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February 3, 2002




Assignment:Lab Report


The first lab that was part of the first assignment was to document my own computers current system settings, disassemble and analyze while in the comfort of my own home.I found it awesome, educational and quite the learning experience, not to mention to force the fear factor out of me!The main points I received from doing this lab was exactly what and where components are in my pc along with now having good documentation of them for future reference.I also learned how to access the Device Manager to retrieve a system resource report.This lab helped in a major way to familiarize me with my own pc and itís components.

The second lab (actually first in class lab) was to document, disassemble some of the internal components and later re-assemble a computer.We learned how crucial proper accurate explicit documentation is because we lacked in some intricate detail with the 34-pin ribbon cable connector connection after the twist to the floppy drive from the hard drive, which later caused errors.

We did however, approach the job in a more methodical method, which helped keep track.Starting from disconnecting the hard and floppy drives, moving to ISA and PCI slots and then to removal of memory cards.We then reassembled in the reverse order when you informed us afterward (for future reference) that it is easier to put the expansion cards in last allowing for more room to attach other connections first.

Our first boot up resulted in a floppy drive error due to the improper connections. We corrected and then the second boot up resulted in a hard drive error which was from a 40-pin connector needing reseated on board due to my inexperience and apprehension (didnít want to accidentally break anything by being too forceful).

Our final lab was to install an external storage device EZ Flyer 230 MB.Most important thing learned here was to be alert, READ & FOLLOW DIRECTIONS carefully with regard to new hardware.It was necessary to install driver using the SCSI directions since having connected to a parallel port usually used for printer, to eliminate or prevent parallel conflicts.Next, we installed a HP inkjet printer, which was relatively self-explanatory, although my lab partner noted we had a Centronics connector to the back of the printer.

Overview of valuable knowledge gained and lessons learned:

One final note, being such a rookie at this, I was so extremely blessed to have xxxxxxxxxx as my lab partner to guide and direct me through it all.††