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Java 2002


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Telokom Foundation/DoC-WIL Java Project was initiated to empower previuosly disadvantaged communities in the IT industry as a means to balance the shortage of IT skills in South Africa. This project also intend to eliminate the myth that Computer related careers can only be considered by certain individuals with special talent. The project is on its 2nd year(2002) running a JAVA programming course which will allow the students to write the Sun Microsystem Java Certification exam. Below are the links to the current and previous year students who attended/attending at the University of the North under me(David Phaswana) as the Tutor. Check out their websites written in pure HTML after completing "Introduction to HTML" module of the Project.

You have to see the work of this highly motivated individuals who believe in themselves. All websites were developed using pure html.

I would like to thank our respective sponsors on behalf of the trainees:

The South African Department of Communication for initiating the project, providing the computers, the running of the whole project
TELKOM South Africa for providing the funds neccessary to run the project, we hope to increase your finacial pocket in future when we will be running our own software companies.
Sun Microsystem for providing the course curriculum, the java SL110 & SL275 manuals and bags, the Java 2 Standard Development Kit Platform and the exam vouchers. Thanks a million for offering such an unprecedended support to the project. We won't disappoint you.
University of the North for providing the venue, electricity and the onsite support to the project. we say to you: "Charity begins at home".

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