06/05/2001 : ChaosD has just finished a review of "Blood Ties" and not a moment too soon :   Dont walk, Run to Blood Ties Page

06/07/2001 : Italian link, photo gallery , Vincent Spano pic: cute. Also Maria Grazia Cucinotta's pic ( his costar in "A Brooklynn State of Mind") cute also... gotta go, Luv ya !!! and, THANK YOU TINA, for the link : Goto Celebrities fotos :

06/11/2001 : We're doing a bit of spring cleaning, in prevision for summer laziness and, getting a tan (Jersey shore, here we come!) I am told that laptop computers and sandy beaches don't mix well . Speaking of tan, we have a new photo of Vincent playing in the sand, as Raj the berber of "Black Stallion Returns", it's even autographed! .. Goto the Autograph Page :

06/14/2001 : In City Of Hope, Vince plays a desperate stoner, see that photograph ( yes, I know it needs cropping in the worst way ) Mosey on down to the HopeCity page :

06/20/2001 : I understand Vincent did not care much for "And God Created Woman" !! Looks like he is one of many not to enjoy Vadim's obsessions. We, however, did not mind watching him at all : Goto the And, God.. Page :

06/23/2001 : I decided to split up this page. Maybe I thought it was getting too big, or maybe I wanted an excuse to put up another photograph. Either reason works for me. The quality of this pic is not the best, but the smile more than makes up for it, I think.

06/27/2001 : Believe it or not I have finished translating the Bio. YESSS !!! Keep in mind, that it is still a little rough. If you see something you don't like, let me know...gently please! If you're going to send me an email that begins with : "You, asshole..." you've better be the Man Himself... ( bet you think I'm joking, dontcha? )    Goto the Biography Page :

09/07/2001 : Here is a great "family portrait" of the cast from "Over The Edge" Goto Over The Edge Page

07/14/2001 : A picture from "Rouge Venise" and a small synopsis... we're still working on the review, so hang in there Goto Rouge Venise Page :

07/18/2001 : I just love a mysterious guy, and Vincent is just that : Not very much into self-disclosure. So any kind of an interview is a real find... Well I found one, from way back in 1987 in a Elle Magazine There also a pic of Vince looking terrific in a black shirt Goto ELLE Interview Page .

07/21/2001 ; THANK YOU TAMMY !! for telling me about this (relatively) new fan club on Yahoo, dedicated to Vincent : Goto The Vincent Spano Fanclub

07/22/2001 : Here is a short review of "Senior Trip", with a couple of photos of Vince Goto The Senior Trip Page :

07/26/2001 : We're overhauling the page for "the Ascent", I told you how I felt about things staying the same, right ? There is a new picture, of Vincent sporting his best "Tell-it-to-someone-who-cares" expression : Goto The Ascent Page.

07/30/2001 : How about a fresh look for the Link Page ? See The Link Page

07/31/2001 : It has come to our attention that Vincent Spano will be doing a cameo appearance on The Jenifer Estess Story that began shooting on may 14th in Toronto and is due to be released on CBS (date unknown) THANK YOU JUDY for the information!! Goto Jenifer Estess :

07/31/2001 : Londopearl (bless his hardworking little heart) has put up a new picture of Colonel Cally Beach (V. Spano) behind bars. I love that pic, but you see for yourself :. Goto Freedom's Original Pilot :

08/04/2001 : Just as you thought, he couldn't possibly look any better, he goes and does... I finally saw "The Unknown Cyclist" after months of searching, whining and gnashing of teeth, someone finally took pity on me and sent me the tape, BLESSINGS, TAMMY !! It is a very, very good film , I really liked it. Review to be posted soon ...

08/06/2001 : Here is an Interview of Vincent by Details Magazine, with a very nice portrait Goto Details page :

08/10/2001 : I have modified the Photoalbum, rather than having all the images on one page (very slow to upload) I have set it up like a slide show : You can oggle each picture as long as you want and then you go to the next. I had a lot of fun doing that... Okay, now, the truth; it drove me pretty well near bonkers, so I hope you like it : Goto The PhotoAlbum
You may wonder what happened to page 2 of the photoalbum, well the link isn't working at the moment. Tomorrow, I'll try to put something cool in its place, right now, I need to go and run a few miles, tah-tah!

08/16/2001 : I have found, while trawling a picture of Mr Spano in "Oscar". He is bespectacled and has an expression like he has lost his pocket protector I think it is just soo funny! Goto Photo Album (continued)

08/20/2001 ; I added two nice pictures to the photo album (part deux) one of them, I like especially, but I wont tell which one, because it's not like me to force my opinion on others (this better not be laughing that I heard!!) : Goto Photo Album(continued)

08/21/2001 : Links can be such a fickle thing ! I just realized that my link to the Fox page for "The Colony" went to rejoin the great memory bank in the sky... Never mind, I have found another, at Madchen Amick 's page. Madchen is Vincent's costar in "The Colony", except that it may be called "The Rats",now . Goto Madchen's Page

08/24/2001 : A new pic. This is nice: Vince playing tough guy...Very, very New York. I found it in a magazine I forgot which one (but I'll look it up) Goto Tough Page

08/26/2001 : Found this morning : a link to a page for "Silence" It is mostly of Bruce Boxleitner, but there is one pic of Vincent and Bruce conferencing with the wardrobe lady...mmmh, actually, it is on the SECOND page Goto On the Set of Silence

08/26/2001 : Another link ; this time about "Medusa's child" in PEOPLE Magazine 11/97 Goto John Nance's Page

08/27/2001 : This is so cool, my very own autograph ! ! ! This friend of mine who knows Vincent just sent me his autographed picture
MOY, THANK YOU THANK YOU ! That's it I am naming my next child after you. Though my next baby might well turn out to be a motorcycle so, maybe youd rather not... and of course, VINCENT THANK YOU SOOO MUCH ! ! !

08/28/2001 : While cleaning the cobwebs out of my Link Page, I ran into the Randall Scott Link that caused me a spot of trouble in the past. It took entirely too much hunting to find the picture we wanted to see. Now, this is Vinnie's Page, and if we want to see "those other guys'" faces, we can go to their page... logical ? I think it is. I have taken care of that. Just one click will take you there : Goto Randall Scott's Page

08/29/2001 : There is new picture on the City Of Hope page, It is of Nick Rinaldi arguing with that nasty old police officer : Visit the Hope City Page

09/06/2001: A couple days ago, I killed my first page... but I am feeling much better now. Sooo, what's new? Yesterday I watched an episode of "Tales From the Crypt" that Vincent was in, on the Scifi channel. He plays a police officer, and his name is Fine, which is great, because it also happens to be the way he looks. Out side of that, he is a very, very bad boy... a very good episode of TFTC.

09/08/2001 : I found this gorgeous picture in an old Vogue magazine (feb.1987) The lady is I believe supermodel Renee Simonsen. Visit the Vogue Page

09/14/2001 : Along with everyone else in the world we are horrified by the tragedy of September 11, 2001. We offer our most heartfelt condoleances and prayers to the families and friends of victims. May this time of deep sorrrow remind us that, despite our differences, we are all ONE and that we must be good to eachother. God Bless America. (Catherine)

If you wish to light a candle, here is where to go : The Candles Of Peace

09/17/2001 : There is a new pic in the photo album. It is of Vincent, as Nick of City of Hope. He is photographed with Jace Alexander, son of Actress Jane Alexander; Jace (who plays in several John Sayles films) is the director ofThe Jenifer Estes Story ... See... I do pay attention. Go There :

09/18/2001 : Boy, this sucks ! ! ! As if we were not bummed out enough by the current events, FOX put on some dopey , feel-good-about-yourself confection, last night to replace The Rats... So naturally, I watched the SciFi Channel. But, let's face it, TV networks have done such a bang-up job in the area of responsible programming, lately: This does not look at all like crass opportunism. Am I testy ? Just a little.

09/23/2001 : I have added an article about Rumble Fish and Vincent's role as Steve Hays.This is from a 1983 SIXTEEN MAGAZINE . Goto Sixteen Page

09/25/2001 : A group of ladies went to visit the set of "Silence" in Kansas City to take pictures of Bruce Boxleitner, an they were kind enough to share some of their impressions. THANK YOU ROSEMARIE for writing and THANK YOU DEEDEE for sharing !!! Goto On the Set of Silence Page

10/03/2001 : Don't you love it when you can dig out new stuff that nobody knows about? I do. I just found out about a stage play Vincent was in, that is not very often found in his credits. Back in 1978, he played in a musical called "Runaways" in the role of Eddie with Diane Lane who, later appeared with him in "RumbleFish" and "Indian Summer".

10/10/2001 : Back in 1999, Vincent lended his voice to an audio book by cult writer, Jay McInerney :The Business & Other Stories - 1999 composed of seven short stories tackling issues about the "human condition." The two stories he narrated were called "The Queen and I" and "Con Artist" . The Business and Other Stories is available for purchase from Barnes and Nobles. Go to B & N:

10/11/2001 : Better late than never ChaosD's review of The Unknown Cyclist : Go to The Unknown Cyclist

10/17/2001 : Announcement : The Jenifer Estes Story is going to air on Sun Oct 21 at 9PM on the CBS network. It stars Laura San Giacomo (of Just Shoot Me fame) and has Vincent in the role of Jenifer's boy friend. So get those VCRs ready!!!

10/23/2001 : Received from a friend, recently, here's a picture from the film Afterburn of Ted Harduvel leaning against his F.16 Go to Harduvel

11/09/2001 : You know I'm not one to go around spreading gossip (!!!) but this is okay because it is pretty old (1992.) Beside, it is Vincent himself speaking about his life, love, a dastardly feline using his face as a diving board, and telling us, in no uncertain terms, how he feels about some stuff. Fun Interview: Go to Movieline Interview :

A HUGE THANK YOU, TAMMY ! for giving us "Medusa's Child" and "The Rats". These are great, fun, nonstop action films where Vincent takes care of business, and does it in his usual WOW! style.

11/17/2001 : Texas Rangers is , now due to be released on November 30th 2001... well I'll believe it when I see it. 02/05/2002 : Oye! Oye! My friendly local "Blockbuster" guy has just informed me that Texas Rangers would be released on video on April 16th ... of this year... *grin*

02/03/2002 : It is 4 am, and I am taking advantage of a rare un-frazzled moment to do some housekeeping on the page, no really, I mean it. I also added a candid photo from a zine to the Candid Shots Page (See the Site Map)

01/28/2002 : This photo isn't perfect, but the smile is terrific, so, what the heck It is a still from "High Frequency" toward the end, when Peter shows us that he cleans up pretty nice, after all. Here's Peter .

01/21/2002 : I just posted a magazine clipping (dunno which one) with a picture, and some background information about his early career. Voila :

01/18/2002 : Judy, Judy, Judy! Thank You, girl ! I love this picture ! It is from an ad for Dolce & Gabanna (Mama mia!) and Vincent is getting cozy with Isabella Rossellini and another model TWO ladies, Vince ? WOW ! : Here it is.

01/11/2002 : Tammy! You , beauty ! Where'd you get this one ? They are so cute! ! Looky, here : Matt Dillon and Vincent Spano Thanks, Tammy, this is great !!

01/01/2002 : I just copied the article accompanying the ALS project picture of Vince and Marisa in the december issue of InStyle magazine. ALS Project Event.

01/04/2002 : INDIAN SUMMER was a nice movie, wasn't it ? Such a nifty little piece of nostalgia... Spano wise, it is also one of my favorites because, I happen to have a thing for long hair. I just got a press kit for it, so you can vamoosse to INDIAN SUMMER and see the pix...

01/01/2002 : Wishing everybody a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR ! ! !

12/16/2001 : Have a look at the Christmas angel, Balthazaar of THE CHRISTMAS PATH. But, wait, there's more ! how about some pictures from THE RATS ?

12/2/2001 : Here is a helter-skelter collection of thoughts about TEXAS RANGERS :

11/30/2001 : In The News Release of TEXAS RANGERS in movie houses, today ! ! !

11/25/2001 : Tammy found a new picture, of Vincent with Marisa Tomei at the Project ALS charity event, and it is RIGHT HERE Thanks a million Tammy ! ! !

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