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Some of my Projects

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Well, I did some interesting projects in the varsity. I'm currently a jav Tutor for DoC/Telkom java project running in 10 national institutions in South Africa. I cover website development before getting a cup of java.This project, I believe, is going to push me further in my career as a programmer. I listed my projects below, past, present and future ones. I would like to get some of you guys who are doing programming to submit comments and your ideas concerning the programming projects you might be doing. Submit on my feedback page.
It's me..

Final year varsity project[Year: 1999]

I did a Borland C++ Builder project for the University Student Development Division. The system select students who qualify to be employed as student assistants in various departments in the varsity. The criteria came from the system specifications given by the concerned division. The system is basically responsible for selection, payment(hourly rate) and tracking of students performance on their registered cousres to check if the assistantship is not affecting thier studies. I was flanked by a team of five guys:
  1. Simon Nare
  2. Doctor Khashane
  3. Francol Ledwaba
  4. Bongani Msibi
  5. Godfrey Kutumela
Check their websites...

My Website Project[Year:1999]

Well, I built my webiste, OK? I got to know this HTML thing and realised why not do something useful about it. It only took me 4 days to master everything in HTML and the product is this home of mine on the net. By the way, if you need more material on HTML, check my Resource Page.

Faculty of Law Website Project[Year:2000]

This is one of the most unforgotable project I ever took part on, not because of its beauty or something like that. The hard disk we used to save this website crashed the night before we were supposed to present the whole project to the Faculty of Law Board Members. And since there was no one to contact in order to postpone the presantation, we had to rebuild the whole dam thing in one night(A project which took 1 month). Thats why nowadays they call me Mr. Backup 'cause I shout back up now & then when involed in projects. The guys who spent sleepless night with me are:
  1. Ruddock "HackZee" Ndou
  2. Jameson "Deputy HackZee" Moleya
  3. Stanford
  4. Newborn Mohlala

Java Project[Year:2001]

I was sent to a two week Java enhancement course to consolidate my Java knowledge by the SA Dept of Communication. I will be running one of their national projects based in our institution. The project is being run also in other nine institutions around the country. So, you will be getting some nice applets to download not so long. Keep checking this space...The other guys are as follows:

Java Project Team
  1. Smith Thys (Mamelodi College)
  2. Masondo Charles (University of the North:Qwa-Qwa Branch)
  3. Mpumelelo Msimanga (University of Fort Hare)
  4. Filita Songezo (Border Technikon)
  5. Mucensi Gazi (Eastern Cape Technikon)
  6. Putini Lezile (Technikon Mangosuthu)
  7. Ruth Mngoma (University of Zululand)
  8. David Marumo (Technikon North West)
  9. Zaytoon Saban (University of Western Cape)

Enjoy my website..Compliments from Daizer


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