A Funny Short Quiz

Hello, are you a 100% the Backstreet Boys' fan?? How much do you know about the Backstreet Boys?? Take a quiz to test yourself now!!

umm, if you have any good question, pls send it to us without any hesitancy :)We're waiting for your good question.

Let's Go~~

1. The boys have been banned from how many hotel(s) because of their crazy fans?

2. Who is afraid of dark??

3. Which country gave the band their first gold record?

4. Who takes an envelope titled pics of his family when ho goes on the road?

5. Whenever they're in a foreign city, a________ & b___________ like to try the local food, while c_________ , ..d___________ & e__________ search out the closest Mcdonalds.

6. Who are most likely to get into a friendly argument??

7. Who is most likely to find a peacful solution for the argument?

8. The boys unanimaously agree that they'd love to harmoniz with ________

9. Who loves to go clubbing?

10. In his pre-Backstreet boys days, Who worked at Disney MGM Studio playing Aladdin?

11. Nick started palying the drum when he was .....

12. Who had a part in the film Parenthood?

13. "Every kiss and everyday 'll love you girl in every way" is from which song?

14. "How can they be in my heart and in my mind" is from which song?

15. Which BsB video was filmed on Brians birthday? (thanx visitor Jennifer for sending Q15-21 in.)

16. Aj has 10 tattoos T/F?

17. Which backstreet Boy would want to be a Police officer if he wasn't in the band?

18. When and where was "Night Out With the Backstreet Boys" taped?

19. Who plays keyboards for the BsB?

20. BsB are a boy band and have only males in the Backstreet Band. T/F

21. DO the BsB have an offical website?

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