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FLYING BC - March 2002
FLYING BC  -  March 2002
FLYING BC  -  March 2002
FLYING BC - February 2003
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Jim Ricciuti
Licenced Residential Builder & Commercial Contractor
Summerland, BC * Tel/Fax: 250-494-1934 * Cell: 250-490-7859
FEBRUARY 11: Monthly business meeting begins at 19:30. Guest Speaker will be Harvey Webber of Southern Skies Aviation speaking about weather and getting ready for the spring flying season. Questions will also be accepted.
MARCH 11: Monthly business meeting and Annual General Meeting begins at 19:30. This is election night.... mark your calendars now. This is also our annual auction night, so bring along anything saleable. Remember, "there a sucker born every minute", and he might just have some cash. Bring along the better half, and kids too. This is a real fun night for everyone!
APRIL 8: Monthly business meeting begins at 19:30. Weather permitting, we should be starting our social hour of flying before enjoying burgers from the grill, followed by the meeting.

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The Club Lounge
Abbotsford Flying Club
The Abbotsford Flying Club is working on assembling a flight of aircraft to fly to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in the fall (Sept) of 2003. We expect to be away a total of 3 weeks, however, that can be as flexible as people want it to be - some may only want to fly to Mazatlan - it will be up to the pilot & passangers.
Everything is in the planning stages right now and to date we have indications at least 4 aircraft are interested in participating. If you would like to note that in your next publication, the contact person is Kevin Griffith.
His e mail address is
From President Bob Robertson:
Aero Club of BC
From Rene Keller
Fuel price at Pitt Meadows (YPK) is $1.029, and a .06 discount is offered on the second Sunday of each month. If you're heading in the direction of YPK, drop in for some fuel, and meet some of thje friendly people at Pitt Meadows. We are also giving a hot dog and coffee free with a fuel-up for Pilots and passengers. We have been doing this for the past 4-5 years. This brings people together to the airport and socialize, chat and listen to experiences and stories from other pilots.
17 - 01 - 2003

Hot on the heels of the TwinStar diesel twin's maiden flight in December, Diamond Aircrafhas revealed more details of its proposed D-JET.

The new aircraft is expected to be a single-engined five-seater with a 4700lb MTOW. The company says the D-JET will be capable of cruising at 25,000ft at 315kt, and the powerplant will be selected from proven technology and demonstrated reliability.

Diamond is aiming for operations from 2000ft runways with eight minutes to reach the cruise, a fuel consumption of 34gph and low noise levels. It hopes the D-JET's maiden flight will be in mid-2004 with initial deliveries in early 2006. The projected price is 'well under $1million'.
Diamond's Jet Plans
Feb. 6 AOPA President Phil Boyer and senior AOPA staff started a full-court press in Washington this week to fight the TSA and FAA "pilot insecurity" rules. Those rules allow TSA to declare a pilot a security risk based on secret evidence and force FAA to revoke the pilot's certificate. The only appeal is back to TSA.

"If someone really is a terrorist, they shouldn't have a pilot certificate," said AOPA President Phil Boyer. "And frankly, we should take stronger action than just lifting a license. But any American so accused must be guaranteed their basic constitutional protections to due process, and that includes the right to appeal to an independent adjudicator."
AOPA begins Washington battle against TSA "pilot insecurity" rules