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BPC125: Microcomputer Setup & Maintenance

Homework Assignment: PCMaint-1

Chapter 1


  1. List the tools necessary to upgrade, repair, and maintain a computer.
  2. Why should you protect components against static electricity?
  3. What devices can be used to protect against static electricity?
  4. Describe five types of external connectors.
  5. Describe three types of internal connectors.
  6. Explain three information sources about your computer.
  7. What are the basic steps in preparing to upgrade your computer?
  8. What tools / items are needed to clean your computer? How often should you clean your computer?
  9. What is a virus and how do they spread? How can you protect your computer from viruses?
  10. Why is backup important? Explain the three types of backups.
  11. Why are taking notes and drawing diagrams important?
  12. Select a component or peripheral device in your computer. Use the Internet to locate information about configuring that component. Describe your experience getting the information. Provide the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the Web page. Some components are modem, sound card, printer, hard disk drive, video card, motherboard.


Chapter 2


  1. What considerations must be made prior to removing the case cover?
  2. What is the difference between an ATX and a Baby AT form factor?
  3. What are the main components found on a system (mother) board? What does each do?
  4. What is a chipset?
  5. What is the difference between cache and RAM (main memory)?
  6. Explain the two basic bus architectures.
  7. What is the BIOS and what does it do?
  8. Describe the procedure to replace a power supply.
  9. Discuss considerations for choosing a processor chip.
  10. Explain the different types of memory.


Lab Assignment


Objective: Document current system settings and disassemble a computer.

Analyze your PC at home (or one that you have access to) and answer the following questions. Keep in mind that you may not have all of the information under each column. For example, you may not know the manufacturer of your hard drive but you should be able to find out the size.

        What type of case?

         What is the basic configuration of your system? (Fill in the following chart.)




Make / Model

Speed / Size / Amount







Drive A



Drive B



Drive C



Drive D






Other Drive



Video Card



Sound Card






Other Card:





        What peripherals are attached? (Fill in the following chart.)



Make / Model

Serial Number










Mouse / Pointing Device









Other Devices:





        What Operating System are you running?

        What kind of ports do you have on the back of your computer?

        Any observed problems?

        Make a diagram of your system board. Include the following:

        Location of CPU

        Location of cache

        Location of power supply connector

        Location of jumpers

        How many slots do you have for RAM? How many are filled? What kind of RAM?

        Who is the manufacturer of your BIOS and what is the date?

        What are the number and type of slots on your system board?

         What boards are in each slot?