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Welcome to check out the Backstreet Boys' news

If anyone of you have any BSB news that you wanna share with us and the Backstreet Boys' fans, could you pls email us, we need your help :) thank you so very much!!

Updated: May 16, 2001

The name "street records" for the Backstreet Boys new record label has been pulled due to legal problems resulting from the intended name. New information will be released shortly.Now the record label has been re-named to KBNHA.

Backstreet Boys to Oasis star: 'Go back to London'

Boys Not Splitting

Lupus 2001 tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster. Catch Howie D., Nick Carter and AJ McLean on June 1 at the Hard Rock Live at Universal Studios' City Walk in Orlando, Florida. Other artists slated to perform include Mark Anthony, Jon Secada, Deborah Gibson and legendary songwriter Carole King. There's also a dinner/auction and performance on June 2.

Brazil Top 40 Chart: #1 The call, #3 More Than That, #7 Shape Of My Heart. Congrats!

Updated: May 14, 2001

Carson mentioned on TRL that they will world premiere More Than That on Monday; Bsb will be on May 26th for the retirement Trl countdown. MTV will kick off the season at the MTV beach house in the Florida Keys with the TRL retirement special, BSB will be performing on the show. click here to see the picture.

MTVLA Interview with Howie, Nick and Kevin, More Detail

"More Than That" debuts on MuchMusic, Monday and 4:55pm eastern/3:55pm central.

We heard that the Backstreet Boys are coming to Asia this winter!!! Asian fans, pls watch out!

Updated: May 9, 2001

The name of the BSB new record label is KBNHA, which is the initials of their names..

The backstreet boys won a world music award for best pop group, and sang more then that live from one of their last concerts in March in Mexico at the Foro Sol. They were shown accepting the award backstage.click here to see the picture

According to the MSNBC web site, the Boys are scheduled to appear on the Today Show's Summer concert series on July 2nd.

choose from: "All I Have to Give", "I Want It That Way", "Larger Than Life", "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely", "The One", "Shape Of My Heart", and "The Call" etc. We should all try to vote for one certian one, like IWITW to make it #1. Then on Saturday, May 26, watch TRL Retirement Home as Carson counts down the Top 30 retired TRL videos. Vote now!

Updated: April 26, 2001

The Boys are just finishing their video for "More Than That" so watch for that coming soon to MTV! The Call is going to be retired soon on MTV's TRL! Let's help the Boys out and give it a final week at number 1! Just vote for it on MTVs TRL website.

From a kentucky newspaper. Littrell, Samantha Nikol: A daughter, born to Harold and Tracy Littrell, of Lexington, at 4:23 am Friday, April 20. 7 lb 9 oz, at St Joseph Hospital.

AJ's grandma passed away on 19th April. He was absent during the Kids' Choice Awards as he was with his family. The boys performed More Than That as a foursome. During the show, Nick pied his little brother and Leslie tried to pie Nick, but she didn't. The boys did not win any awards.

More than that Promtion Video Shooting

Updated: Feb. 09, 2001

MuchMusic Special Rerun
Did you miss it? Not to worry, MuchMusic will run an encore presentation this SUNDAY FEB 11 @ 12:30pm & 7:30am ET 11:30pm & 4:30am PT or you could read the transcript line here!

Backstreet Boys trigger T.O. teen screamfest

Backstreet Boys Say They Have More to Achieve (thanks to gina) The Backstreet Boys, who have sold more than 55 million records worldwide in less than three years and are expected to break tour earning records set by the Rolling Stones, say they still have more to accomplish, including a possible Grammy awardthis year. Full Article

Updated: 28th,November 2000

In the Rolling Stone issue with BSB on the cover, there's a form for the annual Rolling Stone Readers Poll. Also, you can vote [online]. If you can, please try to vote for BSB!

In front of hotel in Copacabana where BSB did a little show , people are leaving flowers in the street . A girl wanted to buy the bus that BSB went to the airport to the hotel , in Rio. The girl's father made a check , but the Virgin didn't sell for them. The bus that BSB was in Rio , had to be took apart. The windows were grazed for the crazy girls that climbed up it . And they battered it too . The MTV Brasil , is preparing a special about BSB that will come out on December . Every year on december MTV Brasil shows a special about them, it's like a Santa Clause's gift.

Hong Kong News----Here you'll find the [10 video clips] of an exclusive interview and BSB performing Shape Of My Heart live! *There's gonna be some problem with those who can't read Chinese though.* For everyone who lives in Hong Kong, you also have a chance to win the special edition copies of Black & Blue, signed posters or large-sized posters, fanzine and stickers! And you can enter as many times as you want to!!!

Black & Blue Reaches The One Million Sales Mark in Asia Full story
Updated: 31th Oct, 2000

Backstreet Boys' New 'Black & Blue' Album Aims For Diversity Full Article

Backstreet Boys To Keep Their Faces Off Cover Of 'Black And Blue'Full Article

Updated: 21th Oct, 2000

The Backstreet Boys new album - " Black And Blue " will release on Nov 20. So are you guy going to wear black and blue on the day it is released? BSB like the best selling artists in the HISTORY! They'll going to break the record!! And by the way they also have a promotional tour for their new ablum (Check out "BSB Tour Schedule" for more details)
Here's the track list

According to the "Barvo TV interview"-the Backstreet Boys world tour will start in January and will take about 1 year.

The Backstreet Boys will appear on Platinum Christmas, a collection of yuletide tunes so star-studded that it promises to make the windows at Macy's look positively B-list, due in stores Nov. 17

Platinum Christmas track list:

1. Britney Spears X "My Only Wish (This Year)"
2. 'N Sync X "I Don't Want to Spend One More Christmas Without You"
3. Backstreet Boys X "Christmas Time"
4. Christina Aguilera X "Silent Night"
5. Whitney Houston X "Who Could Imagine a King"
6. TLC X "Sleighride"
7. Toni Braxton X "The Christmas Song"
8. Santana X "Posada (Pilgrimage to Bethlehem)"
9. Monica X "My Grown Up Christmas List"
10. Joe X "This Christmas"
11. R. Kelly X "World Christmas"
12. Pink X "Give Love on Christmas Day"
13. Dave Matthews Band X "Christmas Song"
14. Donell Jones X "My Gift to You"
15. Dido X "Christmas Day"
16. Steps X "Merry Christmas Everybody"

Updated: 13th August, 2000

Below, the current results to last week's Top 10, "Celebrity Ice Cream Flavors:"
35.02% 1. Backstreet Boysenberry
23.87% 2. 'NS'more
10.26% 3. Hansonilla
6.83% 4. Kid Rocky Road
6.77% 5. Slim Shady Swirl 2.64%
6. Scoops!... I Did It Again
2.64% 7. LFOreo
1.83% 8. Sno Doubt Cone
1.53% 9. Sarah Michelle Gelato
1.51% 10. Will Smith Smoothie

To celebrate The Backstreet Project, Nick Carter will be answering your questions! 10 lucky winners will have their Backstreet Project questions answered by Nick! Be sure to go to the band's official website and submit your Backstreet Project related questions

Updated: 3rd August, 2000

Backstreet Boy Surprises Sick Boy
Just over two weeks ago, Jonatan Fonseca, 6, got a life-saving bone marrow transplant from his twin brother David at Florida Hospital in Orlando and on Friday he received a very special visitor.

Kevin won a Celebrity Beauty Awards givin by Teen People!! He won Best Facial Hair along with Brad Pitt!! The little blurb given in TP - "BSB Kevin wiskers top the charts"

Have you been wondering "Why wasn't Nick Carter included in the Hottest 25 Stars?" Well here is the answer:
"Despite what some of you may think, no pages were missing from the June/July issue. There were just too many hot stars for us to include them all. While many readers cheered our picks, others scolded us for leaving out a fave (Joey Fatone, AJ McLean, Kirsten Dunst). Hope you enjoyed debating the list. Stay tuned for next year's hottest!"

Updated: 25th July, 2000

AJ performed 4 songs yesterday at the Miss United States Teen Pageant. Songs included "Back at One," "If You Knew What I Knew," "Hey, Mr. DJ," and "Bad to the Bone." Howie was a judge too.View Pictures

Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell Looking For Missing Chihuahuas The Baha Men apparently are not the only musicians these days asking, "Who let the dogs out?" Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell and his fiancee Leighanne Wallace are wondering the same thing, Full Article

In Malibu, Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell pracited the ancient prewedding ritual of balancing on one fot while carrying his fiancee, actress Leighanne Wallace, on his back with no hands. The two are keeping their wedding date a secret. view the pic

Updated: July 12, 2000

The B-ball game between BSB fans and NSYNC fans was good , but the bad news is that the BSB fans lost . It's ok,at least they tried . Final score BSB fans:37 and NSYNC fans:39.

Today on trl, carson asked Janet Jackson if she liked bsb and she said she did and that's she's good friends with Howie.

In an online chat with Mandy Moore. Mandy got asked "Do you like boybands? If so which ones?" Mandy responded I like the Backstreet Boys, Nsync, and Westlife. My favorite would have to be the Backstreet Boys. The Yahoo! Chat Transcript of this chat should be coming out soon since the chat was a couple of moths ago.

Heard in PITP Chatrooms..
- Sonique wants to duet with BSB and her fave boyband is BSB.
- Lionel Richie said about dueting with the boys: "They were wonderful, great guys, and great performers. I love them."
- Kian and Nicky From Westlife said they like Phil Collings, Sting, and BSB!

Updated: 9th July, 2000

BsB in Sweden, more detail

Elton John Single w/ the Backstreet Boys
Elton's official website has a video clip where he talks about the party in the park and also discusses the new single to be released to radio this weekend but will not be released as a commercial single because they couldn't get the release from Jive. Too bad because I believe I read that proceeds from alot of Elton's singles go to charity. If you would like to watch the videoclip, head on over to Elton.com Click on 'Elton Speaks.' And then look for the video diary from July 3, 2000.

Click here to view the result ofTop Grossing Tour For First Half of 2000 - Pollstar

Here's a msg from The One video, check the msg here

Backstreet's Back to Studio Soon, full story

New album in autumn - Backstreet Boys as rappers, full story

The Backstreet Disney in Concert special was #2 on the Zoog concert countdown.

On the David Letterman show (7/4/00), a 7 year old actress, Skye Nicole Bartooziack ("The Patriot") was asked her if she knew any famous people, she said: (not exact quote)"Yeah I meet the Backstreet Boys" David:"Oh really? Where'd ya meet them at?" Skye:"At the filming of "Wittness Protection". My double said "Look there's AJ!" And I turned and saw him and jumped 100 feet in the air and was happy the rest of the day.I got to talk to all of them. they are really cool and great!"

Updated: June 3, 2000

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Auctions Couch, full story

"The One" single will be released on June,13,2000! Watch your CD shop!!!!

Britney when asked about the question of rivalry with other people in the business. "I think rivalry is so silly. You know, there's room for all of us out there. That's the way I look at it. Everyone has their own sound, and everyone is doing their own thing. And just like people say, "'NSYNC copied Backstreet [Boys]." Well, you know what? Backstreet copied The Beatles.

Nick Unloads Couch, Preps New Album Full story

Teen People All-Star Music Issue Tidbits Full story

BSB and *Nsync still feuding? full story

Updated: June 1, 2000

Nick Carter, Howie Dorough and Kevin Richardson received their PADI Open Water Scuba Certifications through Stuart Cove's Dive South Ocean resort just south of Nassau. Full story

Hundreds of screaming girls at the media park Cologne/Germany - Howie and AJ introduced their new single "the one" at "VIVA Interaktiv". Full story

The One debuted Monday 22nd on "Los 10 mas pedidos" at # 8, 3 days later it got to # 1. This is the 3rd time that a Backstreet Boys vid got the top in 3 days after entered the countdown, because Larger than life and Show me the meaning did it that way too! In MuchMusic countdown they're # 8 and they were the highest debut this week!

"Show me the meaning of being lonely" is now the most requested video ever in Brazil! It has been on #1 Top 20 Brazil for more time than any other video, from either Brazilian or international artists!

Backstreet Boys And Others To Perform At Charity Event For Lupus, Full story

Updated: April 21, 2000

Backstreet Sister Signs Deal
Source : MTV.com
Leslie Carter, the 13-year old sister of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, is following in her big brother's teen pop footsteps and is recording her debut album, due out later this year.
An army of producers and writers are on board for the project, including Backstreet Boys guitarist Billy Chapin, Brad Young, and Dow Brain, who worked on LFO's "Summer Girls," and songwriter Diane Warren, who has written for Celine Dion and Aerosmith.
Leslie's first single is "I Want To Hear It From You" which drops on June 6, which happens to be her 14th birthday.
For folks keeping score at home, the other singing Carter, Aaron, appeared on the "Pokemon" soundtrack and will release his second LP on June 20.

Backstreet Boys Win Kid's Choice Awards
The 13th Annual Kid's Choice Awards were held yesterday (April 15). The Backstreet Boys won Favorite Musical Group. The Boys reportedly did attend the awards show though. Congratulations Boys! Other winners included Adam Sandler, Will Smith, Smashmouth, Jennifer Lopez and Melissa Joan Hart among others. Performers included Jennifer Lopez, N Sync, the Goo Goo Dolls, and Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. Other attendants included Robert DeNiro, Mel Gibson, Rider Strong, 98 Degrees, LFO, Carly Pope and Julia Louis-Dreyfus among others.

Updated: 20th March, 2000

Backstreet Fans Suspended For Going To BSB Concert??
AllPop reports that four fans from Sunnybrook Christian Academy, a private school in San Antonio, Texas, were suspended for one day for breaking a school rule forbidding "involvement and inappropriate music," says a school official. The school does not allow students to go to concerts involving pop music because of song lyrics. "They have some good music, but some of the music, I have been told, has certain sexual references," said Trudie Perez, the school administrator.

BSB Win Juno Award!!
The Backstreet Boys won Best Selling Album (Foreign and Domestic). The Boys brought out some of the largest screams in the arena from the audience. When the Boys' name was called up for Best Selling Album, AJ was so happy he did a cart-wheel onstage before getting his award.

Aj goes solo again??
According to AllPop, AJ announced he will be doing a solo tour again as his alter-ego, "Johnny Suede", now known as "Johnny No-Name", last night at the Juno Awards after accepting, with Howie, a Juno Award for Best Selling Album (Foreign or Domestic) for the Backstreet Boys' album, "Millennium". For the record, AJ is not leaving the Backstreet Boys, this is just something AJ is doing "outside" of the Backstreet Boys. As many of you know, AJ performed as "Johnny Suede" earlier in the year to raise money for VH1's Save The Music. AJ plans to start touring as "Johnny No-Name" when the Backstreet Boys are finished with their tour. AJ and Howie say that you can expect a new Backstreet Boys sometime in the fall.

update: 25th feb, 2000

Backstage at the Grammy more info

Backstreet Boys with Etlon John
The Backstreet Boys performed twice at the Grammy Awards, performing a medley which included hits from Take That, The Temptations and Boyz II Men, as well as performing their very own "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely." The Backstreet Boys performed a second time with legend Elton John performing "Philidelphia Freedom." John performing with the Boys was in part of him receiving the Grammy Legend Award. more info

Backstreet Wedding Bells!
Backstreeters Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell have confirmed to MTV that they're both engaged to be married. more info

An advance single from the BACKSTREET BOYS' next album (due in October) and five live tracks will be featured on a promotional CD available at Burger King beginning in August. The burger chain, which will sponsor the group's fall 2000 tour, will also sell an exclusive Backstreet Boys video featuring interviews and backstage footage.

Top of the Pop Poll Result

Updated: 30th december, 1999

Rolling Stones Top Money List
N' Sync and the Backstreet Boys draw the screaming fans these days, but the venerable Rolling Stones know how to watch their wallets.

The BACKSTREET BOYS' "Millennium" outsold BRITNEY SPEARS' "...Baby One More Time" to become the top-selling album of 1999, according to the Recording Industry Association of America. With eleven million records shipped, the Boys beat out Britney by one million. Coming in next were RICKY MARTIN's self-titled album (with six million), and TLC's "Fanmail", KID ROCK's "Devil Without a Cause", LIMP BIZKIT's "Significant Other" and SANTANA's "Supernatural," with five million apiece.

Updated: 11th December, 1999

Backstreet Boys Main event in Billboard Music Award, more info

Backstreet Boys Won slept 5 awards in Smash Hits (an European magazieAwards, more info

BSB Send Christmas Message
"We Want to wish all our loyal fans - who we like to think as friends - a very peaceful and happy Christmas with their families and loved ones. And wherever we are on the Millennium eve we'll be thinking of the people who made us the success we are today - you the fans, Happy New Year and God Bless." Then it has all their signatures.

The Boys are working very hard on an incredible new video for "Show Me The Meaning" with director Stewart Gosling. Stay tuned for premiere times!

Updated: 29th November, '99

Backstreet Boys Donate to Columbine
Angry that hundreds of their fans had to pay scalpers' prices at a recent concert, The Backstreet Boys have donated $75,000 to a Columbine High School college fund.

The new Video, Standing Room Only, will not be released until February 13.

Larger Than Life Fans get 'pumped up' over U.S.'s most famous dance-pop quintet

Updated: 24th November, '99

MediaX and Kmart to Launch Exclusive EYC Free Music Download
MediaX announced today that it will join with Kmart Corporation and Handleman to offer an exclusive music download for the pop group EYC, currently on tour with The Backstreet Boys,more info

Shoppers Raise $$$ for Causes They Care About
Backstreet Boys fans, Siamese cat crusaders and children's advocates are putting their dollars where their hearts are. Small and local causes of all sorts are receiving hundreds of dollars each month from their supporters' online shopping activity, more info

BSB sent out their fanlist...To read what they have to say, click here

They said on the radio today, that they are going to be in Dallas March 3 and the ticket sale date has been pushed back to December 11. IF this one sells out then they will add a second show on March 4.

Millennium was certified 9X Platinum on BIllboard.

THE BACKSTREET BOYS were so horrified when they heard that more than 1,000 tickets to their Oct. 31 show in Denver were scalped for nearly triple their face value ($110 vs. $38.50), they asked the show's promoter -- the House of Blues -- to donate $75,000 to the Columbine College Fund. What's more, the band will be working with the Web site tickets.com to distribute 1,000 tickets via auction to each show during its spring 2000 tour.

Updated: 19th November, '99

Newspaper Disses Howie, more info

bsb will appear on the new CD 'MTV Party To Go 2000' (not known which song). Other artists included on this compilation are Amber and the n sync. It will be released on December 7th but can be pre-ordered at mtv for only $12.99.

On November 25, 1999, get ready for the worldwide premier of BSBMillennium v.2000! A brand new design to the Backstreet Boys Millennium Website with all-new features on top of the ones that you have already come to love... plus awesome prize raffles, and much more! This is from BSBMillennium.COM. Hope it comes out good. =)

Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely - November 16 - 9:47pm - BNS As we told you last week, the third single off "Millennium" will be "Show me the Meaning of Being Lonely". The track will hit the airwaves in major cities across America by Thanksgiving, and in will infiltrate all locales by early December. Many other countries around the world should be hearing "Show Me the Meaning" on their radios already. The commercial release of the single should go on sale on or around December 14, 1999 with the video debuting that same week. And we heard that the 4th single is gotta be "Don't want you back".

The Backstreet Boys sign a New Contract, more info

Updated: 11th November, '99

Mandy Moore On The Difference Between 'N Sync And Backstreet Boys, more info

Backstreet Boy Kevin Injures Shoulder On Way To "Sexiest Pop Star" Title , more info

Backstreet Boys Under Fire For Declined Fan Request, more info

The standing room video was pushed back until 23/11

BAckstreet Boys response about the media said they refused to meet a 5-year-old girl, Backstreet Boys do have their feeling on that, more info

Backstreet Boys diss a 5-year-old girl?? more info We would never believe it in a million year!!!

Updated: 5th November, '99

Kevin's arm was broken. more info

Pop Group(the backstreet boys) Refuses To Meet Ill Child, A 5-year-old girl undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia had one wish - to meet the Backstreet Boys when they perform in suburban Detroit this weekend. more info

Lee and the Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter will serve as co-creators of "The Backstreet Project," and a special edition comic book introducing the series will be available for sale at the group's concerts beginning on February 19 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Big Planet Launches Concierge Service to Make Internet Searching Simple
Looking for those highly coveted and likely sold-out tickets to the Backstreet Boys?more info

Backstreet Boys To Be in TV Show
Here's the concept: MTV's ``Real World'' meets a Backstreet Boys-type singing group for a new TV show about the boys' struggles for fame and love. more info

Backstreet Boys may have even more competition. ABC is in the midst of a boy-band search for the next teen pop sensations, more info

Updated: 24th, October, '99

2 videos are going to be out at 9th November, more info

Updated: 22nd October, '99

Backstreet Boys to Sing Anthem at Pistons Opener
The Detroit Pistons announced today national recording artists Backstreet Boys will sing the national anthem prior to the team's home opener on Nov. 5, 1999 at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

Santana Weaves Magic On Album, Singles Charts
The last time a Santana album reached No. 1 on the charts, Isaac Hayes' Oscar-winning ``Theme from Shaft'' was the best-selling pop single. This time, Santana has both the top album, ``Supernatural,'' and the top single, ''Smooth,'' according to sales data issued Wednesday.

BigMailBox.com Rocks the Web! Popular Music Web Sites Add Free Web-Based E-Mail Service
BigMailBox.com Inc., the Internet's premiere free Web-based e-mail service provider, announced its lineup of official and fan-based music-oriented Web sites that use the free BigMailBox.com service: kidrock.com, dr-dre.com, alanismorissette.net, greendayweb.com, tupac.com, U2.org, natalieimbruglia.com, thefragile.com, collective-soul.com and hole-interactive.com, to name just a few.

Updated:10 th October, '99

Most Popular Videos
Weekly charts for the nation's most popular videos as they appear in the Oct. 16, 1999 issue of Billboard magazine. Used with permission:

Most Popular Recordings
Weekly charts for the nation's recorded music as they appear in the Oct. 16, 1999 issue of Billboard magazine. Used with permission. (Platinum signifies more than 1 million copies sold; Gold signifies more than 500,000 copies sold.):

Madonna, Ricky Martin, Backstreet Boys and Limp Bizkit Among Winners Sharing Top Honors at First Annual ARTISTdirect Online Music Awards
Some of music's biggest names gathered tonight as the winners of the first annual ARTISTdirect Online Music Awards were announced during a gala event held at the House of Blues. more info

Backstreet Boys to Make Post-Concert Appearance at Club Galaxy
The Backstreet Boys will hang out with their fans at Club Galaxy, 9225 W. Golf Rd., Des Plaines following their last sold-out area concert. more info

Updated: 05th October, '99

The Audition of a Lifetime!
The search is on for young men who can sing like 98 degrees or Boyz II Men, dance like Usher or one of the guys from the Backstreet Boys. Open auditions will be held in September and October that will lead to the launch of the international singing and performing careers of five lucky young men.more info

Backstreet vs. 'N Sync
Call it the clash of the teenybopper titans.more info

VIBE Rolls With New Orleans Sensations The Hot Boys, Gets Personal With Musician Extraordinaire Brian McKnight, and Hears the Gospel From Hip Hop Activist Conrad Muhammad in the November Issue, Guest Edited by Chris Rock and Hitting Newsstands Today October 5 .
From New Orleans music sensations The Hot Boys, to multi-talented singer-songwriter Brian McKnight, to the multi-cultural political ambitions of hip hop activist Conrad Muhammad, the latest edition of VIBE has the word on what's next.moer info

Spears, Boys head MTV Europe nominations
American women took the lionesses' share of female MTV Europe Music Awards nominations this year, with Britney Spears queen of the pride with four nods, including best song for ``Baby One More Time.'' more info

Updated: 30th, September, '99

"Go Fatima" is the first home video from choreographer Fatima. Available Dec 14th at retail stores such as Blockbuster, Tower Records, Musicland etc. and through Fatima's website, it will feature her teaching the steps to "Everybody (Backstreet's Back,)" and more

US Billboard week ending Sep 29
Album #2 (last week- #2)
Adult Contemporary Chart #1- I want it that way

Trans Continental Records Clarifies Its Role With Backstreet Boys And 'NSYNC
Orlando-based Trans Continental Records, founder, Louis J. Pearlman, today announced that his company wishes to clarify its position with regard to the Backstreet Boys and 'NSYNC., more info

Updated: 26th, September, '99

SunTone Productions: The Audition of a Lifetime!
The search is on for young men who can sing like 98 degrees or Boyz II Men, dance like Usher or one of the guys from the Backstreet Boys.more info

RollingStone.com and TDK Team Up to Help Music Lovers Create a `90s Music Time Capsule
Musically, the 1990s will be remembered for everything from Nirvana and Pearl Jam to the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys to Jay Z and Puff Daddy to Alanis Morisette and Jewel. To help music fans create the ultimate '90s music compilation, RollingStone.com and TDK have created a new site that showcases the best music of the decade.more info

East Coast Production Floored By Floyd
Hurricane Floyd shut down film and TV productions Wednesday, put the networks' weekend sports schedule in limbo, forced the postponement of the Backstreet Boys' U.S. tour opener and put a major damper on the East Coast showbiz industry in general. more info

Updated: 21, September, '99

Floyd Shuts Down Film, TV Productions
Hurricane Floyd has delivered a one-two punch to film and T-V productions on the East Coast and has put the networks' weekend sports schedule in limbo. "Variety" reports the storm also has forced postponement of the Backstreet Boys' U-S tour opener as well as putting a major damper on the East Coast entertainment industry in general. Filming was halted on "Dawson's Creek," which shoots in Wilmington, North Carolina. A feature film, "The In Crowd," was closed down for the second time by a hurricane in Charleston, South Carolina. There's no let-up in sight as the front sweeps through New York and the New England area today.

Backstreet Boys Back Down To Floydmore info

Dixie Chicks Whistlin' Along- There are only three Dixie Chicks, compared to five Backstreet Boys (six, if count the wannabe who took the stage with the boy band at last week's MTV Video Music Awards).more info

East Coast Production Floored By Floyd- Hurricane Floyd shut down film and TV productions Wednesday, put the networks' weekend sports schedule in limbo, forced the postponement of the Backstreet Boys' U.S. tour opener and put a major damper on the East Coast showbiz industry in general. more info

Dixie Chicks Still On Top Of Pop Music Charts- The Dixie Chicks' new release remained No. 1 on the U.S. pop album chart for a second week, while the Backstreet Boys moved up a notch to No. 2, swapping places with teen star Christina Aguilera, their labels said Wednesday. more info

Dixie Chicks Dominate!- Dixie Chicks continue their reign at the No. 1 spot on SoundScan's Top 200 Albums Chart for the second week in a row as their new album "Fly" sold more units than any musical act today including projects by pop powerhouses Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.more info

Updated: 16th September, '99

Launch of North American 'Sears Presents Backstreet Boys Into the Millennium Tour Brought to You by Polaroid' Postponed Due To Inclement Weather, Hurricane Floyd .The much-anticipated launch of the `Sears Presents Backstreet Boys Into The Millennium Tour Brought To You By Polaroid' set for September 14 and 15 in Fort Lauderdale at the National Car Rental Arena has been postponed due to impending inclement weather, more info

Drive Me Crazy Soundtrack in Stores September 28 Featuring New Tracks From: Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Jars of Clay and Barenaked Ladies. Jive Records will release the soundtrack to the 20th Century Fox motion picture Drive Me Crazy on September 28. Drive Me Crazy opens nationwide on October 1 and stars Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier.more info

Updated:14th September, '99

BSB made the top 10 best dressed list (for the VMA's) coming in at number 5. They were beaten by Korn, Ricky Martin, Jordan Knight, and Janet Jackson.

John Norris asked Jay-Z who he was sitting next to and he replied with something like, "Backstreet Boys. It was Backstreet Boys then me. I don't know, I must be doin' something right."!

Updated:11th September, '99

Backstreet Boys Get "Larger Than Life" For VMA Performance, more info

Lauryn Hill wins four MTV awards
NEW YORK, Sept 9 (Reuters) - The following were among the major winners at the 16th annual MTV Awards ceremony held on Thursday in New York. Video of the Year: Lauryn Hill, "Doo Wop (That Thing) Viewers' choice: Backstreet Boys, ``I Want It That Way.more info

MTV Invades the Home of the Opera
Puff Daddy replaced Pagliacci and the Backstreet Boys elbowed out ``La Boheme'' as pop music's annual excuse for excess, the MTV Video Awards, invaded the Metropolitan Opera House on Thursday. more info

WRITE ON! Jorg Hysek Pens Selected as MTV Video Music Awards Gift (BusinessWire) When comedian Chris Rock hosts this year's MTV Video Music Awards, he may have a JORG HYSEK pen in his pocket. MTV organizers have chosen the popular pen for inclusion in the gift baskets for the event's presenters and performers, including Ricky Martin, Lauryn Hill, The Backstreet Boys, Dr.more info

FindWhat.com, a new search engine, is sponsoring Clear Channel LA's upcoming BSB concert and the New Year's Eve Millennium concert with Rod Stewart in Las Vegas.

Dave Holmes was interviewing Dr. Dre ( rapper) on TRL (9/7) for the VMA and he asked the question "Backstreet or Nsync", Dr. Dre said something along the lines of this "backstreet, they're my personal favorite" .

Sears BSB Sweepstakes Announcement Sears is set to announce the winners of the shopping spree sweepstakes on September 13 so everyone who signed up to shop with their favourite boy, stay tuned.

The Backstreet Boys are on the cover of the oct issue of Disney Adventures. Here's a rundown on what's inside: Page 30-37: Backstreet Comic ; Page 39: Music Poll - vote for the boys under "Pop" Category and win a trip to see a Disney Channel "In Concert" Special.

In the new Teen People with Sarah Michelle Geller on the cover, there is a collage of Nick on the last page. There is also a section called 'Star Wars,' which has BSB listed in 7 categories. check out what they've won

Updated:01 Sep, 1999

Entertainment Tonight is going to show a "reunion" between Nick and Aaron Carter.

Musicmaker.Com Licenses Music From Zomba Group
Custom CD maker Musicmaker.com Inc. said it has set a licensing pact with Zomba Group which gives Musicmaker access to songs by popular Zomba artists, including R. Kelly, the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears. More info

Christina Aguilera opens for BSB
She chimes in excitedly, "It's crazy, I get to do [some] of the biggest shows on TV--Leno, Rosie! Plus I'm doing shows with the Backstreet Boys for their fall tour in the States as well." Source: Launch.com

The new BSB calander for the year 2000 is now available.keep your eyes open for it at a store near you!

Backstreet Boys are no.1 on the Isle of MTV top 50 video countdown. And in the new Teen People Nick Carter is featured at the top saying "Nick Carter-Amazing Candid Photos!"

Special homecoming for a member of the Backstreet Boys. Brian Littrell was in Lexington for a ground-breaking ceremony at the Beaumont Centre Family Y-M-C-A. The center will house the Brian Littrell Healthy Heart Club for Kids. Littrell was born with a heart defect and has recently undergone correctional heart surgery.

Singer Mary J. Blige's move from rap to soul is apparently a big success, as her new guest-star-studdedalbum, Mary, came within 4,000 units of knocking the entrenched Backstreet Boys out of the No. 1 position.

Backstreet Boys won the VIVA Viewer's Choice award at the annual Comet Awards, held Friday in Cologne, Germany. Highlights of the show, which was presented by German music TV network Viva, were broadcast Saturday by channel ZDF. Viva and Viva 2 will air the show several times over the coming weeks.

"Larger Than Life" was on the radio station Kiss 107 fm here in Cincinnati! It's a little different from the album version, but it sounds really good! Let's make it number one! Start requesting the song on your radio stations!

On the Simpsons (8/8/99), the president of the Olympics committee chose Springfield because Lisa Simpson
wrote to them asking them to bring the torch to her town. When Marge Simpson found out, she said, "That's an awfully noble thing to do" then Lisa said, "Mom, it was just a school assignment. Most of the people in my class just wrote to the Backstreet Boys."

Is Mariah Carey doing a duet with Backstreet Boys? ; Larger Than Life remix ; Why Chris Rock Took VMA
Gig: "Music Just Seemed More Exciting" more info

According to radio station, Z 95.7, Kevin and Brian were in
San Francisco on Wed and Friday to see Cher in concert and met backstage.

E! News Daily featured the Boys on 8/19. It dealt with the sold out concerts. Highlights showed AJ
screaming to the song "Don't Want You Back." The 3 minute long footage also showed Everybody and other footage.

According to Sam Goody, advanced orders for the Christmas CD has been cancelled as there is no time for
recording due to the tour. Those that pre-ordered can get their money back. On a side note, one of the tracks was written by Andrew Fromm

The trailor for the movie "drive me crazy" starring Melissa Joan Hart showed a list of musical artists
on the soundtrack and Backstreet Boys were one of them

The National Milk Mustache campaign will be encouraging Twin Cities residents to "get milk" when it
pulls into United Hospital on Friday, Aug. 27. The Milk Mustache Mobile will be helping people bone up on the benefits of calcium, as well as searching for the next Milk Mustache celebrity to join the ranks of Melanie Griffith, Mark McGwire and the Backstreet Boys.

The Backstreet Boys sell out their entire tour, some $30 million worth of concert tickets, in one day; now
comes word they retained the No. 1 position at the nation's record stores, more info

The Japanese import single "Larger Than Life" will also include, the video, instrumental
version, and "If You Knew What I Knew." Another song that fans here in America or in Europe won't get! ( Could we get it in Hong Kong?? we just hope we could get it!)

The Backstreet Boys seem to break records faster than they make them. more info

Backstreet Boys Popular --- Thousands of people take to the streets in Sunrise. They stood in line
this weekend for tickets to the Backstreet Boys "Millennium Tour." The group will appear at the National Car Rental Center on September 14th and 15th.

Backstreet Boys Tickets Prompt Box Office Gold Rush-many fans are waiting in the rain to show
how much they love the BSBmore info

Backstreet Boys Post Fastest Palace Sellout Ever for Their November 6 Concert, Eventually Filling up Three Shows in Less Than an Hour, more info.

A few more dates were added due to overwhelming demand, some of them include:
September 14th, the National Car Rental Center
September 23rd, Meadowlands, New Jersey
September 27th, Uniondale, NY - Nassau Coliseum
September 30th, Philadelphia, PA

Chart Update: Most popular Recordings,more info

We can chat with the Boys live on Aug more info

Backstreet Boys Back at No. 1, more info

The Backstreet Boys Team Up With Sears And Youth Service America To Honor Young
Volunteers Source. more info

Brian Littrell Pens Song For Don Philip, more info

Pop princes to play Rupp concert. Moreinfo

Limp Bizkit's Significant Other is back at No. 1 on the charts with more than 250,000 copies sold, pushing Millennium down to No. 2, selling another 223,000. Source: Wallofsound

Backstreet Boys Go Back To School With Sears more info

All about the Sears Commercial- About Shopping Mall,full story

BSB Announce U.S. Tour, Video Plans.More detail

The Boys will be back in the U.S. next week. The shooting of the video for Larger than life will begin as soon as they get home. It will be directed by Joseph Kahn, who directed Everybody. Accordingly, the video will be part 2.

TLC won best group, beating BSB at the 1999 Teen Choice Awards. INBYH was nominated for love song of the year and AIHTG for music video of the year. Unfortunately they lost in both of the cateogories. Since these are smaller categories, it may not be shown on TV. The awards air Aug. 12 at 8 p.m. on Fox.

Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync will be the first groups featured in the new "Puzzles In Motion" CD-ROM musical game series from Ravensburger Interactive, Determined Productions, and Enteractive Distribution Co. The Backstreet Boys title hits stores later this month, while the 'N Sync game debuts in late fall full story

According to Billboard, the BSB Disney special got the second-highest ratings for a music special in the channel's history! And the "Homecoming- Live in Orlando" concert, already shown on PPV and Showtime, was the most watched concert special on the Fox Family Channel!

According to the BSB HQ, he said the rumour about Nick's going solo and his album will be out in the autumn is absolute nonsense, and it's just a rumour that re-surfaces every so often. He may do a solo record but it's a long, long way off." We wanna know what do you think about this rumour?? so if you have any feeling, pls email us ^_^

Nick was at the chat of ZoogDisney!! Go read the chat transcript if you miss it!

The Backstreet Boys have been nominated in 4 categories in the MTV Video Music Awards 1999 with their lastest video I Want It That Way. They are Video of the Year, Viewers Choice, Best Group Video, and Best Pop Video. More info

A pix of AJ's new girlfriend.

Millennium remains at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums with sales of 245,000 copies,followed by Limp Bizkit's "Significant Other" with 235,000 copies, and Ricky Martin's self-titled album selling 165,000 copies.(week ending July 29)

Britney Spears was bagging the BSB. She said something like she didn't appreciate BSB thinking that by putting one of their singles on her album it would sell more copies. click here to listen what she had said over the National radio.

Kevin & Howie & Elton- Three guys sitting around talking! full story

The Second Single from the Millennium- Larger Than Life

The perfect BSB product for all you fans out there. Available now only in the U.K. and Japan, we have managed to get our hands on this exciting bsb CD Rom Puzzle and Music Video.click here to check out more

Backstreet Boys, Mayoral Candidate Agree To Keep Song Out Of Politics,check out more

Nick got a new tatty

The Backstreet Boys are featured on the cover of the June issue of Rolling Stone. Click here to read the article and see exclusive pics!

Nick Carter is featured as one of the 21 Hottest Stars Under 21 in the latest issue of Teen People

The Backstreet Boys smash sales record

Kevin's model career

BSB held a birthday party to AJ. pls check out more details here

You can see the Backstreet Boys sporting the ever-famous milk moustaches in the new got milk? advertisement featured now in many teen magazines such as Teen, YM, Seventeen and Teen People.check out the pic here

A Night Out With The Backstreet Boys, the group's latest home video will be in stores on November 17. The home video is the follow up to the number one, 4x platinum home video, All Access. The video was recorded live in Germany last February in an intimate acoustic setting. The video features several songs from their debut album as well as a few songs previously unreleased in the United States. check out the track list and the cover here

The BSB third album~~BSB millennium

The first single from the first albumI Want It That Way

Brian need an operation

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