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Vho Tanganedzwa

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C++ Guide

Borland Builder

C++ Learning Center

Pure C++, tutorials, books e.t.c

C++ Materials and Sample code

Sun Microsystem

Java World

Java Group of SA

Java Tutorials

Basic Java for idiots

Free Cup of Java

Java Coffee Break

Java tutorials, mock exam, books e.t.c


Ligwena David Phaswana

HTML Complete Resource Guide

Support Material

Html School

Best HTML Tools

Html Tutor

Award winners on HTML tutorials


Cobol Tools

Cobol Resources

Flexus Cobol

Azillion Assembler

Gustavo Assembler

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Prince James

Ruddock "Zerocool" Ndou

Mukosi's website

Andrew..My young Brother

Allen Mafokwane: Hons Classmate

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