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1. chuck (30)
2. ryan sanders (23)
3. bryan jastrzembski (11)
4. dirtycutfreak (2)
5. jonny taylor (1)

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dexter holland- lead vocals, guitar
noodles - guitar, back vocals
greg k. - bass
ron welty - drums


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alright so it's been forever since i've updated the site.. but here is the new featured artist of the week!! this is by popular demand, it's the result of your voting. you wanted the offspring, you got the offspring. these guys are very talented, as you all know. with six albums under their belt, they are one of the most popular bands around. come check them out to find out more information on this great band... more>>

...52 tabs

10 Newest Tabs

1. nine days - revolve
submitted by ryan sanders
nine days - if i am
submitted by ryan sanders
tlc - no scrubs
submitted by bryan jastrzembski
radiohead - karma police
p.o.d. - outkast
submitted by bryan jastrzembski
nirvana - all apologies
submitted by bryan jastrzembski
fuel - hideaway2
submitted by ryan sanders
blink 182 - adam's song3
submitted by homer's green friend
blink 182 - carousel
submitted by chuck
marvelous 3 - get over
submitted by ryan sanders

So you're all laughing at me because I keep promising I'll update the site, and then I don't do anything. But hey, good things come to those who wait. We now have a message board up so you can all talk about anything and everything... how to play songs, you can rate tabs, trash on bands, whatever you want. Click here to go to the message board, or hit the button up above. More to come soon!

Welcome to the site! It is now up and running. If you have a tab to submit, click on submit tab on the left. Or if you're looking for a tab we don't have, or else you want to tab other peoples' requests, click on request tab on the left. Each day I will put up a new tab to be the tab of the day, so check that out as well. Also, every time you submit a tab, your name will go on the top tabbers list along with how many tabs you've submitted. Take the poll just to the right, I will change the question every month or so, depending on how much response I get. Any questions, comments, suggestions are welcome -- email me!

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