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Free Microsoft Viewer Installation Instructions

Free Microsoft Viewer Installation Instructions   

To install this download:
1.You may want to print this page to use as a reference for use when you are offline.
2.Download the file from Office Update by clicking Download Now! at the top left of the Download page.     Be sure to save the file to disk.     For the Setup program to work properly, the file WdVw9716.exe must be saved to disk.     It is about 2.5 MB in size, so save it to your hard drive, into the folder or location or your choice.     Make a note where you have put it, so it will be easier to find later on.
3.Double-click the WdVw9716.exe program file on your hard disk to start the Setup program.
4.Word Viewer Setup will prompt you for a folder in which to install Word Viewer or you can simply accept the suggested default location.     The default folder location for Word Viewer is :\WORDVIEW.
5.After choosing the folder location for Word Viewer, continue through setup and click Install to install Word Viewer.
6.If Word Viewer Setup detects Word for Windows version 6.x on your system, it will prompt you to determine which application should open Word documents by default.
Important: Choosing "Open with Word" means that Word will be used by default to open Word files. Choosing "Open with Viewer" means that Word Viewer will be used by default to open Word files.

Warning Note: If you select the "Open with Viewer" option and you want to restore Word as the default document handler, you will have to uninstall Word Viewer and reinstall Word so that it can restore its present handling of information.

Instructions for use:
To run Word Viewer, in File Manager, double-click on the wordview.exe file.     You can also double-click on the Word Viewer icon in Program Manager.     For additional information on using Word Viewer, see Readme.doc located in the same directory as Word Viewer.     To view this file, run Word Viewer.     In the "Open" dialog box, click on Readme.doc, and then click OK.     If the "Open" dialog box is not pointing to your WORDVIEW folder when you start Word Viewer, change to that folder and open readme.doc.

If you plan to distribute Word Viewer, either online or on disks, you will need wdvw9716.exe or the files it unpacks.

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