around in my locker, The Secret Life Of Firefighters, Thumper, X rated Disney movies, orange squishy things 4 football, sleeping bag, "Gush!", hot tub, making each other jealous, dissing Pierson, "My hair's soft!" "Oooo it is!", me crying all the time, him never seeing me, Feel The Same, me writing super long notes, email questionnaires, his extended metaphor, "Caution: Do not overtighten nuts", vanilla smelling flowers, the squirrel poster, hiding my notes, earwigs in the school bike locks, hanging out after the Jr. BBQ, watermelon lip gloss, him dissing Edwy, the weird red thing 4 football, "Poke it!" "Not here!" "I'm talking about my shoe." "O...", The Game of Life, Casseopia, the moon, bad phone convos