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A NEW way to share Gospel Tracts

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IndesTRACTables  are FREE Gospel Tracts that you can download from this Website, print on your PC's printer, and then "...Go Forth into ALL the World, making disciples of all nations..." sharing the GOOD NEWS about Our Savior.     
They are designed to be Downloaded first to your computer.    
Then you may print them out and give them away FREE of charge.

Here's how to do it:
When you click-on the "Download Tract", MS Word will probably bring up a screen asking you to either "open" the file, or "save it to disk".
Choose Either one.
This will bring up MS Word, and a new screen will ask for the password.
Choose "Read-Only".
Next, there MAY be a screen that comes up with a Macro Warning".
You MUST select "Enable Macros" for the file to open. Don't worry! I have already scanned these for viruses, and protected the Tract documents. They're safe!
You may then print the tract, and save it on a floppy or on your hard drive, so that you can print more copies at any time.

You WILL NEED Microsoft Word '97 (or newer) to print these Tracts.

******** OR ***********

If you do NOT have Microsoft Word on your computer, you may download a FREE Microsoft Word Viewer program from the Microsoft Website!
If you would like to go directly there for this Download, click HERE

For Microsoft Word Viewer installation instructions, click HERE

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and learn more about the Goodness and Grace of God.

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..."To Seek and Save the Lost"

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