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BPC125: Microcomputer Setup & Maintenance

Homework Assignment: PCMaint-3

Chapter 5


1.        Explain how you would set up a new hard disk drive.

2.        What considerations must you make when selecting a hard disk drive?

3.        Explain the three steps in preparing a new hard drive.

4.        What can you do to keep your hard drive operating at peak efficiency?

5.        Should the floppy drive light be on continuously?

6.        What kinds of removable storage devices are available?

7.        What should you consider when selecting removable storage devices?

8.        Explain the procedure for installing a CD-ROM drive.


Chapter 6


  1. What factors should you consider before upgrading your computer?
  2. Before you install any components in your computer, what should you do?
  3. What is an IRQ and what are the common IRQ settings?
  4. What is a DMA channel and what are the common DMA settings?
  5. What is an I/O address and what are the common I/O address settings?
  6. What is a memory address and what are the common memory address settings?
  7. What is the BIOS and how does the computer use it?
  8. What is CMOS and what information does it store?
  9. What must you consider when upgrading the operating system?


Chapter 7


1.        What are the most common causes of hardware failures?

2.        What is the process for finding hardware problems?

3.        How do you troubleshoot software problems?

4.        What programs are available to locate and repair computer problems?

5.        What is POST?

6.        What are the common numeric error codes?

7.        What are the common audible error codes?

8.        When should you take your computer in for repair and when should you fix it yourself?

9.        What kinds of repair services are available to you?

10.     What is typically included in warranty services?