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Final Fantasy News
Note: This is only for those of you who a) Have beaten Final Fantasy X, or b) do not mind MAJOR spoilers (and when I say major, I mean MAJOR.) Anyway, the ending for FFX: International will be slightly changed. For more info, click Here.
FF Warehouse Update
Been a while. I've been saying that in these posts too much lately. Ah well, schools been slightly more encompusing than I anticpated. But you don't mind, do you? I didn't think so. I'm trying quite hard to get the Anima walkthrough up, as someone was nice enough to request it. It'll be quite pitiful at first, but at least the info will be up there. And come spring break (two days away, thank goodness), I'll fix it up and make it better, so I can be proud to have it on my page.

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