Here're some fans' reviews or encounters, and all of it are great!!!We're sure you will enjoy it. And, if you have any reviews,encounters, no matter what kind it is, we're welcome you email it to us. Thankz a bunch!!!

The Boys In the Party in the Park In London

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to the Party in the Park concert in London's Hyde Park. I had an amazing time!

When I arrived at Hyde Park, a lot of people were already there. My friends and I found a place on the grass to sit which was pretty near the front, so we had quite a good view. There was a long wait until the show started at 12:30, and BSB would not be on until 6-00 so I had even longer to wait for them! Finally, the show started. The other artists were great, the whole concert was amazing. If anyone has questions about the other artist's performances, you can email me. The only bad thing was the rain. It didn't rain the whole time, but there were a couple of long heavy showers that drenched everyone, and the umbrellas blocked the view of the stage. Luckily, it wasn't raining when BSB came on.

There was a delay before BSB came on due to some technical stuff, but eventually they came on stage and the crowd was screaming and cheering for them. First of all, they sang the two songs with Elton, or 'EJ' as they called him! They were really into it and looked happy, not at all nervous about being in front of 100,000 people! Then Kevin started to talk, saying why AJ wasn't there and that they had EJ as his replacement for the day. They then went into The One, which the crowd loved. The fourth and last song then came, I can remember Kevin saying "We want the sun to shine, cuz we want it that way," (it wasn't raining at that point and was quite sunny) and went into I Want It That Way. I think that was the best performance of the day, the crowd were singing along and the guys were messing around on stage, especially Nick. He went and sat at the bottom of the stage by some people and was talking to them or something, then went and sat at Elton's piano and pretended to play. He was so cute!

The guys sounded as great as ever, and looked hot! Kevin has still got his longish hair which was slicked back. He wore a kinda half-skirt thing over trousers, but it looked good. I noticed what I think was his wedding ring. Howie and Brian looked like they usually do (very nice) and Nick looked the best. He was wearing a jacket and white shirt, and a cross necklace, and I noticed a new gold ring on his middle finger of his right hand. He was smiling and acting cute all the time, he looked healthy. His hair is growing out, but he still wears it brushed forwards, it looks really nice (but not as nice as the spiky 'do) It's kinda like it was when he was turning 17.

The Boys and 'EJ's performance was the highlight of the whole show (well, for me anyways!) and my mom recorded ther TV coverage so I have watched it since I got home. The show will be shown in most countries across the world during the next few months so I hope you all get to see it too.

If anyone has any questions about the show, email me at and I'll try answer them.

KTBSPA!~Lucy :-)

Philips Arena Atlanta,Georgia November 24th 1999

By Shahina

OMG Backstreet Boys Rock! Ok there concert is the BEST show that I have EVER joke! Ok here's my summary:

Well it all started yesterday November 24th, 1999. My dad came home around 3pm and me and my sister Shabana were ready and waiting to get down to Philips Arena. So we left the house around 3:30pm, with everything in our hands. I had plenty of film, a tape recorder, mini tapes, binoculars, money, and the tickets. So it took about 20-25 mins to get down to the Arena..for some reason even the inside roads had traffic. Ok my parents dropped us off at the doors around 3:55pm. And since it was me and my sister's first time downtown by ourselves we were kinda lost. Anyways we started to see other fans circling about and they all had these awesome BSB sling over platic bags...and of course I wanted one too. So a lil while later I ran into one of my friends from my college. (Hey Rupal!!) She was with her sister, and her friend. So the five of us just kinda walked around figuring out what to do. Then Rupal's sister asked this girl with a BSB bag where she got it from and the girl told us they were selling BSB merchandise on the other side of the of course we went.

We cut through the food court in the CNN center and made our way down to the BSB tables. They were selling some awesome t-shirts($30), photos($5), laminents ($20), buttons ($10), tattoos ($5), programs($20), hats ($30), posters ($10), necklace ($10), one BSB button ($5). I think that was all. So me and my sister made our way to the front of the table to see what we wanted to buy. So I bought 2 t-shirts (a white one and a black one), a program, a photo, buttons(pack of 5), and that it was for me. My sister bought a photo, a t-shirt, and a program. Ok so after that we got some of the cute sling over bags and made our way back to the food court.

I had McDonald's. I wasn't really hungry b/c I was too excited to eat but ot was only like 4:15pm and the show started at 7:30pm so i figured I better eat I won't faint when I see Nick *lol*. Ok so then we wondered around then I saw these girls with a picture of Nick it was an 8 x 10 and the photo that I had bought was of all th guys. So I was like OMG where did they get that picture from. So me and my sister went on a search..we had no luck so we went back to the table with my friends and that's when I saw my friend Teriya. She is the one who bought me my 2 BSB tickets (THANK YOU AGAIN!!!). Anyways the 3 of us were sitting together at the show. Ok let me tell you what she was wearing. She had a bright pink wig with AJ spray painted in blue on the back, and she was dressed all in pink. Her outfit rocked! Ok so then the 3 of us went on our way to search for that Nick pic again *lol* and we ended up outside..where they're were tons and tons of fans lined up waiting to get inside the arena. Then my friend just stops in hte middle of the floor and starts screaming "Tell Me whyyy"...and everyone is starring right now..I mean she is all in pink. So then everyone starts clapping and it was just one of those moments. BSB has the best fans.

So then we went back indside to wait at the door that our seats were at. And the line was pretty short on that side. Ok then out of the blue these 2 guys come up with these bags and they set all there stuff down and started setting up there display.....guess what!!They had my Nick pic!!Woohoooo!! So I bought that and they were also selling BSB stickers!Way cool!They were nice stickers too!!So I bought that as well and went back and stood in line.

Finally they opened the door at like 6:30pm and everyone rushed in..actually they were "suppose" to check out bags to make sure we didn't have cameras...but they didn't..oh well...the first thing I did when I got in was run to the restroom..b/c I had drank a whole thingy of coke. After that we scrambled around the arena to see if we could rip any BSB posters..we had no luck..then we spotted some BSB banners so we went up the stairs and when we got to the banner it had been tightly secured to the railing..dang it. So then we went back down and found our seats.

Ok so we're entering the arena and it had been my first time inside...and we were in shock..we were like OMG our seats are that close!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Ok so after that we sat down and my friend Teriya started talking to the security lady in charge of our section and she was she let us take pics. Ok so then around 7:30pm EYC comes out and they do there thing..I just wasn't feeling them ya know? I dunno why. So we sat through EYC and then like around 8:35pm we see smoke coming out of this huge black box and everyone starts screaming at the top of there lungs!It's the BACKSTREET BOYS!!

Ahh OMG there like dressed in those cute blue and black outfits and they come flying in. Nick is first!!Yeahhh!! And the other 4 are right behind him and they slowly fly down to the stage. The Star Wars music is playing and it was soooo awesome how they set it all up!AHh! Ok so they land onstage greeted by there dancers (there were 10 of them) and then they start playing "Larger than life" and man oh man everyone is screaming!Me included..I screamed my lungs out for Nick!! Damn he looked FINE!!! AHHHH!

Ok now I have the concert tape recorded in my mini tape recorder so I know in what order the songs went. After "LTL" the Boys sang "Get Down" and the 'I'll Be the One". Of course me, my sister and my friend are screaming still. Ok then they start to indroduce themselves. Nick goes first and gets the arena in an uproar. Ok then it's Brian, then AJ, then Howie and last but not least Kevin. Then they start to sing "ALAYLM" which gets everyone up and dancing followed by "Don't Wanna Loose You Now". Next is "QPG" this was another crowd fav. This is also when they flew out over the crowd. Kevin flew out over us and he looked HOTT!!Then they sang" Don't Want You back" and man oh man when Nick climbed up on that lil latter thingy OMG the fineness! He was on our side and I just screamed and screamed During "Perfect Fan" they brought up 5 moms and there daughters. It was very cute. And then Kevin had the spotlight on him and he played the piano. Crowd goes crazy of course. Then the Boys sang "Back to your heart". Then thye do the whole storm skit and out they come and do "Everybody" which is one of my favs! After that they go into "We've Got it Goin On" and after that "That's the way I like it." (They also sang "INBYH,Show Me the Meaning and Spanish Eyes but for some reason those 3 songs didn't tape so I'm not sure exactly what part they sang those three in, but everything else is in order).

Anyways ok so they like sing all there songs and they say "Thanks Atlanta" and leave..and I'm like hold up they haven't sang "IWITW" and then they come back out for an encore and sing a few more songs, introduce there band and there dancers and bow and confetti flys out and they leave...and I'm like no no no they haven't sang "IWITW" and then after a few minutes you hear "Ba-baay it's the way you make meee" and there back out and they sang "It's gotta be you and IWITW". So then they thank all the fans and Atlanta and they blow kisses and way and leave. While AJ is saying "goodbye" to everyoen Nick's taping him on the shoulder so Aj turns around and is like "what Nick?" and Nick goes, "Tell them to have a Happy Thanksgiving." And Aj's like Oh yeah and they all scream "HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!" Way way Cool!!

Man on man that concert was the bomb!AHHH! I mean I'm still feeling the aftermath..not being able to hear clearly and I have a scracthly throat but it rocked! I'd do it all over again in a heart beat! Man this is definately the tour of the Millennium.

Well that's how my day went. Let me know what you thought. I got my pics back and they came out pretty good. Let me know what you guys think ok? I'll be putting some up on my website after my finals. KTBSPA!

Love Ya Guys,

Meeting Nick at Christmas '97

By Christin

I was so excited when I found out I would be going to Florida for Christmas. I visited my grandmother in Florida once before in April 1992. I was so sad when I had to leave Florida the last time. I was so happy when I got to go again. My grandmother lives in a city just south of Ruskin. So...Nick lived about 20 miles from her. Since we were so close to him...I had the idea we could drive up to Ruskin and try to find his house. My father told me he believed we would not have the time to try to find Nick's house. I still wanted to go to Florida even if it meant I wouldn't try to find Nick's house.

On December 23, 1997..... We flew into Tampa International Airport. My sister and I spent most of the flight reading my Backstreet Boys book by K.S. Rodriquez. I showed her what Nick looked like. She got so excited about our Backstreet Boys concert on January 18, 1998. We couldn't believe I won two tickets on the radio. I had 8th row center. We were trying to figure out what speed film I should use in my camera at the concert. Before our flight was over...I convinced Carrie to come with me and dad to try to find Nick's house. We were having a great time talking about Backstreet Boys until.......we hit some turbulence. The plane shook for a bit dropped a dropped a lot!!! Everyone screamed! I grabbed a hold of my sister for the second big drop. We looked at our watches and it was 9:30 PM and we weren't supposed to land in Tampa until 10 PM. Argh! Thirty more minutes on this plane! I was very nervous. I used to be afraid of flying and this flight did not help. My sister said, "Don't worry, Christin. God had you won tickets to finally see Backstreet Boys in concert. He won't let you die now!"

We finally landed into Tampa International Airport. It was so warm there. I had on a flannel and I had to take it off. I had my BSB tee-shirt on underneath of course! We waited forever to get our suitcases. After we got them..we headed out to the parking garage. We had to take a shuttle (like a train) to the parking garage. It was fun! Our father had flown to Florida on December 21st. He was there with my grandmother to pick us up! My father was joking that he had only found a place to park far away. We had packed too much as usual. Our suitcases were heavy. We walked out the door and my grandmother's car was right by the exit door. It was a great ride to my grandmother's house. We drove over this huge bridge called Sunshine Skyway Bridge that went over Tampa Bay. On our ride grandmother handed me a map of Ruskin. We drove up to my grandmother's house and outside in her lake behind her house was a blue Heron we had always seen when we were in Florida in April 1992. We had named him Harry. My grandmother was like, "He was waiting for you." I went to find our room. I unpacked my things then..I went on her porch by the lake. We ate dinner at was so weird sitting on a porch by a lake and eating. Because back in Ohio..It was so cold! We had bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches and Sprite. My grandmother was prepared for our visit! We started to head off to bed. My father stopped us and asked us if we wanted to go find Nick's house. Of course I said, "Yes!" We would go after my grandmother got back from work. She just had to pick up her paycheck.

On December 24th....I was so excited! I got up very early that morning. I showered and got ready. I had my outfit picked out for the day. While my grandmother was gone....I ate breakfast on the porch! I love it by the water! There were a lot of birds there. I waited impatiently for everyone to get ready! I was ready to go but then my grandmother said, "We should eat so lunch before we go to Ruskin." Argh! More time to wait! I never ate so fast in my life!

Finally....We headed off to Ruskin. I made sure I had my letter to give to Nick ready. I bought a Christmas card to give to him. I made sure I put my address, home phone, my grandmother's phone number until December 28th, and my wireless (like a cell phone) in my letter to Nick. I wrote my letter while my grandmother was making lunch. I also made sure I had the letter for Nick my friend Rinske wrote to him at my e-mail address. I put both letters in a card for him. On our way up to Ruskin...I convinced my father to play my Backstreet Boys tape in the car. They thought they sounded good! My sister kept laughing at me cuz I was singing along to the music. It took us a while to find his house! We got so lost! I guess you could say we found it by accident. We drove down this one street and their was this huge gate decorated with garland for Christmas. I wasn't even sure if it was his house or not. There was another car already there. A woman, a man, and a young girl stood by their car. My sister got out and walked up and stood next to them. I took a bunch of photos of his house just in case. The woman asked us, "Where are you from?" My sister said, "Ohio." The woman then said, "Oh...I didn't know Backstreet Boys were popular in the states." Then.....I knew I had the right house! She told us they were from Germany. One other car had gone in. I heard the German woman say, "They said only one car could go in." So..It was our car and the other car (rented by the people from Germany) parked outside Nick's gate to his house! The car of people visiting inside the gate began to leave. The gate started to open and it opened from the inside..the car was too close and got hit by the gate. We watched who is was when they drove by. We had no idea who they were. When the gate was closing..a young girl started to walk up to the gate. She asked us, "Who are your here to see, my brother?" The German woman said, "Yes..Nick?...or...Aaron?" Nick's sister said, "I think he is busy doing something but I will see if he wants to come out." She went back inside! father was frantically searching for the card I brought for Nick. He thought Nick's sister was going to come back out and tell us he wasn't coming out. He asked my grandmother, "Oh no! Where is Christin's Christmas card for Nick? My grandmother was like, "What card?" My sister ran to the car to get my father. He brought one of those professional photographers use. My father put his head out the car window and asked my sister, "Why is Christin dancing over there?" Carrie (my sister) said, "His sister went inside to get him!" I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten in the car my poster for Nick to sign and the card for him! I ran to the car and I frantically searched for my black Sharpie marker. I was having troubles finding the marker. My sister kept asking me if I had my card. I snapped back at her cuz I was so nervous. My father laughed so hard when he saw how excited and nervous I was getting. Finally...I found everything and went up to the gate!

Nick came walking barefoot over the hill. I could hardly tell it was him until he got closer. The young girl from Germany said to her parents, "That's not him!" But it was. Nick was wearing a dark blue North Carolina baseball cap, a tight white tee-shirt, and light blue North Carolina warm up pants. When Nick got to the sister smiled and said, "Hi!" He smiled back and said, "How are you?" Then the German people said something in German to him and he understood them. He said, "Does anyone want anything signed? I can't open the gate though." I think he meant he couldn't open it from the had to be opened from the house..But my father thinks he wasn't allowed to open it! I handed Nick my poster through the gate and it almost blew away! I said, "Oh sorry!" Nick quickly grabbed it, signed it, and gave it back to me. Nick said, "Is that all?" My sister tapped my arm and looked at the Christmas card I brought for him still in my hand! I handed him the card and he just looked at me with this look on his face wondering what it could be. I ,very softly, said, "It's a Christmas card." Nick's face lit up wit excitement. He smiled and said, "well...thank you!" I smiled back! I wish you could have seen it. Nick then said, "Here is your pen back." I took it from him. I looked back to see where my father was. He was taking photos of my sister and I talking to Nick. was time for Nick to go! Before he left...he said, "Have a Merry Christmas and see ya later!" I was so sad to see him leave. My father took photos (with my camera and his camera )of me in front of Nick's house. When I got to the car..I realize I had my camera with me the whole time Nick was outside and I didn't even use it! I got so mad! I guess I was so excited to see Nick I guess I forgot to take photos. I am so glad my father took some photos. Whew! We ran some errands..I bought some cool sandals then we headed to the beach!

Seeing Nick was the best Christmas present ever! Since it rained so much in Florida....We didn't get to go to Disney World! My grandmother didn't get us many presents cuz she was taking us to Disney World for Christmas. So...letting us use her car to drive to Nick's house was (in a way) her present to me!

From: Erin
I'm Back!!! The Backstreet Boys Rocked! Well we arrived at the arena at 2:00, we started to walk around and found about 7 or 8 buses of theirs parked along with about 12 girls waiting. We started talking to them and they said this is where the boys would be coming into the arena through the tunnel around the corner! So we waited, waited, and waited, while we were waiting about 100 people gathered behind us, but of course we were on the front row and on the edge of the door to the tunnel they pulled into! around 5:00 4 more busses pull up that match the ones already parked, slowly but surely one by one the band started comming out of the bus. First was Mindi and Tommy. Tommy stopped and let me give him my present I made for him and everyone else. Then came the rest of the band, Dennis, Guy, Louie, and Bubba. I was the only one who knew their names I guess, so they each waved at me! and I got great pics. then came the Dancers. I each got pics of them too! We waited for a while, along with the friend we made behind us who's 20th b day was that day. We saw a girl get out of a limo. By this time it was getting dark. so we couldn't really see. She stopped to talk to a guard. so the three of us started yelling Amanda to see if it was her. and sure enough it was! she stopped and talked to us, she put the video we made for the guys in her purse and said she would give it to them personally. Then me and my two friends got to take a pic with her. Then Tommy came out to smoke and talk on his cell phone to Leona. I got to get a picture with him(I was the only one) Then later he came back out to talk on the phone and I asked him about Guido ( his stuffed animal pet goose) And he made me ask to the person he was on the phone with, Leona. Then he had to go! Then RORO (their dancer)was hiding behind the other lady I was with so I started talking to him. He said he was looking for a friend. I got to take a pic with him too. In the package I gave Tommy I didn't leave my name or anything, because I never thought I would get it to him. So RO RO took it for me and told me thankyou for the necklace I had for him. Then he had to go b/c everyone realized who he was and was asking for a pics and stuff. then Nick pulled up in a black van and I got a really good pic of him and my mom got him in the van on video.(hi mom I know you will be reading this from Florida, don't forget to go to Howies house for me) about two hours later the rest of the boys pulled up in their red van. it pulled in right by us and we could see them in it. Brian and Howie were in the back and AJ and Kevin were in the Middle.( No leighanne or tyke at this concert.) Then from all the way down the tunnel Brian came running up almost touching distance and waved, we would have got to talk to him, but the people up above saw what was happening and ran down so the guard held him back. We could have seen Mandy Moore come in right after them, but we wanted to get to our seats. Well the Concert was great, we got a little of each song on tape. The best has HOWIE's rap and the first all the way to the last song. They all looked great. Well that is it write me when you can. Luv ERIN

From:,Anna McLean
I went to the BSB concert on Oct. 14 in Anaheim, CA at the Arrowhead Pond and it was the greatest concert of a lifetime. Well, when my friend and I were about to turn in to go park two huge buses were exiting off the freeway and my friend told me and I was like no way. I couldn't believe we were aligned with their buses. And when we looked closer my friend was like look Anna it's AJ (aj's of course my fav) and then at that point i just started to scream his name and I started to cry. He waved to us and kept looking at us then he blew us a kiss. I was so happy, i couldn't believe it. It was like a dream come true. Then we followed their tour buses where they were suppose to park, i get out of my car and scream my heart out to AJ and he still waves back. but then the security says we have to go back and park in the parking lot. i was upset, but it was all good cuz he waved to me. then when we get inside, my friend and i walk all the way down to like the first row and we see Kristin (the red-headed dancer) umm in my opinion she's not that pretty, someting's wrong with one of her eyes. well anyways, she gives my friend a dirty look and we were like ill what a bitch. then we see RoRo, he's a male dancer, he's kinda short. we asked him questions about the boys, i was like is aj dating kristin and he said no and i said good cuz she's ugly and he laughed. then i asked if he's seeing amanda and he said i don't think so. then i asked about the rest of the group and he said nick didn't have a girlfriend, but brian does and howie and kevin. but i don't think howie does anymore. i'm not gonna talk about that

Much Luv,
Anna McLean
Ok I went to two of the three concerts in Michigan... I attended the one on Saturday and I work for Guest Services as an arena hostess, so I worked the show on Sunday.... too bad i had a better view when I was working, but oh well... both concerts were awesome. Sunday Kevin had his arm out of his sling and danced and flew... I was soo happy :) You guys know everything else that happens, so I'll get to my bad experience... as an employee I have to keep the aisles clear, and I had a TERRIBLE section of rude kids, teens, and adults..... seriously... I can't believe how many rude BSB fans there are.... anyway, right before the guys came out to sing "It's Gotta Be You" a ton of girls tried to flood my section because they had originally thought the concert was over.... well, i know that I probably would have done the same thing, and I would have let them stay, but they were causing KAOS.... so I politely told them they had to leave the aisles... I didnt even care if they were in my section at this point as long as they were standing in front of a seat... anyhow.... one group of girls totally ignored me and refused to leave, flipped me off, and asked what I was gonna do about it.... I called up security because they were giving me such a hard time by signaling 2 of the guards with my flashlight.. the guards ran up and one of the girls slugged me in the face... she got arrested and spent the night locked up because of assault....what a way to end the show!!!! anyhow.... both concerts rocked, but for my fellow employee's sake, be nice :o)

hi my name is chrissy i went to the october 26th concert at tacoma dome in washington state last tuesday marked 2 weeks since i went to the backstreet boys concert . anyway here was my day i went to school at 7:30 and i wanted school to end end at it had not even begun. in second my classmate and i were talking about it and she had closer seats then me but oh well. then 4th 5th then the class class of the day finally i went home i was sooo exicited i called my cuz and talkto till three thrty and then i took a shower then at 4 i left the house i was soooo excited on the way there i was listening to kube i got there and i went by myself that was fun .when i got there i hung at the kube booth. i got picked to sing on kube with theses other girls that was cool then i saw my friends there and i said lets go line up and they said what do u mean i dont have any tickets so i felt bad and i went to line up it was at 4:30 and they open the door at 6 soo i stood out there an 1 hour and half but when i stood outside casue i was the first one in line i could hear the other bands practice but i was freezing cold and the ushers were opening the door and shuting the door that was not funny but the closck hit 6 and the doors were open finally iwas so happy becasue in the dome it was warm i was the thrid peron in because these girl went ahead of me when i was in i bought a pic of my babe nick and i sat hthere 4 an hour i called my mom on my cell phone well i just waited then the light went off mani moore came on she was cool then eyc then the thiggest part came on i was so happy it took them a long time to get ready but they showed the sears comerical then the lightwent off they had the boys to men countdown on then they flew out if was soooo cool but the sad thing was that brian got hit with a teddy bear =( that was so sad but that was my night i had so much fun


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