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BPC125 Microcomputer Maintenance Assignment Page

The following table contains the links to your homework assignments.  Click on the appropriate link and the page containing the assignment will open.  The homework should be turned in the next class or emailed to the instructor at (See the syllabus for further information).  Remember, homework that is not turned in within two weeks (see following note) will not be acceptedNote: The last homework assignment should be turned in as soon as possible because I have to turn in a grade sheet for the class very soon after the end of class.

The lab report will be one page summarization of what you experienced in the labs and what you learned from all of the labs.  It will also include a hypothetical computer that you are going to build with parts purchased off the Internet, this will be a parts list, prices, and the Internet links to where you found the components of your computer.   Click here to see a sample lab report that was written by one of my prior students.  Or you could earn some extra credit by doing a website for your lab report like one of my other students did.

I would prefer that you e-mail me your assignments as per the syllabus.  You can answer the questions in Microsoft Word, the Word Pad in Windows, or just place the answers in the body of your email (easiest method).  If you choose Word or Word Pad, you'll have to send me the answers in an attachment.  You have probably already received the first week's in class.




homework 1

Ch. 1 & 2


homework 2

Ch. 3 & 4


homework 3

Ch. 5,6,& 7

4 homework 4

Ch. 8 & 9 **

Final Exam All chapters

Lab Report

To lab report reference.

** Since this homework is logically due the week after you get out of class, it would be appreciated if you would turn it in early.  It would also behoove you to study it before the final exam.  See the reference to grade report in the first paragraph on this page.