"If only we could see into the heart of our ennemy, we would find such a world of sorrow and pain that we would be forced to open up to him as a friend" (H.W. Longfellow)

So, there is it...!

After watching the film "Prophecy III" I did a search on the Web for actor VINCENT SPANO who does the role of Zophael, an angel with a great sense of style and a bad attitude.

Do you know what I found on him ? Bupkis, that's what.

In my humble opinion, he deserves a lot better than that :

So, I decided to build this thing :

Catherine H. le 29-10-2000


12/02/2004 : Look for Vincent on the show "North Shore" on Fox television on thursday night at 9 pm. Wow it has been such a long time since my last update!!! anyhooo, for the deets about the show,check out the North Shore page

11/02/2003 : A friend of Vince's sent me this nice little personnal glimpse into his life : " Vince is a very nice, genuine person. I came into contact with him in the early 90's. Though he is very proud of his work he is also very humble about his celebrity. I met him through ice hockey (Vince plays ice hockey and is a huge NHL fan) and he never once mentioned his acting career until I happened across some notices in the paper about coming movies starring "Vincent Spano." I asked if it was him, which he, almost reluctantly, acknowledged that it was. Vince's hockey team back in New York (a Westchester County league) was called The Invaders. Vince was the captain of the team, which is how I came to know him. Once he moved from New York to the Los Angeles area he tried to keep up with playing when he could, even taking his hockey gear. with him on the road if the opportunity to get some skating in came up. " THANK YOU so much Elliott !!

09/01/2003 : Sign the DREAMBOOK to wish Vincent a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

08/11/2003 : About a week ago, my VISITORS COUNTER went blank It seems that these people, after two years of free service, all of a sudden and without warning decided to make me pay... Oh yeah, you and what army? I simply don't respond well to the "bait and switch" method. If they think they can hold my 25 000 previous visitors hostage to make me cough up a few $$... I will buy another service but I will not bow to their methods. Hasta la vista, THE COUNTER.COM .

1/2003 : Bethany and Cathy let us know that "Silence", now re-titled "Dead Silence" will become available in video on august 18th You can reserve it from your local video store or purchase it from Amazon.com for about $18. Thank you ladies.! !

! 05/15/2003 : The Lifetime Movie Network will be running an Intimate Portrait of Rosanna Arquette where Vincent will be interviewed This thing is going to air at 5 am (yes I know, I know) Alright here is the deal. I dont get Lifetime Movie Network on my cable contract so anyone who can tape it and send it to me will be A number One in my book. I will gladly pay for the blank tape and shipping for it. well you know where I am so, contact me if you can do it.

05/03/2002 : There is a new picture of Vincent in Oscar. He is looking terrifically handsome in a suit and stiff collar and granny specs. Go to Oscar Photo I love it... my grand ma would love it!

26/04/2003 : Oh, Oh, Oh, Vince is featured in a documentary called ROSANNA ARQUETTE, AN INTIMATE PORTRAIT. It has already run twice on tv and we have missed it. But it is due to play again on Lifetime Network on May 16th. I havent found out what time, yet but I'll post it as soon as I find out

26/04/2003 : It is now official since it has been posted on the SciFi channel web site. DEATHLANDS will air saturday, May 17th on the SciFi channel at at 9.00pm, eastern.. The date of the 31st previously posted was incorrect. prepare those VCRs, guys!

16/03/2003 : Tara (Surfergirl) has just sent me her synopsis of HOMEWARD BOUND She did a great job so , won't you check it out! Thank you Tara, *Hugz*.

22/02/2003 : I just posted four video caps from "Creator" Donated by Paula, and they are just great! Thank you so much Paula! I have little time to talk more about it, but what do you need my comments for? the pictures speak for themselvess Check out Paula's video captures and try not to drool too much .

08/02/2003 : I just added a new chapter to the Deatlands Page It is a description of Ryan and his friends .

12/01/2003 : The beginning of the Deathlands Page has been posted. It is just a lexicon of terms, much of it is self-explanatory, but when watching the film, if that stuff is thrown at you at a rapid pace, it is easy to lose track (it
happened to me when I saw Dune) so learning a bit of the native language is helpful. Go to lexicon.

05/01/2003 : There is a new picture, from "Jenifer" donated by Scott, it is sooo NICE

12/23/2002 : I have quit the Vincent Spano Group of Yahoo, following a accumulation of misunderstandings and miscommunications . See y'all at the Yahoo'sVincentSpanoFanClub

11/11/2002 : I just added three photos from the press kit of City of Hope Go to City Of Hope

11/10/2002 : I just ran into an old (1985) Vogue magazine where there are some pix of Vincent and, he seems to be having such a great time! Have a look-see, if you must

10/18/2002 : You know it's not like us to make a big deal about things (!!!) But THIS is a big deal! Today is Vince's fortieth birthday and we WISH HIM THE BEST OF EVERYTHING !

10/13/2002 : This boy has been keeping busy. First, Bethany mentionned on the VS fanclub that Vince had directed a short film called "Tony and Bobby", Then, Tammy found out that he had a new television film in the works and it is named "Death Lands : Homeward Bound" Thank you ladies!

09/06/2002 : Hurry up to give your good wishes and sign Vincent's Birthday Card, the deadline is september 27th so dont waste any time... GO, GO, GO to Birthday Card

08/31/2002 : Update on "The Rats" apparently, the new release date is September 19th at 8 pm on FOX. Thank You Dahttilo for the information! ! !

08/26/2002 : Tammy found us a new link and it is so excellent ! pictures from the shower scene in Creator, can you believe it? Go to Shower Oh, I thought I'd mention that somebody complained of getting XXX pop-ups from that site, which as we know, are very hard to get rid of. I did not get them, maybe because I was using Netscape rather than Explorer. Anyhow when I get those ugly things and can't get them to go away, I just go off line, and reconnect, so there !

08/24/2002 : Thank You Geri, for this new link and thank you Tammy for telling us about its more recent photos . This site has about 20 Vinnnie pix so needless to say, I regard it most highly . Goto Wire Image and type Vince Spano in their search window.

07/02/2002 : LEST WE FORGET : In the occasion of the 4th of July, I have posted Vincent's statement following his visit to Ground Zero, at the WTC; just scroll down a bit to see it on this page.


06/01/2002 : Announcement : Yippee!!! THE RATS will be available in video stores on june 19, 2002.

04/19/2002 : Latest news about SILENCE It will premiere in Kansas City on May 12th , at 7:30 at the Rio theater in Overland Park. So if there is anybody from this area, you' have a chance to see it before anyone else! and the tickets will be $6.00. Thank You Rose Marie for the information ! ! !

04/18/2002 : TEXAS RANGERS is now available in video stores ! And I think that you will enjoy it.

03/19/2002 : I am just bubbling over with excitment about this new link ! A set of photos from "Babylon" and they are marvelous... Go to : Gallery of Celebrities

03/18/2002 : How about a nice picture of bad boy Johnny from "Alphabet City", or two.... Go to Johnny

03/06/2002 : I just posted the review of "The Rats" written in collaboration with Tammy. See THE RATS :

02/23/2002 : The Internet Movie Data Base just released The movie poster for "Silence" It is a photo of Vince and Kristy Swanson, a little bit fuzzy but nice see it, here Silence :

02/14/2002 : Happy Valentine's Day to all ! !

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WTC at Ground Zero : Vincent's thoughts.

"There really are no words to describe the depth of tragedy, devastation, sadness and pain that the events of September 11th brought to the hearts of not only Americans, but people all over the world. It's best put as Obi-Wan Kenobi said in Star Wars, a moment after the destruction of the planet Alderaan, "I felt a great disturbance in the Force ... as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."
I visited the place that altered the course of our history only one month after these events had taken place. Once again, it is difficult to find the words to express all the emotions that ran through me as I stared out at the colossal pile of rubble where once stood the two majestic towers of the city I was born in. It was hard to fathom that among all the pretzel-twisted steel and millions of tons of debris lay the lost lives of thousands of innocent people and of heroic firefighters, police officers and emergency service workers who rushed to help them.
The only way to respond to a catastrophic event as this is exactly as the great people of this country have. This is what I was witness to that night. Emergency service workers and support teams doing everything they could to help bring some kind of closure and resolve to the thousands of families and loved ones waiting for answers.
I am very proud of my sister Jennifer for her volunteer work with the great Salvation Army and all the people who have helped in any way. I was honored to accompany her down there that night and help her and her fellow workers in any way possible.
I dream of a better world in which events like that of September 11th will never happen again, because there will be no reason for them to. But I don't dream about a better world in which great people come to together to respond to tragedies such as that as the World Trade Center, because that world exists NOW, and it doesn't get any better than the people who are committed to the recovery effort in downtown New York City".      By Vincent Spano

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