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*New* Gallery of Celebrities : One photo by
Randall Scott :
Montage of "The Ascent" from
the hilarious page of F.O.F

Sexy ,Sexy Men : Photo at the premiere of
"Before Night Fall" (Levy)
3 Photos (by Corbis) A tribute to Vincent:
Review of "Alive"
(James Brundage)
Review of "Creator"
( Jeanne Chappé)
Review of "Creator"
Page of
"Unknown Cyclist"

Review :The Deadly
Look of Love
Review of "City of Hope"
by Anthony Leong
Review of "Good Morning
Babylon" (Scottsmovies)
Review of "Over The Edge":
Review of "Rumble
Fish" (by Schkopi)
Review of "The Black Stallion
Article on upcoming Fox
film "The Colony"
One photo in a gallery (Spaziani)
"Freedom" pilot episode (Londopearl) Review of "Unknown Cyclist" T.J. Hooker episode Medusa's Child Page

I know that I jumped the gun a little by saying earlier that no information existed about the gentleman. As you see, eventually, I dug out some pretty good stuff. We welcome all relevant links with open arms .

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