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About Randy

About Randy   

Randy Rocket's real name is Randall Alan (Randy) Fultz.   He currently lives in Springfield, Oregon.   Randy is a licensed former minister of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel.    He pastored for 7 years, ministering mostly to Youth, and now leads worship for all ages, from Preschool through Adult, in styles ranging from contemporary Christian to tradional (including Hymns).

Today, he leads worship several times a month at his local Church (Thurston Christian Church, in Springfield, Oregon).     He is a member of the board of directors for Jubilee Prison Ministries in Eugene, Oregon, and also leads monthly worship and ministry services for the homeless at the Eugene Gospel Mission.    Over the past several years, Randy has been priviledged to see many people respond to God through his Music-Evangelism, with hundreds of people accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior!!!

Born in California, Randy sang in Choirs from 5th grade through college.    He began playing guitar and composing at the age of 11, then moved to Oregon at age 19, where he attended the School of Music at the University of Oregon.   Randy performed for several years at local clubs and coffee houses in the Eugene-Springfield area, until accepting Christ.    Then Randy began to play in the Church band, and eventually began to lead worship.     Randy's goal in worship is to be leading others into the Lord's presence, while avoiding becoming the focus or being a distraction.   His message is always about God's forgiveness and the unconditional love, grace and acceptance we have been freely given in Jesus Christ.    

In services or concerts, Randy mixes popular worship choruses with his original straight-ahead Christian music.   Then he adds some good, clean humor to help us all see ourselves and the Lord more clearly, and shares personal stories or a Biblical message from his heart.    Then he gives an altar-call, since his heart is to see souls saved through accepting Jesus as Savior.   

Randy believes that God has given him these musical and other giftings in order that he can give them away.     That is why he has Downloadable MP3 sample recordings of his songs on this website, and offers FREE Tracts.     His ministry is Christ-centered, entirely voluntary and mostly self-supported.    He does NOT "pass the plate" or ask for donations of any kind.    Randy believes that if God wants him ministering through music, then the Lord will meet his material and financial needs, directly or indirectly.    

He prays and hopes that many will be blessed by his ministry, and that he will see God open up new opportunities for sharing the Gospel, singing and recording his music, and possibly getting his songs published for others to record and perform.   He says;  "After all, what's anything worth, if you can't give it away?"

Some may wonder about Randy Fultz's "name-change" to 'Randy Rocket'.   It is only a musician's name   (probably more catchy and memorable than 'Fultz').     "But I am & will always be proud of my name, my heritage & my family", states Randy.     The name "Rocket" is a nickname that one of Randy's friends gave him, because he is so zoomy and energetic all of the time!   

"My prayer for you is that you will somehow be drawn closer to God through my music, writings or other works.  Whether you are a seeker, a new believer, or a seasoned saint, my desire is to encourage you in your pursuit of Jesus Christ - to learn to love Him and trust Him with all of your heart."

- Randy Fultz-

- Randy and his wife Pam live in Springfield, Oregon -

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