VanityFair 8-84

02/12/2001 : Cover-Boy : The great looks and autograph are by Vincent, the clothes by Cerruti and the picture by Vogue L'UOMO...Nice combination Looky here!

02/15/2001 : An interesting photograph, a still from "Over The Edge". It reminds me of a Caravaggio painting with that ciaroscuro lighting effect... Well, you tell me what you think.

02/20/2001 : Moved by the onslaught of popular opinion, (whether a dozen emails constitutes an onslaught, I am not sure ) I have decided to remake my main page IN ENGLISH. The French version is still there, you just need to click on the French flag to go to it. Very soon, I'll do the other pages in English as well. Right now, I am a little stressed out... I said, soon, okay?

02/24/2001 : "Blood Ties" is one of these movies nobody saw, and it's a shame because it was so much fun! Vincent is positively regal in it and looks like he has himself a blast as the bad-to-the-bone drug lord, Marc Ciuni. I have found pictures and some art work from the press release of the movie.  Blood Ties photos.

02/26/2001 : Today, I pulled out from behind the wood pile an old copy of Interview Magazine. (I'm not a packrat, but I do like to have my stuff), anyway, Vincent is in it, on page 30. The paper has taken on a softly faded patina which I find kinda nice, so I scanned the whole thing so you too could enjoy the charm of old news print...  Interview Mag.

03/02/2001 : Yes, "Creator" is a real chick-flick , I mean that there are powerful women figures, and men with their emotion centers open for business. Sir Vincent is very much in love in it and charming as the grad student sidekick to Peter O'Toole's tweedy professor. Here is a photograph.

03/05/2001 : I just made my link page in English... Now that's better!  Goto Link page.

03/18/2001 : Has it been two weeks, already? Wow, Tempus Fugit ! We have a NEW LOOK...Why? Just because.
(I fell in love with this black-blue background,) it's cool and crisp for the spring season, don't you think?

03/20/2001 : From the press kit of "Creator", here is one of my favorite Spano photographs     See Boris.

03/21/2001 : For your enjoyment, a set of gorgeous candid pics by Mr Al Ortega  Goto Candid page.

04/02/2001 : I just found a new link, a photo online ! Sometimes it pays off to just "let your mouse do the walking"... following a serie of coincidences, (right , like you want to hear about it.) Vincent looks so brooding, in this one, as if there are heaps of other things he'd rather be doing. A moment of introspective mood captured, nice!  Randall Scott's page. Okay it's not very easy to find... First you must go to "portfolio" then click on "Some Familiar faces" which is where Vincent is hiding. AND the site displays fine in Explorer, but not worth a damn in Communicator, go figure.

04/05/2001 : Oye, Oye, I am fixing the broken links.! Running a web page makes you feel like a duck : On top, you look pretty cool, but underneath, you're pedaling like crazy. On sunday morning the page went supernova (my fault) I was hoping nobody would notice, but OOOh! fat chance...! so I'm fixing it .

04/05/2001 ; "Texas Rangers" is now expected to be released in the first quarter of 2002 Vincent spano plays a bad guy, which is okay because he is so cute when he growls, I also hope that he wears some of those great, shabby threads like he had on in ProphecyIII !    A page for Texas Rangers.

04/15/2001 : I am so proud! I have finally translated in english ChaosD's review of "The Ascent", It was hard, his weird and wacky spirit just doesn't travel well, but there it is : Goto Chaos review page

05/03/2001 ; The translation of "Alive" is finished! I took a few liberties with the initial text, with ChaosD's permission, of course : When I told him about it, he didn't skip a beat in his tai-chi sequence and just said "cool." I really enjoy having a friend who doesn't own an ego! Also, I added a nice b &w pic of Vincent from the "Alive" press kit:   Goto "Alive" Review Page

05/11/2001 : Posted new 2 pics of Vincent in very good company, this morning.     Goto Candid Page

05/16/2001 : I guess you already saw the new photo on the main page. The other one (with the autograph, leather jacket and three days stubble) has been transferred elsewhere : Goto Autograph Page :

05/25/2001 : Ouh! I'm so excited ! I just laid my grubby little hands on a copy of "Rouge Venise" (or "Venezzia Rosso Sangue" my Italian may need some polishing up) all the way from Quebec. To see Sir Vincent dressed in red satin and speaking in the language of Moliere, is... I kid you not, such a hoot ! Except to the minor detail that he's dubbed in and I sorta miss his voice. The movie is elegant, decadent as hell and absolutly hysterical. I'm working on a review , to be out really soon, I hope ...

05/26/2001 : I just found two new links, no pictures (alas) but nice little write-ups about "The Black Stallion Returns" and new film, now in production, "The Colony". Goto Link Page :

05/27/2001 : I have a really recent (december 2000) and really cute pic in the biography page. I wasn't sure where to put it and since I did not have much time, I just dropped it , wherever. So it's there for right now... and, yep, the bio is still in french, sorry. Goto Biography Page :

06/01/2001 : a new link about UPN's show "Freedom" (now defunct) This page gives us an idea of why Vincent did not actually play the role of Colonel Cally Beach, as originally planned. There are also a couple of pix, stills taken from the show pilot. . . Okay put away the dishes because I'm gonna give you my slant : "Not young enough, My Ass!!! How young, exactly does a colonel have to be?" Is this what they teach our kids ? "Yeah, dude, if you drop out of school in grade ten and join the army, you can be a full colonel at twenty seven." Anyhow the page is informative, thank you, Londopearl   Goto Freedom Pilot :

06/05/2001 : ChaosD has just finished a review of "Blood Ties" and not a moment too soon :   Dont walk, Run to Blood Ties Page


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