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FLYING BC - March 2002
FLYING BC  -  March 2002
FLYING BC  -  March 2002
FLYING BC - February 2003
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Captain: Ron Kent 770-1456

Past-Captain: Randy Ford 492-3282

Co-Captain: Dick Nickel 493-9104

Navigator: Herb Clapham 492-6373

Secretary: Lee Voynovich 490-4958

Director: Bill Michael 498-2205

Director: Lance Fergusson 493-0377

Flight Communications: Gary West
PFC Executive
Monthly Newsletter
by Gary West
Page 2
Then next meeting of the
PENTICTON Flying Club will be
held on February 11 at 19:30 in
the clubhouse, as usual.
Dinner will be available again for
this meeting beginning at 17:30-
It may be a bit early to call winter over but the weather here in Penticton has been nothing short of fabulous for this time of year.
Two weeks of mostly sunny, with temperatures ranging up to 6ºC for daily highs. AND NO SNOW!
Now, just let us all hope that spring really is just around the corner, and flying will again begin in earnest before long. Oh my, maybe I shouldn't have said that "S" word? Remember, I'm not promising anything!

Speaking of spring being right around the corner, it may be time to look into one of many refresher courses being offered around
We, at the PENTICTON Flying Club mourn, along with the rest of the world, the loss of seven brave astronauts who perished with the Shuttle Columbia on Saturday morning, February 1. We would especially like to express our sincerest sympathies to the friends and families of the seven astronauts, as they seek to understand the reasons for their tremendous loss.

The memories of those glowing streaks across the vibrant blue Texas sky which we all viewed on televison over and over that morning, will stay with us all for a very long time, and in fact will likely never be forgotten.

The astronauts, all of the astronauts, work in a dangerous environment, and they are made aware of that fact during their training. They are very concious of the potential risks involved in space travel, and willing put their trust, and life,
into the hands of the NASA family, and go forth in the name of science, and of the United States space program for the benefit of all of us. They are truly a rare and adventursome breed, and indeed, extremely brave. Unfortuneately, things
Final Countdown
for Columbia
18:00 for the miserly price of only $5......all inclusive, but for the liquid refreshments. I
can't describe the menu for this meeting just yet as I have not
been informed.
Guest speaker for this meeting will be Harvey Webber of Southern Skies Aviation speaking on weather, just in time for spring. Also, a question and answer session following.
the province between February 15, and mid April. Check out the FLYING BC Event Calendar to find the locations and dates.....
and get refreshed!.

And also remember to use the calendar throughout the year to keep abreast of activities going on around BC and NW USA, or to post your own event for everyone else to see. The calendar is there for you and your club, so use it to publicize whatever you have happening. Just send me an e-mail and I'll get the information up for you.

Our Breakfast Club will again be
underway March 29, in
Penticton at 10:00 in the Flight Deck Café. The proposed BCBC schedule on page 7 is just that, and your thoughts are needed to come up with a scheduale that everyone has a say in developing. We'll also be going out for a tour of the SS Sicamouse paddlewheeler. Plan on joining us and showing your support.

This is the final edition of FLYING BC, and I wish again to say thanks for being such great readers. It's been fun, and I hope to see you at a fly-in somewhere this summer.
Commander: Rick D. Husband, Pilot: William C. McCool, Payload Commander: Michael P. Anderson, Mission Specialist 1: David M. Brown, Mission Specialist 2: Kalpana Chawla, Mission Specialist 4: Laurel Blair Salton Clark, and Payload Specialist 1: Ilan Ramon

Columbia's Crew