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Socially...I'm one guy who doesn't enjoy being angry or sad, so this make me one guy who try to enjoy every minute I live. I like to look back and see some good things I have done. I enjoy making other people laugh 'cause it also makes me happy. I like to give without expecting much in return. I'm very helpful when u need help. I don't believe in stupidity 'cuase every person u meet has something good that u don't have. You don't see it 'cause u don't give them chance to express it. I like geting different ideas from different people. I like entertainment when I'm off compouters, music for my tired soul, sports(Ring Tennis, Volley Ball Athletics) for my 8 packs body, games(Chess, Scrabble, Computer games) to enhance my thinking capabilities. Well, u got to talk to the man himself to find the details, this is just summary. "Everything is imposible for people who never try anything" and "The best achievement in life is not in never falling, but to rise everytime you fall". .


Education(Post Matric)

  • Project:University Foundation Year
  • Institution : University of Limpopo
  • [This project uplift the standard of high school students in order to cope with tertiary edfucation.]

Tertiary Education(Varsity)

  • Institution          : University of Limpopo
  • Degree Obtained    : B.Sc. Computer Science
  • Year                 : 2000     
  • Current Status       : Senior Software Developer
  • Major Courses        : Computer Science and Statistics
Home Photo Album Resources My Java Project Chat Area Projects
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