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FLYING BC - March 2002
FLYING BC  -  March 2002
FLYING BC  -  March 2002
FLYING BC - February 2003
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The COPA Convention will feature 14 spectacular seminars with something for everyone in aviation, from those considering learning to fly to the high-time aviator. The seminar program is open to everyone at the Expo and will be held in two venues behind the center of the flightline area. The seminars are listed in alphabetical order. All seminars are subject to change before the convention begins.

Aviation Medicine
COPA’s Dr. Randy Knipping B.Sc., MD, CCFP and Eric MacIntosh BA, MA (Kinesiology) present “Evidence-Based Healthy Living”. How to live longer, better and keep flying as you age.

COPA Annual General Meeting
The association’s AGM is your chance to see how COPA is run, have your say, meet the Board of Directors and ask questions of the Board and President.

Civil Aviation Tribunal
CAT Vice-Chairperson Al Ogilvie will describe the appeal process when you have a licence denied or a CARs violation alleged by Transport Canada. The presentation will include real-life examples and may give you the tools to save your licence one day! A must for all pilots.

Dealing with Icing
Kevin Hawley, President of Aerospace Systems and Technologies, which makes the TKS anti-icing system, takes you into the world of airframe icing – what it is, how it can hurt you and what you can do about it.

Flight Testing Your Homebuilt Airplane
EAA Flight Advisor and National Research Council Test Pilot Rob Erdos takes you through the most hazardous part of the homebuilt aircraft building process – the first few flights. What can you do to minimize the risks and complete your test flying safely and effectively?

Flying Floats
Touch down on a pristine lake for a weekend of fantastic fishing and camping – join the world of the floatplane flyer! This seminar will give you a taste of what you need to do to fly floats, the advantages and pitfalls.

Gathering of the COPA Flights
Moderated by COPA staff member Adam Hunt, this two-hour seminar is for anyone who is interested in the local chapters of COPA, the COPA Flights! The seminar will include any issues that COPA Flight members, Flight
COPA Convention 2003 Seminar Descriptions
Executive, COPA Directors, or anyone interested in starting a COPA Flight wish to discuss. This will include sharing ideas on what makes a COPA Flight successful in the community.

Hope Air Briefing
Hope Air’s Jessica Downton presents the fascinating world of Hope Air volunteer pilots – putting their own aircraft to use flying patients to medical facilities across Canada. Come and see how they do it and why Hope Air volunteers love to fly these important flights.

Nav Canada Forum
Senior Nav Canada Staff will brief pilots about what is new in Nav Canada’s world. There will be ample time for questions – your chance to find out about FICs, NOTAMs on the net, Flight Planning, ATS and much more.

Parachute Recovery Systems
Gregg Ellsworth of Ballistic Recovery Systems (BRS) talks about Parachute Recovery Systems. He will address correct installations, proper functioning of the systems, reasons you might want to use a parachute and what can cause a failed deployment. With parachute systems in the Cirrus SR 20 and 22, many ultralights and STCed installations for the Cessna 150 and 172 the concept of “whole aircraft recovery” is becoming more accepted in general aviation.

Transport Canada Forum
Senior Transport Canada staff will discuss what is happening in the aviation regulatory world, with lots of time for questions and issues from pilots. Come and exchange ideas with TC staff on ultralights, owner-maintenance, floatplanes, enforcement, the CARs or any other aviation regulatory subject.

Ultralight Cross-Country Flying
Can ultralights really be flown on long distance flights? Claude Roy of the International Challenger Owners Association thinks so and he has the pictures to prove it. Join Claude as he takes you on a flying adventure in his amphibious Challenger two seater.

Why You Should Learn to Fly
Glenn Priestley, Vice President of the Air Transport Association of Canada, has some great reasons why you should want to learn to fly! This seminar is for everyone who has ever stopped and wondered if they have what it takes to learn to fly. A must for everyone who wants to be a pilot!

Winter Operations
Gary Schmidt of Tanis Aircraft Services knows that Canadians face special challenges in winter flying, but that flights on clear, cold winter days are worth the effort. He covers the hazards of winter flying and what to do about them.