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A NEW way to share Gospel Tracts

   TRACT Stars    

YOU can be a "Tract Star"

Send a tract with your bill payments.
Include one with each of your Christmas Cards.
Put one in the envelope when you are making an ATM deposit.
Leave them in phone books at motel rooms where you stay.
Include them with tips at resturants.
When you have a garage sale, stuff a tract in the customers sack.

While Shopping:
Hand a tract to cashiers
Leave tracts on shelves in stores
Put tracts in the dressing rooms, or in the pockets of clothes
Give tracts to the people on elevators
Put tracts under the windshield wipers on cars in the parking lot

Give Tracts to People:
Taxi Drivers
Gas Station Attendants
Fast Food Employees
Insurance Agents

Leave them:
At Gas Stations
In Restrooms
At Rest Areas
In Restaurants
On ATM Machines
At Pay Phones
On Soda or Vending Machines
On Dressers at motels (for the Maid)
In Airplane Seat Pockets
In Laundromats
At the library
In video cases when returning rented videos
On benches
On Newspaper Racks
In Waiting Areas
Inside Magazines

Just think - If you gave away only 3 tracts a day, that would be over 1,000 a year!

Don't forget to PRAY over every tract you leave behind or give away!

Watch for new TRACT Stars on this page.
      Check back every now and then!   

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