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02/05/01 - 06/03/01 (oops!)
SKOOK - ben wilson, sean hess, isaac hess, aaron southerland, tanner olsen.
albums: skook

01/29/01 - 02/04/01
john hampson, brian desveaux, jeremy dean, nick dimichino, vinny tattanelli.
albums: the madding crowd

01/22/01 - 01/28/01
billie joe armstrong, mike dirnt, trč cool
albums: 1039 smoothed out slappy hours, kerplunk, dookie, insomniac, nimrod, warning

01/15/01 - 01/21/01
chester bennington, mike shidona, rob bourdon, brad delson, joseph hahn
albums: hybrid theory

01/01/01 - 01/14/01
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE - zack de la rocha, tom morello, tim commerford, brad wilk
albums: rage against the machine, evil empire, battle of los angeles, renegades, live & rare

12/25/00 - 12/31/00
brett scallions, carl bell, kevin miller, jeff abercrombie
albums: sunburn, something like human, (porcelain, hazleton, fuel)